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-* MeLLoW *- (4) HokuSPokuS (4) -* MeLLoW *-

Page: /
Page: /

Code          : Rayon
Main Editor   : Sane
Main Graphics : Huib
Main Music    : Aquafresh

Page: /

!!! World Charts !!!
!!! Dutch Charts !!!

Voters For This World Chart
World VoteSheet

> About The WORLD Chart/Votes <

Voters For This Dutch Chart
Dutch VoteSheet


The Amiga Scene NEWz
-= !Mixed Up! =-
-= Critical Towards All =-
ThE OlD DutcH ScenE RevieW

Da Amiga World News ...........
JoinMents/LeftMents ...........
Amiga And It's Future? ........
Saturne Party 4 Invitation ....
Fortune Cookies ...............
AscII's .......................
Cheating ......................
Mail-Thieves?! ................
Violent Games .................
10 Ways (Pupils) ..............
Enkhuizen Scene ...............
Jay Miner (Father Of Amiga) ...
The Smilie Collection .........
We Killed Commodore ...........
Crumb Film Review .............
..................... Introotje
.............. The RAW-Monopoly
................ A Womans Taste
........... Where Whould You Be
... Communicate With The French
.. Interview With A French Dude
............... Charts, A MUST!
........... The Great Zine-Poll
................ Monk: Braggers
.............. The Fake Of 1995
............ Madness Of Letters
................. Suffer Or Die
...... The Ultimate Scene Quiz!
................. The Last Tear
.............. Review Of Menace


-= Dutch Dance Guide =-
** Musix Mania **
- Advertisement (New Update) -
-= ^$ E@Mail ?^$?? Internet? $#! =-

>>> About HokuSPokuS <<<

D DanceGuide Radio Agenda ....
D DanceGuide Sep-Dec 1996 ....
D DanceGuide Alltime PartieZ .
mod.Huib I.D.S  By Huib ......
mod.Boozed Out  By Krypton ...
mod.Jumping J.B By AquaFresh .
SwaP Advertisement 1 (New!) ..
SwaP Advertisement 2 (New!) ..
SwaP Advertisement 3 (New!) ..

The InterNet Cafe Add ........
Board Advertisement ..........
.. Email Adr. Of Amiga Sceners
... Internet Warez Sites (FTP)
..... Motion Video On Internet
>>>> 10 Questions HP? <<<<
>>>> About HokuSPokuS 4 <<<<

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Page: ./ ..
Page: /

1996 -*  MeLLoW  *- 1996

                   Code Stuff   : RayoN   -  MeLLoW.
                   HP Editors   : Sane    -  MeLLoW.
                                  RayoN   -  MeLLoW.
                   Hp Musicians : Aquafresh  (Main Music)
                                  Huib    -  MeLLoW.
                                  Krypton -  MeLLoW.
                   Chart Layout : Huib    -  MeLLoW.
                   HP IntroGFX  : Huib    -  MeLLoW.
                   Dance Guide  : CaSSeOpaYa.

             To Contact MeLLoW About The HokuSPokuS Write to:

                              RayoN / MeLLoW.
                               OudeVaart 38.
                           1749CH WarmenHuizen.
                             The Netherlands.


                                Thanks To:
                  Thanks to all the voters who filled in
                   the HokuSPokuS votesheets! Thanks to
                  all people who wrote articles for HP-4.
                   And ofcourse thanks to the musicians
                     who made the nice music, even the
                  musicians who sended modules we didn't
                        use in HP! Thanks to Argon
                          for some ASM routines!

                                 Sorry To:
                Pyxis/Cocain: that i din't use your module
                 agian, but even the new Protracker replay
               routine couldn't play your module very good.
                      Better luck next time. Greetz!

                 Facet: that i din't use the title picture
               you drawed for HokuSPokuS! Because the title
             picture was already spread all around the world!
                         The New HokuSPokuS ???? :
                 In the last issue (HP3) i wrote that the
                  HokuSPokuS will be changed a lot! Well
                 it is, but you can't see it from outside,
                   the source is rewritten for 50%. The
                  only thing you can see what is changed
                  that are the WORLD charts. Wich is not
                  really good enough because of the less
                   vote-sheets we received! And another
                 thing that is changed: HokuSPokuS is now
                         a complete WORLD diskmag.

                      HokuSPokuS Every 2 or 3 Moths?:
                 Yes, we are trying to release HokuSPokuS
                 every second or third moth. Because with
                 the totally new setup of HokuSPokuS-4 we
                 can release more issues! The only problem
                is 'how to get lots of VOTESHEETS in time'
                   so everybody SEND THOSE SHEETS!!.... 

             I'll make it short.. Greetz to everybody we know!


                      10 Questions About HokuSPokuS?:


      1) Have you ever seen an issue of HokuSPokuS?


      A> Yes, 1 or 2 issues.
      B> Yes, more issues.
      C> No.

      2) Do you like HokuSPokuS?


      A> Yes.
      B> No.
      C> They get better and better.

      3) Do you think HP's are released frequent enough?


      A> Yes.
      B> No.

      4) Was it a good move of HP to introduce
         worldcharts next to the dutch charts?


      A> Yes.
      B> No.

      5) Whould you rather have a HP-release every second month
         with the same layout as every 1/2 year with different layouts?


      A> Yes.
      B> No.

      6) Do you think HP has enough good articles?


      A> Yes.
      B> No.

      7) Have you ever supported HP with
         either articles,news,adverts or votes?


      A> Yes.
      B> No.

      8) Do you value the chart-results of HP?


      A> Yes.
      B> No.

      9) Do you like the gfx and music used in HP?


      A> Yes.
      B> No.
      C> It's not bad ... ...

     10) Please name 1 or 2 people who wrote articles in a HP:


      A> ... 
      B> ...

Note: There is a question sheet on the disk wich you can use.

                     Please send your filled sheet to:


                             Pieter V/D Horst
                            Korte Tuinstraat 32
                            1601 CJ  EnkHuizen

                              The Netherlands


                  Motion Video On The Internet With JAVA!


                   For  everyone  who likes  some  java
                   motion  video on  the internet  just
                   check  the  WebCam  sometimes.  This
                   homepage  playing  motion  video all
                   the  day!  The   producers  of  this
                   site are doing this for as a service
                   for their company, and ofcourse this
                   is all done by :   Silicon Graphics.
                   The  desingers of the  motion  video
                   are  very  enthousiastic, and trying
                   new  things.  They began with motion
                   video size  1.5x.1.5 CM and now they
                   have 2.5x3.0 CM. With a 28k8 connect
                   you  are  able  to receive 10 frames
                   a second!!! When  everybody has ISDN
                   they  can  handle  more  frames  and
                   bigger  video  presentation. Till we
                   can  receive  full screen fullmotion
                   video! The  URL of the site is:


                   Somtimes  the  WebCam  is  on  tour!
                   For  example  this  summer they were
                   in  CANNES  france  at  a big party,
                   Sport  events,  and  view  from  the
                   headquarters in HoofdDorp / Holland.

                             Enjoy the WeBCam!



              Here are some ftp sites, with some warez on it!


            <H_man> Sites marked with a "@" are good. 
            <H_man> # @ # - BomB2 ->
            <H_man> # @ # - xx_ -> : d:warez
            <H_man> #003# - xenix_ -> :~ 
            <H_man> #004# - Dig_Logic -> :~ 
            <H_man> # @ # - Shakez -> 
            <H_man> #006# - xchaos -> :  
               dgwood pw: 93555
            <H_man> # @ # - Dig_Logic -> :~ 
            <H_man> #008# - Shakez -> :~ 
               /skynet/files l:mwarren p:shadow
            <H_man> # @ # - ||o|| ->
               5 l:ror95 p:y0uw1sh
            <H_man> #010# - ||o|| ->
               5 l:ror95 p:y0uw1sh
            <H_man> # @ # - merlyn -> : 
               pub/incoming/.^F^A^T^E/..(10 spaces)
            <H_man> #012# - Addicted -> :bowash.mcm.housing.w
      p:nerf l:leia
            <H_man> # @ # - _dMaN -> : 
            <H_man> # @ # - xchaos_ -> : 
               user: dgwwod pw: 93555  /pub/
            <H_man> # @ # - _armadilo -> :~ 
            <H_man> #016# - SLoV ->
            <H_man> #017# - Duracel| -> 
            <H_man> # @ # - SpiNNeR -> :bentley.univnorthco.e
               du /incoming
            <H_man> #019# - Wyvern_ -> l:ror95 
            <H_man> #020# - asl2 -> 
               l:moron p:freshone
            <H_man> #020# - asl2 -> 
               l:moron p:freshone
            <H_man> # @ # - damack -> 
               /pub/this will be erased!/ (WC ][ site)
            <H_man> #022# - Manson666 -> : 
            <H_man> #023# - DRaKoN -> 
            <H_man> #024# - FLiZZo -> : 
            <H_man> #025# - Addicted ->
            <H_man> #026# - BeLcH -> :~ 
            <H_man> #027# - Hmm -> : 
            <H_man> #028# - Hmm -> : 
            <H_man> #029# - Addicted ->
            <H_man> #030# - DRaKoN -> : 
               l:dgwood P:93555 /pub
            <H_man> #031# - XyKo -> : /pub/eudora/
            <H_man> End of the list!
            <H_man> DRaKoN posted >032<:: 
            <H_man> DRaKoN posted >033<:: 


                 Lot's Of Email Adresses Of AMIGA Sceners!


243 - Absolute! * Royal * Nut'n'bolt
A's - Sway                  
Acid - Alpha Flight & Grotesticle
Act - Outlaws               
Arctangent - ex ACC         
Archmage - Andromeda        
Akiro - Scoopex + Vanity + DCS
Alien - Vd of FLT           
Allah - Parallax, Insane, Fresh
Allanon - Depth             
Alta - ex-Rbs, ex-Tsl       
Andraax The Mad - DarkSide  
Anorganic - Promise         
Antibyte - Scoopex           or
Andy - Banal Projects        
Antibrain - Bizarre Arts    
Argon - Extend              
Artifex - Complex            or
Aryan - Dive                
Astro - CNCD ,Movement, VD, Lemon.
Atx - Anarchy (PC), Shock   
Axe - Nerve Axis            
Axl - ex Polaris            
Azazel - TBL                
Azure - Artwork & Bizarre Arts
Babbage                      or
Baby - Mad Elks                       FG@ETCA.FR
Baffle! - Honey & Abuse & SidCrew
Bandog - Parallax           
Bannasoft - Melon           
Big-Rat - Ethic             
Bjorn a. Lynne              
Blade - Bomb Squad           or 
Blast - Energy              
Blitter - X-Trader          
Blue Water - Parallax       
Bobo - Mystic               
Boogeyman - Passion         
Boogeyman - Gigatron        
Boheme - Bomb Squad^Abuse   
Braindead - Scoopex         
Brooker - HMC               
Case - CnCd                 
Celebrandil - Phenomena      or
Cesium - Session            
Chaos - Facet's Pussy/Desire
Chaotic - ATLANTIS/[N*P]    
Chip - Powerline            
Christopher - Scoopex (DK)  
Chrombacher - Obscene       
Chucky - Virtual            
Citruz - Royal              
Cluster - Insane            
Cobra - Maniacs             
Codex - Extend              
Codex - Steroid             
Colorbird - ex-Razor1911    
Control - Trsi              
Cork - Poro Productions     
Conqueror - C^Z             
Count Zero - Damage         
Crash - Nerve Axis          
Crash - Polka Brothers       or
Crew^one - Myth             
Crom - Extend               
Croquik - Dreamdealers      
Cyclone - Illusion          
Cygnus - Solo               
D-fekt - Destiny            
d-Orb - Sepultura           
Da Jormas                   
Dan - Lemon.                
Daeron - Stellar            
Dalamar - DreamCharts Ed, Cor Scand
Damion - Artwork * Generation ed *
Danaxe - Nerve Axis         
Dansken - Access            
Dark Angel - 976 Ev!l       
Darkman - Triumph           
Debug - Parallax            
Decca - Lego                 or
Decoder - Widespread and Maniacs
Deadbeat - The Sharks        or
Del - Lemon                 
Decoy - Banana Dezign       
Decoy - Passion             
Der Hm - Complex             or
Destop - CNCD                or
Dexter - Abyss              
Dexter - Abyss              
DDT - Accession             
Diablo - Myth, Roadhogz, Vsg, Acc
Diesel8 - Razor 1911        
Dip - Lustrones             
Dire - Eremation            
Disney - ex-Alcatraz & Sanity
Dizzy - CNCD                 or
Djiby - Nova                
Dodger - Essence            
Dominator - Corrosion        or
Dope - Spaceballs           
Dozig - Damage              
Dr.Acid - Extend            
Dr.Awesome - Crusaders      
Dr.Ice - Lisence            
Dr.Jekyll - Andromeda       
Dr.Robotnik - Movement      
Dr.Skull - Virtual Dreams    or
Dreamer - Independent       
Dreamweaver - Aurora        
D.s.x Design - Trsi         
Duce - Extend               
Duncan - Damones            
Dweezil - Complex(PC) and CNCD
Easy Rider - Mystic         
Echo - Lsd                  
Echo - Fci                  
Ed - Exotic Men             
Electric - Extend           
Elf - Banana Dezign         
Elliott - Reality           
Encore - Spoon              
Equalizer - The Black Lotus 
Ern0 - Absolute!            
Eracore - Rebels and Suburban
Evrimson - Shining 8        
Exalt - Antic               
Exodus - Ott                
Explorer - Three Little Elks
Facet - Lemon.              
Fary - Intensity            
Fashion - Ram Jam            or
Fate - 100%                 
Fester - Absolute! * cULT^sH mained
Fish - Lsd                  
Flame - Pygmy Projects      
Flex - Frame 18             
Fli7e - Sceptic^Haujobb^N-Joy^Contra
Fourth Horseman             
Fotze - Damones             
Fraction - CNCD             
Franky - Purple Turtle      
Freecaller - Royal          
Fuzz - Trsi                 
Fuzzy - Death Row           
Gandalf - Phantasm           or
Gerdin - Ctrl H             
Gizmo - TBL                 
Godfather - FUN             
Green-Beret - Mystic, SAD   
Groo - CNCD                 
Guru - Sahara Surfers       
Haralampie - Gilette        
Hardbyte - Mystic           
Haze - Epsilon              
HeatBeat - CNCD             
Heikki Pora                 
Hellraiser - FUN            
Hexorcist - Almagest        
Hijack - Parallax & Arclite & Insane
Hilander - Euphoria         
Hoffi - Quartex+Damones+Palace
Hollywood - Axis + Valhalla (PC)
Hoot - Duplo                
Hornet - Alcatraz           
Hst-Bullah - HDC sysop      
Howard - Mental Diseases    
Humanoid - Embassy          
Hydra - Andromeda           
Hydra - Insane & DD author   or
Hydra - LSD                 
I-GO - Mdma                 
Illusion - Dylem & Accession
Immortal - Freezers         
Index - Stellar             
Indian - Tribal                       kivi@cd.chalmers.s
Infusion - Corrosion                  inf@eunet.yu
Insider - Defekt             or
Inqu - Stellar              
Intruder - Myth             
Inu-pappa - Inu-Soft        
Invoker - Maniacs           
Isaac - Banana Dezign       
Iso - Axis                  
It - Independent            
Izi - Impact                
Jack - Mirage               
Jah - Gigatron              
Jam & Spoon - Nerve Axis    
Jazz - Haujobb              
Jean - Abs!                 
Jedi - Hoodlum, Rebels, SWAT, Shape
Jesse - TBL                 
Jester - Pygmy Projects     
JHL - Complex                or
Jmagic - Complex            
Jobbo - Spaceballs          
Johnny Turbo - Digital Access
Johnpeel - Desire            or
Joker - Tulou               
Jon - Crimson Jihad         
Jormas Fan Club             
Jozz - DCS                  
Jugi - Complex              
Juliet - CnCd               
Kalikone - Dylem            
Karpow - Scoopex            
Kata - Balance              
Ken - The Black Lotus       
Kerberos - Virtual Dreams             Kerberos@Icon.Fi
Killit - Void/Cybertek      
Killjoy - Banana Dezign     
Killraven - Mystic          
Kingpin	- Spaceballs        
Klorathy - Ram Jam          
Knight - Extend             
Korbatz - Venture           
Kris - Rebels               
Kryptonite - Inhumans       
Kube - CNCD                 
Lawnmover man - Mystic      
Legend - Parallax            or
Lithium - Eltech            
Lizard - Spaceballs          or
Lizardking - Razor 1911 & Triton (PC)         
Looby - Insane              
Lord - Absolute!^Impulse^CJ 
Lord Helmet - Spaceballs    
Loy - Crimson Jihad         
Mac - Stellar                or
Macno - Abnormalia          
Madbart - Appendix                    2:481/22.10-fidonet and 52:4800/3.7-globalnet
Mad Druid - Powerline       
Majkel - Venture            
Maksiu - Venture            
Mars - NahKolor & Mystic     or
Marx - Insane               
MaTT - ex-Scandal           
Maverick - Independent      
Maxime - TheSpookyFellows   
Meegosh - The Movement       or
Melan - Astroidea *Scenest'96 party*
Meltdown - Delon.           
Mentor - R.N.O              
Mercenary - Extend          
Merlin - Sonik              
Meson - Nerve Axis          
Metal - Insane              
Metal - Parallax            
Metal Maniac - Dcs (C64)     or
Mfn - Facet's Pussy/Dsr, Smb!, s!k
Mic Flair - Eltech^Aquarius 
MicroPal - Alcatraz         
Mike - Dcs                  
Mike - Mystic                or
Mindshadow - Foundation     
Mistral - Parallax          
Moby - Sanity + NoOon (PC)   or
MoOd - Limited Edition      
MOP - Essence                or
Motion - Balance            
Mount - Polka Bros.         
Mr.C - Almagesy             
Mr.Hyde - Andromeda          or
Mr.Pixel - Impulse          
Mr.Spiv - Complex           
MSK - Tragedy               
Muad'Dib - Mystic/Royal/Crazy^Acid
Mub - LSD                   
Mucsi - Muffbusters         
Murk - Sonik Clique         
Musashi - Union ^ Absolute! 
Mystra - Technology         
Napoleon - ex-Dreamdealers  
Neurodancer - Abyss         
Nexus - Magic               
Noah - ex-Lemon.            
Noah - Royal^Factor         
Nik - Axis                  
Nimrod - Raw Staff          
Nose - Stellar              
Nosferatu - Offence         
Obligator - Dcs             
Offa - TBL                  
Odie - X-Trade              
Orbis - Extend              
Orc - Destination Zero      
Oriens -  Les Shadock       
Orlingo - Divine Stylers^Stoer&Nut.
Otis - Dream4 Music         
pAIThAN - dEPTh^SIDcREW     
Parsec - BioSynthetic Design
Patko - Reality             
Patrician - The Jormas      
Pazza - Lsd                 
Peachy - Masque + !Haujobb! 
Pearl - Passion             
Perplex - Offence           
Petroff - Absolute!         
Phideaux! - SRH             
Pink - Abyss                
Pirat - Phase Distrortion   
Pogi - Crimson Jihad        
Poko - Lamer Crew           
Posdnuos - TheSpookyFellows 
Pot-Noodle - Anthrox        
Powdihacker - Ambrosia                2:238/53.9@fidonet
Pride - Talent (PC), Twisted
Prime Premium - CNCD        
Probe - VD of Fairlight     
Prophet - Wizzcat            or
Proton - Complex             or
Psionic - Steps of Change   
Psycho - The Black Lotus    
Psycho - XTD'IPL'THG        
Pyth0n - ex-TPDL            
Qen - Honey                 
RaatoMestari - The Jormas   
Rack - Absolute!            
Rahiem - Essence, R.O.M     
Rainbow - Chromance         
Ralph - Spectre             
Ranx - Balance              
Rasta - Ultra Sonix         
Ratleto - SIDcREW           
Rayon - MeLLoW               or
RazorBlade - Balance        
Raw Style - Lego            
Red Devil - DCS             
Redlight - Dreamdealers     
Reebok - Surprise! (PC)     
Ren - Depth                 
Reverend D - Trespass BBS   
Rendall - Impulse           
Repe^Ransu - Scoopex & RRR  
Reward - Complex            
Rickz - Divine Stylers      
Robin - Steroid             
Rodney - Art'n Magic and Axis
Roland - Balance            
Rubberduck - TBL            
Rune - Talent               
Saracen - Talent            
Saviour - Complex           
Scope - Balance              or
Scorpik - Absolute!,  Pulse (PC)
Sector9 - Razor 1911 (PC)   
Sentinel - Unreal           
Serkul - Cydonia            
Shortie - ex-Sonic           or
Shorty - Spaceballs         
Siegel- TRSi/X-Innovation   
Silk - Digital              
Silver Eagle - Pygmy Projects
Simply - Parallax           
Sir Monkey - Chrome         
Skull - Eremation           
SkurK   - Hoaxers^SIDcREW   
Slammer - Rednex            
Smeagol - Triumph           
Smt - Artwork               
Snorpax Tudor - TBL         
Solnova - Movement and >(oo)< or
Spaceman - Lemon            
Spin - Abyss                
Sprocket - Depth            
Stelios - Axis              
STL - Damage                
Stone - Matrix              
Storm - Cydonia             
Strider - FairLight         
Stripe - The Party          
Strobo - Stellar             or
Style - Dylem^Prodigy^Fairlight
Sumaleth - Pearl            
Supernao - Lemon.           
Swoop - Rebels              
Sy-Klone - Progress         
Tactica - Vanity            
TaiPan - Complex             or
Tango - Led & Ptl           
TBB - Extend                
Telemach - Psyba Solutions  
Tfa - Mnc                   
The Raver - Psx Freaks^Effect PC
The Ripper - Rom Team       
Thor - Extend               
Thoron - Fci                
Tiger - Spreadpoint         
Tim - Spaceballs, Axis      
Tom - Hoodlum & Jormas       or
Tool - Accession            
Touchstone - Essence        
Trendy Dealer - Ram Jam     
Tsunami - VD of Fairlight   
U-man - Contra              
Ukulele - Banal Projects    
Unreal - Pulse (PC)         
Uyanik! - Trsi * Trsi Records
U4ia - ex.CryptoBurners      or
Valdimar - ex-Neuralgica    
Van Helsing - Crux          
Vesuri - The Jormas         
Vietcong - Inhumans         
View - Andromeda            
Villain - Reality           
Vodka - Saturne             
Wade - Eltech               
Wasp - Damones              
Wayne Mendoza - Masque       or
Werewolf - Eclipse          
Wide - Extend               
Wintermute - Crimson Jihad  
Wizard - Demos of the World 
Wowbagger - Session         
Yasiu - Obsession           
Yolk - Parallax             
Youghurt - Spaceballs       
Zanone! - cELLbLOCK^4       
Zappy - Megawatts           
Zero - Extend               
Znit - Banana Dezign        
Zuikki - Stellar            

Text By: Cesium / Session




                n·u·f·f   s·a·i·d           c·o·j   r·u·l·e·z    

    ____      _______.  /\        _____    ______    .____. _____    /\ 
 ._/  _ \_.___\___   |_/  \/\_. ./   _ \._/   __/   _|    |/   _ \._/  \/\_.
 |    /__/|____||    |\_____  | |   \/  |     _| ._/ |    |   \/  |\_____  |
 |    \/  |    ||    |    \/  | |       |     |  |        |       |    \/  |
 | __     |    ||    |        | |       |     |  |        |       |     __ |
 `-\/-----`----'`----`--------' `--bno!-`-----'  `--------`-------`-----\/-'

 [A N A T H E M A  W H Q · C O R R U P T   S C H Q · S A R D O N Y X  S H Q]

                     s·e·a·r·c·h·i·n·g   f·o·r   m·o·r·e       

 [NODE #1] +46-ask-elite · [NODE #2] +46-ask-elite · [NODE #3] +46-ask-elite


                  bACK oNLiNE aFTER sOME sERIOUS tROUBLES

   .:.   . /\ ___ .  ______  · ___ /\ .:. _____ :. /\____  . ______   ·  .: 
 ·   . ·. /  \   \ _/      \ _/   /  \ __/  __/_ _/  ___/_ _/      \ :.  .   ·
 |  ·::._/    \   \_  _/    \_   /    \_\____   \_   _/   \_  _/    \_·.::·  :

                      aND yOU cAN rEACh iT bY dIALING

          sOME uSERS hAVE tO lOG iN aGAIN bUT yOUR bYTES aND sTUFF

                       mONTHLY uP/dOWN cOMPETITIONS
            aND rEMEMBER iT'S nOT tHE hYPE, iT'S jUST tHE wAREZ


             _ ________           :             _ _________ ____ .________  |
 _______________      /    ·   _ ____.   _ ________   _    \    \|     __/  |
 \________     /_____/_____:         |_______     /   /     \   \\      \_  |
  /    _______/      |     |______   |      /____/_________ /    \_______/  :
 /______      _______|     |     ____      /     |        \______|          |
       \______/    _ ______      /  \_____/______| _ __________ _   __      |
  _______.   _ ___________\_____/_______ ___________   _____________\//\___ |
  \__    |_____     _     \_____|    __/    _      /______      \   \/ __   |
   /   __|     \    /      \    |     \    _/    _/_     /______/     _\/_  |
 _/    \__      __________ /    |      ____\       /_____/            \/\/  :
 \_______\       /       \_____________/    \_____/    /     <eLv!s>        |
    ·     \_____/                 .                   /_                    |
 _:/_  _ ____                     |__                  /                  __|_
  /         /_________ ___ __  _    /________________ / __________________\ :
 /·                                                  /_                     ·
/_:  · SYSoP: tRAITOR ·  · cOSYSOPS: zYCH/tRSi ·      /  · pSYKO/iNS·lSD ·  |
 /|  · vOSTOK/iNSANE·fLOOD · · u-mAN/cRUX·ARCLiTE ·  ·  · mAYBE eVEN yOU ·  :
  |      · rUNNING oN a4000/040·10 mB mEM·2 gIGS hD·mULTIfACEcARD 3! ·      |
  :     · #1: +358-31-3713472 [uSRv34+]  #2: +358-31-eRRRRRRR [dUNNO] ·     |
 _|__  · #3-5: DYNAMiC iP oN tELNET. tRY cATCHiNG tRAITOR oN #AMiELiTE ·  __|_
  : /_____________________________________________________________________\ :

        /\         ______:_     :                               ___
       /  \ .______\______/     :_________________             /  /\
      /    \|      \_     |     :    _____       /            /__/ /
     /      \       /     |     :....... /      /             \__\/
    /       \\     /      |     :      :/______/__               Y
   /________j\    /_______j     ;      :_________/               :
              \  /       :             :-[VLe]-- -  -            .
               \/        ·.............·    ...............      o
                       __________    _______:             :______._______
                      /    .____/__  \______:             :      :     _/
                    _/     :       \ |      :....     ....:      |     |
                   /       |        \|       |  :     : \        |     |
                  /        l         \       |  :     :  \ _____ l     |
                  \___________________\______:  :    ·:   /     \___   |
                                             .  :   .::  /             |
  lOOkiNG fOR aNOThER Co$Y$oP...             .  ·.::::· /______________:
  lOOkiNG fOR a GrOUp tO jOiN...             :  .-.                  |
 -[Nup: CYBER -- -  -   -                    `-÷+-'   .-÷[105.6]÷----'

   -  - --[ #1 +46(o)271-20001]-  -(28.8oo)-  -[ #2 +46(o)PRi-VAtE!]-- -  -
         -*- $Y$°P: d-fEkT^dTZ -*- (ø-$Y$°P$: sNiPe^dTZ, rAPE...  -*-

]------------[ +46(o)271-20001 ]----*----[ dOTZ WHQ - dOTZ WHQ ]----sN!p---[

                    :                                :
                    ¦   THINK YOU'VE SEEN IT ALL?    ¦
                    |  THINK YOU'VE FELT THE SPEED?  |
                    | THINK IT CAN'T GET ANY BETTER? |
                    |        YOU HAVEN'T SEEN        |
- -- --------------÷!÷-           ______           -÷!÷--------------- -- -

    ____    ____    ____    ____  \    /_   ____    ____      ____   ___
  _/    \__/  / \__/  _/  _/    \_/   /  \_/    \__/    \_  _/    \__/ /_
 /   /___/       /   _/__/   /___/      -/   /   /   /   /\/   /   /   _/__
/__ /   /___/   /__ /   /__ /   /___/   /   ____/\______/  \__/   /__ /   /
   \___/   /____\  \___/   \___/   /____\___\          /____\/____\2f\___/

- -- --------------÷¡÷-                            -÷¡÷--------------- -- -
                    |   ONE OF THE FINEST THERE IS   |
    sPACEBALLS wHQ  |                                | kINGPIN!·dEVIL&rAVEN
       mOTION sCHQ  |   sECOND NODE:  +47-GET-REAL   | pRINCE oF tHIEVES
        rOYAL sCHQ  |   tHIRD  NODE:  T E L N E T!   | lABEL·jEDI!·uFOk
          cRUX nHQ  |   fOURTH NODE:  T E L N E T!   | aXEN·mR.Z·rAJ!
           lSD nHQ  |   fIFTH  NODE:  T E L N E T!   |
           hORD hQ  ¦                                ¦ aMIGA/pC/pSX

              ___.         ____.__      ______      _______
           ._\\ _|_____ ._\\   |  \_ ._\\    /_  ._\\ __  /__
           |    \     .\|   \___   .\|      __/__|    \__/  .\
           |     \     \\      |    \\      \    \           \\
   ________    ____.        ________        _____     _______      ______
._\\___   .\._\\   |____ ._\\____   \ .____\\_   \ ._\\ __  /__ ._\\    /_
|    _/    \\      |   .\|  ____/   .\|      /   .\|    \__/  .\|      __/_
|    \______/      |    \\           \\_____/     \\           \\      \   \
|_____|  tGø|____________/____________/-T! /_______/____________/___________\

                       [%] B Y t E   P L A N E t [%]
                           ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯   ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
           [%] dA aLWAYS hELPFUL sYSOP iS sABOtEUR/AFL^wARd [%]
        [%] tHE stAFF: bEA\/iS/iLT, Vlad/SAT^96 anD Orchis/wARd [%]
    [%] a4ooo/o4o/25Mhz/14Mb rAM/15OOMb Hd/uSR sPORtStER 28.8 v.34 [%]

- --  ---------------------------------------------------------------- - -- -

 [%] 2 * cREDITZ fOR mAJORS! 3 * cREDITZ fOR mAJORS fROM yOUR oWN gROUP! [%]
  [%] 1-3 * cREDITZ fOR dEMOSCENE! 3-5 * cREDITZ fOR wORLD rELEASES! [%]

- --  ---------------------------------------------------------------- - -- -

 wELCOME oNLiNE! - wE aRE wAitiNG fOR yOUR cALL 24hRS a dAY - wELCOME oNLiNE!
                        + 4 6 - 4 9 0 - 2 1 9 2 9 

  _  _ ________________________________________________________            
  _ ____  ______ ___ ________ _____  ____ _______ ___ __  __/ _  _ _____.
   /___ \ _____/___ \_______ \ ___ \/ __ \______/ __ \/  /              |
  /_____/_____/___¬_/  /  /¬ /___¬ /  /¬ /_____/  /¬ /  /  eL7ECH wHQ!  |
 /  /     /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /                ¦
/__/   \____/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/\____/__/__/__/__________________  _

 .                              ______ ___  ______ ___ __  ______________ _ _
 ¦                             /  /  /___ \  ____/___ \/  /__/ __ \  __ \
 |   eLTECH wHQ · aQS wHQ!    /  /  /___¬ /  /__/___¬ /  /  /  /¬ /  /¬ /
 |     dYLEM^mONK! uKHQ!     /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /
 |                           \____/__/__/\____/__/__/__/__/_____/__/__/[rC7]
 |                                                                      .
 |                  ·· ·   +44 (ø)¹²57 4¹6994   · ··                    |
 |                                                                      |
 |                 aM¿GA pD/uFø^aL¿EN/møDS/gF×/aSCI¿!                   |
 |                                                                      |
 |               · tOUR lEADER - BLiND mAN/eL7ECH^dYLEM ·               |
 |              s7AFF - vIOLATOR/aPC · nARCOSiS/eL7^aQS^dD              |
 |                                                                      |
 |              ·· ·   +44 (ø)¹²57 RiNGDOWN sOON!   · ··                |
 |                                                                      |

     ::::    S · W· E · D · E · N · S     C · U · T · E · S · T
    ::::       _____ ____    ______   ___                           
   ::::.......(_____)    \ _/ _____|_|   |_____  --------------------.
  ::::      ::::____|___| \__        |   __    \__                   |
 ::::      ::::     |   |    |       |   |/      / PURPLE TURTLE EHQ |
::::......::::|_____|   |____::::____|___/      /                    |
                            ::::       /______/d!    +46-11-166276   |
 | MiSTRESS OF fAT-nET!    ::::        ______    ______ _____  _______
 `------------------------::::......../  __  \_ _\____ |_    \_\____  \_
nODE0:+46-11-LOCALS |   ::::       ::::  /    |   __    |  |___|  |    |
nODE1:+46-11-166276 !  ::::       ::::  /     |    /    |  | |    |    |
nODE2:+46-11-W8-iNG : ::::.......::::_________|_________|__| |_________|

      .:[SYSOP:LA fAYETTE/pTL][cO-BiTCHES:dJ GiZMO&aNtHRaX/cNF]:.        
    .:::[rOMANTiC aTMOSPHERE]-[NiCE rATiOS]-[pURE AMiGA]-[LOVE]:::.      

       sKIP tHE rEST, cALL tHE bEST!   \                     |
                           ._____ _   ..\  c  i  t  y   o f  |   .¾.
                     _ ____| ._____.  :  \      j  o  y .    |   ¾¾¾¾.
        _____________________|     |__:_____ ________        ¦   ¾¾ ¾¾.
       _)    __      /\_   ___     __      / \      (        ¦   ¾¾ °¾¾
       \     \|_____/_|     ||     |/     /___\      .¾¾¾¾¾¾¾:   ¾¾  ¾°
        \     \             ||     _______     _____¾¾¾¾° °¾¾¾¾  ¾¾    .
         \____________.     ||_____|  :  |_____|    ¾¾¾     ¾¾¾  ¾¾ .¾¾¾°
         _____________|___dto/e^d    _:_______ _____¾¾¾¾. .¾¾¾¾  ¾¾¾¾¾°
      ___\_  _/\_   __/______________)       / \     °¾¾¾¾¾¾¾°.¾¾¾¾°
      \____  __|                            /___\      \    .¾¾¾°¾¾
        )_o\/o_| tHE cITY tHAT nEVER sLEEPS!     _______\   ¾°   ¾¾
     _,_\__`.__|     _|\  \)       / _:__. |_____|           :   ¾°
    (_)___   __|    (_) \_________/ / :  |___ _              :   °
         |__ \________|    _ ______/  ¦                      :
    _ __ |_  _| ________ __ _  _      ¦  sUPPORTiNG AMiGA &  :
        (__)(__)                      |      cONSOLE!     \  :
                nODE#1 +46-ask-elite  |   1.6 GIG oNLiNE   \.:
                nODE#2 +46-ask-elite  |_____________________\
          sTAFF: [B.B.KiNG]^[mADMAX&JUAN!/iNS/tRSI]^[hARPOON!/sR]

    .:::::: :::::: : : ::::::: :::::::::: :::::::::::::::: ::::::: ::: : ::.
   :::::·  _______  _______  _______  _______  ___________________    ·:::::
   .:::: _/ _____/_/ _____/_/    . ¬\/ _____/_/    . ¬\___/. ____/_    ::·::
   ::::: \     .  ¬\   ____/_    |   \   ____/_    |___\   |   .  ¬\   :::::
   ::·::  \____|    \___|   ¬\___|    \___|   ¬\   | \     |___|    \  :::::
   :::::.- ----|_____\--|_____\- |_____\ -|_____\__|--\____|- -|_____\-.::::
   ::: :::::. . . .                                                . .:::::·
   :::::·         _______________  _______  ______________            ·:::::
   :::::        _/     . ¬\  ___¬\/ _____/_/    . ¬\ ____/_ HS!        ::: :
   ·::::        \      |___\ \_   \______ ¬\    |___\ ____/_           :::::
   ::::.         \     | \____|    \___.    \   | \____|   ¬\          ::::
   ·::::       ---\____|- ----|_____\- |_____\__|- ----|_____\-      ..:::::
   :::::: ::. ..                                              . .. :::::::::
   :::::··                                                         · · :::::
   ::::.         gENEtIc tAStE «» 0.5gIG hD «» o-5 dAYS wARES!         ::·::
   :::::  stAFF: dEE/aSG & dIESEL ^ cRAZYWiLD/gHD ^ Mudpecker/dIESEL   .::::
   :::::      aMiGA «» rEQUEST'S «» mODULES «» pORNO «» uFOsTUFF       :::::
   ::::·         14k4 [sOON 28k8] «» 358-o-222229o «» oPEN 24h         ::::.
   :::·                                                                 ·::.
   ::·                                                                   ·::
   ::                                                                     ::
   :                                                                       :

      If you want to place your Board advertisemnet in the HokuSPokuS
                             send your ADD to:

                              Rayon / MeLLoW
                               OudeVaart 38
                           1749 CH  WarmenHuizen
                              The Netherlands



                               InterNet Cafe

                                17-21 HR's


                            Lijnbaansgracht 92 

                      Tussen Rozengracht en Marnixbad
                voor e-mail access geopend di-fri 11-17 uur
                             tel: 020 6202970

           _ _____________________________ ____________________ _
                  _ _______/.  ______/    |    _/
              _ ________   |!       ·|    |    |    \/    __ _
                 |         |__       |__  !    |__  ||    |__
                 |.          /         /  :      /  ||·     / .lzd.
                 |!        _/        _/   ·    _/  .||¦   _/
               .:|:       .|         |         |   .||!   |:.
             ····).        (         (         (    (|:   (····
         ¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯`­­­­­\   /­­­­­\___/­­­­­\___/\   /`­­­­'¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯
                        \ /                      \ /
                         V       4 sWAPPINg...    V

                         ¦                        ¦
                         ¦tHe fOUNDEr oF sCUm^aZk!¦
                         ¦    -  - ------ -  -    ¦
                         ¦    cIERPIAl dARIUSz    ¦
                         O    uL. bANKOWa 7/18    O
                             42-29o  bLACHOWNIa
                                -> pOLANd <-

                  nO lAMERs & nO bEGINNERs! fOREIGNERs aNd
                   aSCIi  aRTISTs aRe wELCOMe (eVERYONe)!

                    /\   __    _____     /\     ______  ______
      _____  ______/ ·\  )/____\  _/____/ ·\____\    /__\    /____
      \    \/     /   \\ / \   _\      /   \\    \    \     /    /
     /_____\/______\   \\ /_____________\   \\_________\__________\
         cDr/m's/________\           /________\

                        CRUSADER / SESSION ^ MO'SOUL

                                Janne Kotta
                               Arbygatan  1a
                             633 45 Eskilstuna


         green eyed monsta.h2o.karma.maz.mogue.nup!.rapid.redskin!.skindiver.stezotehic.stylez.treach.uman


         /\______/\ _____/\______/\______/\______/\                                 
    +---//____    /Y  ____/   __  /___ ___/  __/  /
    |   \//  \\  /    ___/    ___/  // \ /   __  /----------------------+
    |   _/   _/  \_  \\  \_ //   \_      \_ //   \_ Elite&Friendship    |
    |   \ ________/_______/__\____/_______/__\__ //        at:          |
    |    Y                                  ScR!\/  (Gizmoduck/Depth)   |        
    |       ThE tOP is At tHe bOtToM !!!     |       Martin Leopold     |   
    +---------------------+------------------+      Hvidkløvervej 26    |
                          | !DISK=ANSWER!             2400 Kbh. NV      |
                          |                              Denmark        |

                       __   ____ ____ __ __  _ ____
                     _(  | ( (_ ( (_ / // /\//( (__
                    (____|(_(_ (_(  /_//_/ //(_(__

                      DO YOU SEARCH A NEW GROUP TO
                      JOIN ? ARE YOU A GOOD CODER ?
                     ARE YOU GOOD TO MAKE GRAPHICS ? 
                      THEN DONT HESITATE WRITE TO:
                          ---> bJØRNe·dFn<---
                            bJÖRN jOHANSSON
                            rINGGÅRDSVÄGEN 5
                           S-28¹³9 hÄSSLEHOLM
                      --->NO!HANDLE ON ENVELOP.<---

                       __   ____ ____ __ __  _ ____
                     _(  | ( (_ ( (_ / // /\//( (__
                    (____|(_(_ (_(  /_//_/ //(_(__

            ......øØ   ·
         øØØØØØØØØ#ø.   *           ·                              ___.
 ____:_.ØØ^~.øØØØØØØØ.__________  __:__________:_______:_______.  :shp|______.
 \____ \ØØ·.ØØØØØØØØØØ ___ \___ \/  ______ \____  \_  _____/   |_ |   :   _ ^:
 |  ___  ØØØØØØØØØØØØØ  |   :  \  . |  ___  _  |  ^:____   :  __/_|   |   |__|
 :   |   /ØØØØØØØØ^øØØ  :  ^|   \/  |   |   / __   |   |   |   |   :__|   |  |
 _  ____/ØØØØØØØØ.øØØ·______:___|_  |   ___/___|   |   ____:____  ^|__|___   |
 `----'  ^ØØØØØØØØØ^        ·  `----'----'    `----:----'     `----'    `----'

                 fOR sUPPORT bOOMbAST!C pACK wRITE oN tHIS aDDY:

       aCTION / aNAdUNE          nORMAN / aNAdUNE         sHARP / aNAdUNE
       ----------------          ----------------         ---------------
       Przemek    Wozny          Miroslaw Okonski         Slawomir  Wanat
    ul.H. Sawickiej 37/27     Al. Pilsudskiego 3o/77   ul.Spychalskiego 1o/9
       62-800  KALISZ             43-1o4  TYCHY           45-716   OPOLE
         - Poland -                 - Poland -              - Poland -


        ___ ................ ______ .... ___ ........ ___ ..... _____
    _\__)  \:_   ______    __)   _/_   __)  \__   ____)  \_   _/    /
     _\_ ____/___\_   /____\_   ___/___\_ ____/___\____    \__\_  _/___
 _ _/   __/__   \_  _/__   \_   /__   \_ __/__   \_   \_____/_   ___   \_/_
  \\______/_/    /___/_/    /___/_/    /___/_/    /___/_/    /___/_/    /_
     -dV$/______/   /______/   /______/   /______/   /______/-T!/______//
            :                                                   :
            :        tO cONTACT tHE sWAPPERS oF eLTECH:         :

|    Devistator         Lithium            Realitor             Wade        |
| 9 Leaholme Gdns. 2 Heather Gardens   2 Hereford Close   Avoca King Street |
|    Whitchurch         Belton            Chichester           Bradley      |
|     Bristol       Great Yarmouth        West Sussex          Bilston      |
|    BS14 OLQ          NR31 9PP            PO19 4DT         Wolverhampton   |
|     ENGLAND           ENGLAND             ENGLAND            WV14 8PQ     |
|                                                              ENGLAND      |

                   | ::._____.:    :.    ___.: |       
                   |.::/ ___ \:__.:::__ / _ \:.|       
                   |::/ /:::\_\  /__/  > /:\ \:|       
                   |;/ /:::__/   __   / /:::\ \|       
                   |/  \;;;\ \  /;/  / /;;;;/ /|       
                   |\^  \__/  >/^/  /  \___/ /;|       
                   |^^x      xx^/  /\   x   /^^|       
                   |xXxx____xxxx\_/xx\_xx__xxx |       
                   |   G R ä S S H O P P ë R   |       
                   |  D ë V ë L O P M ë N T S  |       

                          Join us. (soon)

             Kaneda, 49 Rannoch Drive, Bearsden, Glasgow,
                         Scotland, G61 2LF              

                      __    _____ _____ _____ _____    
                    _l  l__l  |  Y  _  Y  ___Y  |  l__ 
                   l |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  _  |  l
                   | |  |  l  !  |  |  |     |  |  l  |
                   | l_____l_____l__l__l_____l__l__l  |
                   |   _____ _____ _____              |
                   |  |  _  Y  _  Y  |  |             |
                   |  |  |  |  _  |  _ _|  iNF^eLt    |
                   l__|   __|  |  |  |  |_____________l
                      l__l  l__l__l__l__l              

                           sEND yER pACK sUPPORT tO:     

                              2 hEATHER gARDENS         
                                gREAT yARMOUTH          
                                   nR31 9PP             

      If you want to place your SWAP advertisement in the HokuSPokuS
                             send your ADD to:

                              Rayon / MeLLoW
                               OudeVaart 38
                           1749 CH  WarmenHuizen
                              The Netherlands


                        \ Oø / Why nOT ?..        
                          \/   kELdON/JEWELS!WHY  

                               kENNEtH fAJKOWSKi  
                               ARvESgARdE 3O      
                               417 44 gOTHENbURG  

                               sWEdEN       __/\__
                                            \ oO /
                        -Everybody can try!-/_.-_\ 

                       ________ _____.___ -ÐÅ! .___  
                      /÷ ____ ¬\÷    |  ¬\ ____|_ ¬\ 
                     Y    ___)  Y   |!    Y   . _)  Y
                     :                               ·
                     :    for any kind of swapping   :
                     :   --------------------------  :
                     :        action/anadune         :
                     :    h.sawickiej street 37/27   :
                     :        62-8oo kalisz          :
                     :           poland              :
                     :                               :
                     :     .eVERYONe iS wELCOMe.     :
                     :                               :
                     :  * also 4 graffiti trading *  :
                     :    -----------------------    :

________    ___ :____    .___ ________     ______   .      :___ ___________
\      /__./   \:   /____:_   \      /___./    _/__ .  _ __:_   \    _    /__
 \____    |_    :        :/    \____     | ___/    \:      :/    \_  /___/
     /_____/____________ /____/    /_____l_\_   zZ  :    _ /____/ /__________
                                            /_______:      ·
       p  r  o  d  u  c  t  i  o  n  s              .

                   good graphicians and coders wanted!

                       mr.coke/sunshine productions
                           Frihetsvägen 66  2tr
                             175 33  Jarfälla

                     _____________    _____    ________ 
                    /  |  \_____  \  /  |  \  /  |    / 
                   /   |   \/ _|_  \/   |   \/   | __/  
                  /    _    \  _/   \  -^-   \   _  \   
                  \____|    /__|____/___|____/   |   \  

                       |                         |¯¯¯¯  
                 a1200 | 4 Swapping and Joining  |030   
                       |                         |      
                 AGA   | Hawk / NDs^Str          |Rulez!
                       | Niklas Jonsson          |      
                 Demos | Bittinge                |Intros
                       | 715 92 St.Mellosa       |      
                 Mods  | Sweden                  |Mags  
                       |             Greetz to:  |      
                 Mpegs | Apathy, Atomic, Fanatic |Games 
                       | Giants, Massive, Mobile |      
                 Pics  | Morbid, Rno, Roots,     |Prg   
                       | Sardonyx,Scoopex,Visage |      
                       | Simplex and the Indy's. |      
                       `- - - - - - - - - - -96 -'      

                       |   L_  ___  _ _              
                       | / _ \/ __\/ T \             
                       |/   _/__  /     L            
                       /   |/    /   |   \           
                      /    /    /    |    \__        
                     (    (    (     |     ) |       
                      \    \    \    |    /  |       
                       ~Y~~~~Y~~~~Y~~^~~~~L__| [2@n3]
                        :    :    |                  
                        .    o    .                  

                    For swapping write to: PLUG / PSK  

                             MAILLARD David            
                             Les Villenots             
                         89480 ETAIS-LA-SAUVIN         
                              - FRANCE -              

                    _ ______________________________     
                   ___  /   / __// / /   /   / / / /    
               .-------/ / / /_/ // / / / / / /_/ /_/-----.
               |      /   /   / //_/_/ / / /   /   /pr!de |
               |     /_/_/_/ /_//_____/___/_/ /_/_/       |
               |   - -- --/_/--- artwork --/_/------ -- - |
               |                                          |
               |       For legal reasons write to..       |
               |      ------------------------------      |
               |            Trasher of Artwork            |
               |               Oliver Plink               |
               |              Bricciusweg 03              |
               |                89079  Ulm                |
               |                 Germany.                 |
               |                                          |

             .··÷ÐÅ!/aZk÷····················· ·· · ._____. ·.
             ¦  _________ _________ ________        |    ¬|  ¦
             ¦ .\   ____/_ ____   /___ ____/_ ___ __|_ _  |  ¦
             ¦ |  _______/ \  ___/   / _ ___/   /____///  |  ¦
             ¦ |:.   ¬|:.   \ \     /.:\       / \/     .:|  ¦
             ¦ |______|------\     /----\     /_____/-----'  ¦
             ¦        __      \___/      \___/         __    ¦
             ¦       _\/_                             _\/_   ¦
             `···· · \/\/ · ······················· · \/\/ ··'

                               fOr fRieNdLy mAiLtRadInG           
                          jUsT wRiTe oN tHiS aDdrEsS...         
                    fRED/aFC, mARCIN mOTYL, uL.mAKOWA 1      
                         42610 mIASTECZKO sL. pOLAND...             
                  nO lAMERS oR bEGINNERS... aGA aLSO...         

            .   if ya wanna join to appendix write now 2:    
     -   - -+---  -   -     or for kewl swap!              · 
            ::·               _    / \    _                . 
            :           _    / \  / _ \  / \    ____       . 
            :          / \  /   \/    /_/ _ \  /    \______: 
            :   /\/\  / _ \/   \ \  __¯\\    \/  - _/ _  _ / 
            :  /  \ \/     \ | _\\\_____/    \\    \ \/  \/: 
            · /      \     \\_____/   \  _|___/    \\/    \: 
            ·/   \/  \\_|___/          \/   \  _\___/     \\ 
            .\  _|____/                      \/     \  ____/ 

              \/ _         kutrzeby2a/6              \/__of: 
            .   / \  ______    71-296 szczecin        /  \/\ 
               / _ \ \  _  \____   poland     _    /\ \  /  \
              /     \/     / _  \_           / \  /  \/     /
             /      \\  \_/     / \     |\  /   \/    \    \\
             \  _|___/  \\   \_/  _\  /\| \/   \ \    \\/\__/
              \/   \  ___/   \\   _/_/  \  \ | _\\\____/   : 
                    \/  \  ___/   \/\\     \\_____/seti    : 
                         \/  \  _____/ _\___/            .:: 
                  -   -  - ---\/-----\/--------------------+-

                      [ note for swappers... elite only! ] · 


     \|||||/   \\\|///              ­­­­­­­­­­           \|||||/    |||||
     \|- _|/   \|^ ^|/            Tissot Jerome          »|\ /|«    |¯ -|
     (|O o|)   @|ø-ø|@         170 rue du Mt Cuchet      6|· ·|9   C|O o|D
     ·| ' |·    | L |¡      73130 St Etienne de Cuines    | " |     | J ||
      | _/|     | o)|          ---=== FRANCE ===---       |._/|     |\_/|+
      (___)     \___/                             /\      <___>     (_._)
                    ·    /\  ___ _             /\/  ·    _ _
          +Uman+     \  /  \/         +Adn+  _/      \  /      +Syd+
          ­­­­­­      \/              ­­­­­           \/       ­­­­­
      Julien Daviet              Naudin Alexandre         Brand Christophe
    259 rue des Ecoles      108 Impasse Camille Corot    3 rue de Hirtzbach
73130 St Etienne de Cuines         54710 Ludres           68130  ALTKIRCH
   ---=== FRANCE ===---             -=FRANCE=-              -= FRANCE =-
      /\                \_/   \.     +Plug+         .__              /\  /
   /\/  \      /\__                  ­­­­­­            \__    /\    ·  \/
  /      \    ·    \             Maillard David           \  /  \
 ·        \  /      \            Les Villenots             \/    \
   .       \/        \_.      89480 ETAIS-LA-SAUVIN               ·     _ _
    \                              -=FRANCE=-                      \_  /


            .  . ...................:....        :
                           _ ___ _  :...:  /\ /\ :
            _ __  _  _ ____    __/_- -.___/  / _\: _  __ _
                \_\ ¦___---'-.¦    \_ ¦   ¦ \_/  \ /_/
                   ¦    ¦   -¦---¦---'   -¦--¦__ _\   tF!
               . ..`---------'...`- ------'......:

                4 fRIENDLy mAILTRADINg... tRy hERe...

                        .-------- -  -
                        ¦ tHe fOUNDEr / sCUm
                        `--------------- -  -
                           cIERPIAl dARIUSz
                           uL. bANKOWa 7/18
                          42-29o  bLACHOWNIa
                             -> pOLANd <-

              nO lAMERs... nO bEGINERs... fOREIGNERs oNLY...
                      aSCIi aRTISTs aRe wELCOMe!

               :  tHESE gUYS aRE iN nEED oF nEW cONTACTS :
            - -÷-----------------------------------------÷- -
               :                                         :

   Anti/Infect              Crack/Neo         Danny Kane/Flying Cows Inc.
   Kai Reinhardt            Hyllbergvn.22     Juha Kovanen
   Hutmachergasse 3         7520 Hegra        Honkatie 5 a 1
   09456 Annaberg-buchholz  Norway            62300 Härmä
   Germany                                    Finland

   Felon/Devious Dezigns    Kervin/Scania     Draw/Vacuum
   Po Box 300               Johan Mowitz      Lukasz Pieczara
   Eaglehawk, Victoria 3556 Vegagatan 9       P.O.Box 8705
   Australia                28143 Hässleholm  91-494 Lodz 87
                            Sweden            Poland

   McDon of Intruders       Jura/REDLINE              Plug/PSYKOTROPE
   Sebastian Doniec         RUZZENE Julien            MAILLARD David
   ul.W.Pola 6/5            39 rue de la pillardiere  12 rue d'Avignon
   38-200 Jaslo             45600 SULLY SUR LOIRE     68100 MULHOUSE
   ·Poland·                 FRANCE (100% answer)        - FRANCE -

   _  _                   .......    ......
jgdصáصMØØØØgµµ.      ...: .. ::... : . ::                      ........
 ¶ØØØØØØØF"""°9ÏØØbµ...::   :..::  : :.: ::...... .. .           : ... ::
  åØØØØP"        °#ØØ.             :.....::                      :...: ::
   °@:: _.µgMØØØØMMØØØL______   _ _____    .____    .____   ______  ___::___
     :øØ#@°"¯    ¯"ÏØØØ:· _ //.-\\\__ /.___|  _/.---|  _/.-\\ _  /.-\  ____/
   .dÏP"            ßØØ   |   |:·____  |  ____  |:  |    |:·  |   |:· ___/_.
   Ø@         áØo.  ßØØ   |   |    \/  |    \/  |   |    |    |   |   \/   |
  ]ØL          "jØ..SHP   | __|        |        |_  :    /_   | __|        |
   Ïص.._____..µ##·#ØØ#___| \ \\   \___|:.   __///______///___| \ \____ shp!

      fOR dA cRAZy · fASt'n fRiENdly · hiGh qUAlity mAiltRAdiNg wRite to:
  h.Sawickiej 37/27  Spychalskiego 10/9  Pilsudskiego 30/77  Chopina 4 ::
  62-8oo Kalisz      45-716 Opole        43-104 Tychy        12-100 Szczytno
  POlANd!            POlANd!             POlANd!             POlANd!   :: .
      ::                                                               :: .
      ::.. also send us any support for boombastic & speed pack .......:: :.

      ____     æØØÑØØØØç______ææØØØØØØØr
   ØØØØØØØØØØ2       /"Øm  mØØØØØØØ@ ¬ÑØØ      
  ¬ØØØØØØØØØØØZ¶p-  "      ØØØØØØØ@   JØØ,     
   JØØØ"ÑØØØØØظ     _     ØØØØØØ",w_ ¬¶¶~
    ¬"~  ¬¶¶¶ØØØ&_¸¯~¯ ¸  ÆØÑPض>¬  Ø             
             ¬M@¶¶¶æ_z¶~_æF--¬      mL    [· FRIENDSHIP IS MOST WANTED! ·]
            µP       """"        _¸  ¬Ñ¸  [· ONLY SCENE WAREZ SWAPPING! ·]
            ØÞ                   ¬Ø __j*  [· NO GAME SWAPPING...PLEASE! ·]
            ØFmF                 "ØF  Ø   [· EVERYBODY GET A ANSWER IN! ·]
            JØÆ~ kELdON oF GiANtS ØF  ¬&  [·          48 HOURS!..       ·]
            jÑF kENNEtH  FAJkOWSKi¤Ø   ¶ç [·   SUPPORT BRAINDAMAGE THE  ·]
            MP    ARVESGARdE 30    Ñæµ  ¶ç[·CHIPMAG WITH MESS,ADDYS&NEWS·]
           æ"   417-44 GOtHENbURG  JØ]Ñ, "µ`
         ."           sWEdEN        ¶¹¶¶  ¬[·SO PLEASE WRITE NOW TO ME!·]

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                             send your ADD to:

                              Rayon / MeLLoW
                               OudeVaart 38
                           1749 CH  WarmenHuizen
                              The Netherlands


                    _______.     _____._____________.__ 
                    \  ____ ¬|__/ _  ¬|  ___  .___ ¬| ¬)
                    /  ___)  | ¬\_|   |  __)  | ¬|  _  |
                    \_____\_____/ |___|____\___  |__|  |
                                       tGø/aC!`--'  `--'   

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                  !   No Games, Utils, Amos  etc etc   !
                  !                                    ! 
                  !  Gfx swapping especially welcome   !
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                  !             WADE/ELTECH            !
                  !           "Avoca" King St,         !
                  !               Bradley,             !
                  !               Bilston,             !
                  !            Wolverhampton,          !
                  !               WV14 8PQ.            !
                  ! .             England.            .!
                  !o                                  o!

                                                       _a*"     ^q
                                    _m*¤°°°°^^m,     ,¢¯   ©Mt    `_
                                  ,¤¯            ¬\_ J              #
                                  1                ¬w´              F
 try this for some friendlys mail à                 #              J
 swapping:  .Keldon of Giants.    ¬w                Æ              F
 .k e n n e t h  f a j k o w s k i.°m,_      ___µµµØæw          ,"
     .a r v e s g a r d e 3 0.      ___ZMmwµÆØØØØØØØØØÞ  __aµw*#==va.__
 .4 1 7 - 4 4 g o t h e n b u r g,*"¯     ÆØØØØØØØØØØ#W*°°"¯           "w
         . s w e d e n .       /"        0ØØØØØØØØØØ@                    F
                               #           ¬@ÑØØØP°" ¬¾_                _¤
                               #          æ0           ¶@m,_          _/
      ` Replay guarantee!! '   #       _æ' f            à  ¬"^====*^°"
                                \aaam*°    Q            0    bIG fLOWERs
                                           ¶¸           0   tO gIANtS aND
                                            °,_        _m tO aLL mY cONTACTs
                                              ¬^-< aaa/~  aROUND tHE wORLd!

              *                  *           *                  *
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                     stuff                      S W A P P I N G 
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                                                Sane - MeLLoW
                  Thrym / Giants              Korte Tuinstr. 32
                   Espen Fossen               1601 CJ EnkHuizen
                   Hyllbergv.7                      Holland
              *                  *           *                  *

                               fOR sWAPPING! '96
                                    PL 62
                               FIN - 15141 LAHTI

                    __.      __.                          ______:_
      _____________/  | ____/  l__________________________|   ___/   
    .-\__  ________   |-\___   ______  __________   \_    |   ¬\-----.
    ¦   /  __/___/    |___/    |___/  __/___/   |____/    ¯     \    ¦
    | _/        ¬\__  |  ¬\__  |  ¬\__     ¬\__ |   ¬\__  T      \__ |
    ! \           ÷/  !    ÷/  !    ÷/       ÷/ !     ÷/  |       ÷/ !
    `--\____      /__      /__      /__      /__      /___!       /--'
       -dV$\_____/  \_____/  \_____/  \_____/  \_____/    l______/

   for trading all sorts of legal software, kewl letters and friendship!

                             skinner of eltech
                           kjell-espen johansen
                                storgata 5
                               8310 kabelvåg

                 eltech - more balls than a snooker table!

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                             __    .bJøRne.     __
                            /\_\Björn Johansson/_/\
                            \/_/Ringgårdsvägen 5_\/
                               S-28139 Hässleholm


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                    /\   _/\__  /\___ __   _/\  __ _/\_
                 __(  \ (____  /_(_   \/  /  /\/ /(___
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                  \/    \/            \/      \/  \/
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                            .d .E .F .I .N .e
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    bjørne·dfn           cook·dfn          badboy·dfn         Growl·dfn
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  Ringgårdsvägen 5     Laczna 27d/43        Enes Fårö      Nyvangsvej 133-
 S-28139 Hässleholm     64-920 PILA      S-62035 Fårösund  Vær 426 · 8900
      Sweden              Poland             Sweden       Randers · Denmark

                                             · ___.____.
                 ____/\    ______    ______  :/   :\___(   ______
               :/  __  \. /  __  \: /  __  \:: q! : ____. /  __  \:
               :    :___::.   ;   ::.   ;   ::.   ::.   ::.   ;   :
               :.   ;   ::.       ::.       :::.  :::.  ::.       :

                      of Grasshopper D  ..'we jump higher'..

               Coolio/GHD            hi:.gods.scalaris.artwork.axis
               Henk Wijnholds        scoopex.desire.passion.sanity.
               Marktkade 110         nahkolor.madelks.zomo.syndrome
               9581 AW Musselkanaal  eltech.haujobb.sardonyx.mellow
               The Netherlands       thefect.trsi.jewels.pacific.s2
               100% answer 2 all..


         ___/\__     __/\__      ____/\_____ ____/\_____ ____/\_____   
         \     _)__  \    (____  \   ___   / \_____    / \     ____/
         /:.. /    \ /      ..:\ /:.`---'  \ /:.. ____/\ /:..  ____/
         \:_  _____/ \___  ____/ \____\  __/ \___  ____/ \___  ____/
          : \/           \/            \/        \/          \/·ehc·

           bLAZe/pHUTURe 303        fOr aNy sTAFf sWAPPINg...
           pATRYk kALINOWSKi        fOr sUPPORt sUBCULTURe...
           pOLNa 63/5              fOr sUPPORt tRAFFICATIOn...
           21200 pARCZEw               fOr sUPPORt lAVn...
           pOLANd                      fOr  fASt aNSWEr...
                                        fOr fRIENDSHIp...
           fOREIGNERs=100% aNSWEr!       fOr aNYTHINg...


           ______________________________________    _____ _____ _____
           \____ \ /  /  /__   __// \___  \_ ___/   /__  // _  //__  /
           / ____/   /  /  /  /  /  / _  _/ __/_   _/_  //  / /_/_  /
          /__//__/__/_____/__/_____/__/  /_____/  /  / //____//  / /

                         4 cONTACT pHUTURE 303 wRITE 2:

                  mR.uHU/P303               bLAZE/P303
                jAREK cISZOWSKI         pATRYK  kALINOWSKI
                jOSELEWICZA 2/6             pOLNA 63/5
              42-200  cZESTOCHOWA         21-200 pARCZEW
                    pOLAND                    pOLAND

                           nO tOTAL bEGINNERS
                        !fOREIGNERS aRE wELCOME!

                   For Fast And Reliable Module, Intro,
                  Mag, Demo, Long Letter Swapping, Write
                      To The Greatest (Heh, NOT)..>

                  ---:> gROWl/aPATHy^vOId <:--- :.
                           Kim Andersen         :::.
                     Nyvangsvej 133 - Vær.426   :::::.
                           8900 Randers         :::::::.
                             Denmark.           :::::::::.

                      DISK + LETTER = 100% ANSWER

                          Golden handshakes To..:
                  SDX and all the other..!!

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                    /  /   \  |   \  \   | |   /  _/__  __---.
                   /  /     \ |    \     | :  /       | |    |
                   \______   \_____/ \___|\  /\_____  |_|__  |
                     `-------'   `----'    \/shp`-----' `----'
                               dA fRiEnDsHiPeRs:

                       mArCiN  pIlEcKi     wOjTeK  zYtKoWiAk 
                        pILa / cOnVeX      fLaPjAcK / cOnVeX
                         P.O. Box 24        zEgLaRsKa 32/5
                       66470 kOsTrZyN       66470 kOsTrZyN
                         +-PoLaNd-+           +-PoLaNd-+
                    (sUpPoRt fUsS pAcK)  (sUpPoRt pSyChOl pAcK)        
                   (mess,adv,newz,files)    (adv,chiptunes)

                              !aNsWeR gUaRaNtEd!
                              !nO  sToMp fUcKaZ!

             ._______.    ._______.    .____.    ._______.    ._______.
          _ _|__.___¬| _ _|______¬| _ _|___¬| _ _|______¬| _ _|______¬|
        ._\\\   ¦ _/_¦_\\\   . _/_|_\\\___/_¦_\\\_  . _/_¦_\\\   . _/_|
        ¦  \_   |    |  \    |    |  \_     |  \    ¦    |  \    |    |
   .----|       |    |   \_  |    ¦         |   \_  |    ¦   \_  |    ¦----.
   |:::·|_______     ¦_______¦    |______   ¦_______     |_______¦    |    |
   |:·       `-------'    `-------'    `----'    `-------'    `-------'HS! |
   `------------- -- -                                  - -- --------------'

          ...iF yOU sEARCH nEW cØØl cONTACT tHEN jUST wRITE tO mE...

        aCE/uNION . pIOTR cUCH . lOKIETKA 3d/5 . 59225 cHOJNOW . pOLAND
        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯
              aND oTHER cØØL fILEZ !!!. dON'T wAIT - wRITE nOW !


                           MeLLoW! MerchandiZe.

                               Slimane Berri
                            2,Allee Jean Couzy

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                             send your ADD to:

                              Rayon / MeLLoW
                               OudeVaart 38
                           1749 CH  WarmenHuizen
                              The Netherlands


Elke Donderdag in:   Club Trance, Eindhoven- Diverse Feesten

Elke Vrijdag  in:    Paradiso, Amsterdam      - Diverse Feesten
                     Shiva, Utrecht           - Diverse Feesten
                     Xala, Rotterdam          - Diverse Feesten

Elke zaterdag in:    Mazzo, Amsterdam         - Love Sex & Motion
                     Doornroosje, Nijmegen    - Dance Night
                     Shiva, uttrecht          - Diverse Feesten
                     Escape, Amsterdam        - Chemistry
                     Xala, Rotterdam          - Diverse Feesten
                     Nightown, Rotterdam      - Club Nighttown
                     Melkweg, Amsterdam       - Dance Arena/TimeMachine
                     WaakzaamHeid, Zaandam    - Temple of Thunder
                     Tempel, Den Haag         - Temple Power
                     Carmen, Zomeren          - Diverse Hardcoreparties
                     Temple of Rebirth Almere - Diverse Hardcoreparties
                     Marcanti, Amsterdam      - Eye Town

We willen jullie een zo comleet mogelijke agenda geven voor de feesten die
gaan komen dus zullen we vaker een agenda uitbrengen......

                   Made By Casseopaya & Sorcerer
     Greetings goes out to: Muad'dib, Ice, Stephen King, Sir IQ

            _    ____________________    ___ _____      _
           / \  /        /  ->PXS<-  \  |   |___  \ \/ / \      Onder
          / - \/  ______/   _______   \ |   |   |  \  / - \     Voorbehoud!
         /  _  \  \___ \   ___)__|     \|   |   |  \\/  _  \
        /   |   \   |   \      o |   \  \   |   l   \\  |   \
        \___|    \      /      ; |    \     |       //__|    \

Wij kunnen helaas niet alle feesten vermelden. Dit komt doordat een aantal
organisaties de flyers of de informatie niet verstuurt hebben, of de flyers
waren op of al die andere smoezen...Maar, degene die als eerste een feest aan
ons doorgeeft zal zijn naam speciaal vernoemd worden in de volgende

 - 13-sep-1996 Terror machine on Tour (Hardcore)
               Place: The Peppermill, Heerlen

 - 14-Sep-1996 Masters Of Hardcore II (Hardcore)
               DJ's: Lenny Dee, Ruffneck, Bass D, King Matthew, Gizmo,
                     Darkraver, Darrien kelly, Dano, Norman, Buzz Fuzz, 
               Acts: Rotterdam terror Corps, Bass D, Kingmatthew, Twin terror
               DJ's Hall 2: Darrien kelly, Lenny Dee, Buzz fuzz, Petrov
               Place: Fundustry, Hemkade 48, Zaandam
               Price: Fl 35,00 presale, Fl 45,00 at the door
               Time: 22.00 till 10.00
 - 14-Sep-1996 H.M.C. Party (hardcore, mellow, Classics)
               DJ's: Panic, Miss Monica, Damion
               Place: Twilight, Barendrecht.
               Price: Fl 10,--, ladies after 2.00 Free
               Time: 21.00 till 4.00

 - 14-Sep-1996 Dreams Of Silence (hardcore)
               DJ's: Darkraver, Gizmo
               Place: Houtrust-Rotonde, Den Haag
 - 20-Sep-1996 Thunderdome on Tour (Hardcore)
               Place: Peppermill, Heerlen

 - 20-Sep-1996 Terror machine on Tour (Hardcore)
               Place: The Palace, Groningen

 - 21-Sep-1996 Thunderdome in Germany (Hardcore)
               Place: Sport & Congreshalle, Schvverin

 - 27-Sep-1996 Terror machine on Tour (Hardcore)
               Place: Carte Blanche, Weert

 - 04-Okt-1996 Terror machine on Tour (Hardcore)
               Place: Tagrijn, Hilversum

 - 05-Okt-1996 ShadowLands (Hardcore, Mellow, Oldstyle)
               DJ's Hall 1: Ruffneck, Vince, Rob, Abraxas, Panic & tango.
               DJ's Hall 2: Eddy de Clerq, Joost van Bellen, Trigger & Vince
               Dj's Hall 3: Rob, Vince, Ernesto, Vincent de clock
               Place: Beursgebouw, Eindhoven
               Price: Fl 45,-- presale, Fl 55,-- at the door
               Time: 18.30 till 4.00

 - 05-Okt-1996 Opening MysteryWorld
               Place: Fundustry Hemkade 48, Zaandam

 - 11-Okt-1996 Thunderdome On Tour (Hardcore)
               DJ's: Prophet, Buzz Fuzz, Gizmo, Darkraver, E-rick, Unity &
                     Dione, Weirdo, Lady Dana, X-Eff & Darlo, Uzi & MC Mouth
                     of madness, Delerium, Noiser, Waxweazle DJ team, Promo,
               Acts: Critical Mass, Tails & Noiser, Lorch Of the Underworld,
                     Public Domain, 3 steps ahead, Evil Force, Bass-D & King
               Place: Cargo, Spijkernisse
 - 12-Okt-1996 Raver's religion...Meer info zie nieuws..
               DJ's: Rob, Gizmo, Darkraver, Gizmo, Neophyte, Rob Gee, Darrien
                     Kelly, Jean. Quinten Ronald Molendijk
               Price: Fl 50,--
               Place: MartiniHallen Groningen.

 - ??-Okt-1996 Thunderdome The Awards
               Place: Escape, Amsterdam

 - 23-Okt-1996 Thunderdome on Tour (Hardcore)
               Place: Luxor, Arnhem

 - 27-Okt-1996 Thunderdome on Tour (Hardcore)
               Place: Magic 3, Selm, Germany

 - 31-Okt-1996 Thunderdome on Tour (Hardcore)
               Place: Dixies, Brasschaat Germany
 - 08-Nov-1996 Thunderdome on Tour (Hardcore)
               Place: Zeigelei Gross Weeden, Germany

 - 31-Dec-1996 Digital Overdose
               Place: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (4 hallen)
               Deze party is nog niet zeker vastgesteld..meer info later..

Yo feestvarkens in dit amigawereldje....Tha Ultimate is terug...en dit is onze
bijdrage voor de HokusPokus.........


                     __    ____  ___   _____________________
                  __| /   / _  \| __|_ \     __  <PXS>    o \
                 /  | \  / / \ .\ \   \ \    \____        ; / 
                /.     \/ /   \ \\ \  .\/\__   \/     _____/ 
               //   _   \ \   / //  \  \\  /   .\    ___)__  
             _/     |    \_\_/ //    \   \_     \\_       /

                     ____/\   _  _______   __   ____
                    /____  \ / \ \____  \ (__) / _  \
                   /   _/ _// - \ |   |  \|  |/ / \ \\
                  /.   \  \/  _ .\|   |  \\  | /   \ \\
                 //   //  /   |  \\   l   \\ | \   / //
                 \\  //  /\___|    \      // |\ \_/  /
                  \_/ \_/  ...l____/______/__| \____/@{UB}

Dit zijn alle Houseprogramma's op locale radiozenders

Alkmaar:    System: 98.2 FM
            Vrij: 17.00-20.00: Techno met DJ Sim (Simstim)
                  20.00-21.00: Hardcore met DJ Weirdo & Pila
                  21.00-00.00: Mellow/Club
            Zat:  18.00-21.00: Mellow/club
                  21.00-??.??: Mixen

Almere,     Airpeace Radio: kabel 91.1 FM, ether 107.8 FM
Bussum,     Vrij: 19.00-22.00: The friday night X-perience
Huizen:     Zat:  12.00-14.00: Classic DanceHits
                  14.00-16.00: Dance met DJ Barry Bouquet
                  16.00-18.00: Local DanceCharts met DJ Bass D
                  18.00-20.00: SwingbeatParty met DJ kid MC
                  20.00-22.00: A&A Mellow Factory met DJ Zion
            Zon:  12.00-14.00: Sonny BrownShow met clubhits
                  16.00-18.00: Dj Ronald en Rave Dave
                  20.00-22.00: A&A Mellow Factory met DJ King Matthew, Bass D
                               en guests
                  22.00-00.00: A town's most wanted met DJ Soul, Julius Irving,
                               King Matthew, Irie Roy en Ronnie

Amersfoort: Jamaica Radio: kabel 105 FM
            Vrij: 20.00-01.00: Mellow, trance, acid en hakkuh

Amsterdam:  Radio AFM: kabel 105.6 FM, ether 106.8 FM
            Ma t/m
            vrij: 21.00-23.00: Dance Stance met DJ Nathanael, Di. DJ Cellie
                  23.00-00.00: Ambient
            Zat:  16.00-20.00: Hakkuh en jungle met DJ Jean, Marc en Michiel
            Radio 100: ether 98.2 FM
            Zat:  18.00-19.00: Reality Shift
                  19.00-23.00: Soulpower met DJ Carlijn
                  23.00-00.00: Jino (Hour of powerhouse met Gino)
            Wo:   21.00-22.00: Getto Tone (militante dance met DJ Mickey V.)
                  22.00-00.00: GrooveYard (housen met DJ Phanthomas, Eva en

Arnhem:     Club Loony Radio:
            Do:   21.00-01.00: DJ Bart van Liefland en prod. Mark Stolk
                               (DJ Vibe), internationale underground house

Boarnsterstim: Ether 105.6 FM, kabel 96.1 FM
            Vrij: 19.00-20.00: DJ's: Victory, presentatie: Jelmer en Berber
                               Een keer in de maand: hardcore, mellow, trance
                               of een special (iemand uit de housescene be-
                               licht). Verder: houseagenda, interviews en

Capelle     Radio Capelle: kabel 101.6 FM(Capelle), ether 105.3 FM(R'dam)
a/d IJssel: Vrij: 22.00-00.00: Shock Therapy (hardcore, trance, club)
            Zat:  18.00-19.00: Dance Therapy (club) DJ Team Sons of Aliens
                               (Alien & Intruder)

Den Haag:   Radio Stad Den Haag: 99.4 FM
            Zat:  20.00-07.00: In de mix, DJ's: Syndrome, Fuckface, Norman,
                               Charly, Dark Raver, Cris, Splinter, etc.+
                               live opgenomen parties.
            Zon:  20.00-07.00: Charly back to parkzicht
                               Mindscape, Splinter met party info

Delft:      Raveland: 104.0 FM
            Ma t/m
            vrij: 20.00-20.45: "Live" Tape
                  20.45-21.30: DJ Snikkel
                  21.30-22.45: DJ G.H.D.
                  22.45-23.00: DJ Dynamite, only hardcore/gabber

Eindhoven:  Dance Mania: kabel 94.4 FM, ether 106.3 FM
            Ma:   21.00-00.00: Rave en hardcore, DJ's: Tom Aarts, Marc & Oniz
            Te ontvangen in de regio Eindhoven, Nuenen, Geldrop, Mierlo en

Elburg:     Clubwave: kabel 90.9 FM, ether 105,5 FM
            Di:   20.00-21.00: Club tot happy hardcore. Met: locaal jongeren
                               info, Clubwave entertainment news, de Loe FM,
                               Dancewave floorfiller en DJ Jan Prins
                  21.00-22.00: Gabbermix, party info, Clubwave releases info
            Dance NRG:
            Zat:  21.00-23.00: Hiphop, mellow, trance, happy hardcore en
                               DJ Paul Jansen. Met overzicht Dance top 40,
                               nieuwe clubreleases, clubmix

Denekamp:   RDL: kabel 87.5 FM, ether 105.6 FM
            Vrij: 22.00-00.00: Motter met DJ Stevie & Roberto. (jungle,trance,
                               club, hardcore, ambient, techno, rave)

Haarlem:    Radio Haarlem: ether 105.1 FM, kabel 94.0 FM
            Vrij t/m
            zon:  22.00-01.00: Club 105 met vaste DJ's: Godard(Waakzaamh.),
                               Rooi & Derik(De Hoeve), Marnada
            CLUB 87.5: kabel 87.5 FM
            Don:  22.00-01.00: Hardclub/trance
            Vrij: 22.00-01.00: Garage/soul
            Zat:  22.00-01.00: Happy club/uptempo
            DJ's: Paul Holt, Rene Kint, Alex Versteeg en gast DJ's als Godard,
            Roy, Marnada en Joost van Bellen.

Heerenveen: Heerenveense Omroepstichting: kabel 96.1 FM, ether 107.7 FM
            Vrij: 21.00-22.00: Rave FM/mellow
                  22.00-23.00: Rave FM/hardcore
            Zat:  17.00-18.00: Power Hour/dance

Heemskerk:  Radio Heemskerk: kabel 105.8 FM, ether 107.4 FM
            Vrij: 23.00-00.00: Houseline met DJ Edwin Tan en Zamiel (Gabber,
                               breakbeat, trance). Gast DJ's als Weirdo,
                               Jordens, Trime, Lay-on, Requez, Pandora en
                               Lyt-nin. Incl.gabbermix en party info.

Hanzenstad: Stadsradio Hanzenstad-Danceclub 79.2: ether 97.2 FM
            Vrij: 18.00-00.00: DJ's: Richard van de Bos, Wim v/d Horst, gast
                               DJ's mixing.

Hoorn:      Radio Hoorn: ether 105.8 FM
            Zon:  20.00-22.00: Wildgroei met DJ Promo-hardcore, gabber en
                               vele prijzen zoals 12" en kaarten voor parties
                  22.00-00.00: Wildgroei met DJ Danny-trance, ambient, mellow,

Leerdam:    RTOL Radio: Leerdam-ether 107.6 FM, kabel 106.6 FM
                        Zederick-ether 107.2 FM, kabel 106.6 FM
                        Lingewaal-ether 104.9 FM, kabel 107.0 FM
            Wo:   20.00-21.30: RTOL Power Hour met DJ Fred Reijnders en party

Leiden:     Nextgroove Modern Dance Magazine: kabel 88.1 FM, ether 105.7/
            107.7 FM.
            Vrij: 22.00-24.00: Gast DJ's als 100% Isis, Marcello, Ronald
                               Molendijk, interviews.

Muiden,     Radio Space: kabel 103.3 FM, ether 105.8 FM
Muiderberg, Zat:  18.00-20.00: Rave Invaders met DJ Snow & The Whiteraver
Bussum,                        Happycore, mellow, trance, techno, club,
Naarden,                       jungle, updates, dance top 10 en tips.

Kampen:     OmroepStichting IJsselmond: kabel 102.4 FM(IJsselmuiden 101.5 FM),
            ether 106.4 FM
            Wo:   19.00-20.00: Dance Explosion
                  20.00-21.00: House Nation met DJ Doc

Maassluis,  DanceMania: ether 107.8 FM, - Maassluis 89.5 FM, - Vlaardingen
Vlaardingen 96.1 FM, kabel TV kanaal 4
            Vrij: 22.00-00.00: DJ's: Maarten & Dennis. House, trance, techno,
                               gastmixers en thuisprodukties.

Nijmegen:   Radio Rataplan: 102.5 FM
            Zat:  20.00-21.00: Boccacio, serious techno van hardcore tot
                               ambient. Samenwerking met Frankfurt Beat Prod.

Pekela:     Omroep Pekela: ether 107.3 FM, kabel 105.5 FM
            Zat:  17.00-18.00: Klein maar fijn met DJ Pascal Klein

Raamsdonkveer: Rave FM: ether 105.1 FM, kabel 94.1 FM
            Don:  19.00-20.00: Bonanza met DJ MVT & Wizzard-trance, techno,
                               hardcore, hardtrance, info over parties,
                               special, recensies, energy drinks en gossip.

Rotterdam:  StadsRadio Rotterdam: 94.6 FM
            Vrij: 21.00-00.00: Planet E met Erik Kross en Michel de Heij.
                               Laatste uur gast-DJ.
                  00.00-02.00: Midtown Top 50, happy hardcore met Erwin v/d
                  02.00-06.00: The Afterparty, non-stop mix van gast-DJ's
                               (geen hardcore)
            Dance FM: 93.9 FM
            Ma t/m
            vrij: 16.00-21.00: Dance FM
            Zat:  16.00-20.00: Dance FM
            Rave FM
            Zat:  20.00-24.00: Rave FM
            Studio West IJsselmonde: 107.1 FM
            Zat:  19.00-21.30: Hitland met DJ Peter Gelderblom (mellow)
                  21.30-00.00: Pompei hardcore party met DJ Panic

Waddinxveen: RTW Radio: ether 105.8 FM, kabel 87.9 FM
            Zat:  19.00-22.00: Hitfront danceable, club
                  20.00-21.00: Hitfront danceable, gabber
                  21.00-22.00: Hitfront danceable, dance

West-Friesland: WestFriesland Radio: ether 103.9 FM, kabel 89.0 FM
            Te ontvangen van Den Helder tot Zaandam
            Zat:  21.00-23.00: Low Frequency Radio, de beste hardcore

Zoetermeer: Club Underground: 92.9 FM
            Vrij: 21.00-22.00: Post-Neo Disco Extravaganza (geen gabber),
                               DJ's Yosh en Olaf.
            Radio Loco: ether 107.8 FM, kabel 104.6 FM
            Zat:  19.30-20.30: Locomotion
                  20.30-21.00: Locomotion-Dance, mellow tot hardcore

Westland:   W.O.S. Radio: kabel 93.1 FM, ether 107.4 FM
            Don:  19.00-20.00: Mellow/club met DJ Ronald en Alex
                  20.00-22.00: Hardcore/gabber met DJ Ronald en Alex
            L.T.V. Radio: ether 107.9 FM, kabel 88.0 FM
            Vrij: 22.00-24.00: Trance, techno, club met DJ's Bert de Rooy,
                               Matthew van der Steen, gast-DJ's en live optre-

Zandvoort:  ZFM 107: ether 106.9 FM, kabel 105.0 FM
            Vrij: 20.00-00.00: Bass Power Music met party info, nieuws over de
                               scene en DJ Ski
                               Tussen 22.00-23.00 mixen met gast-DJ's

Radio 538:  Zat:  19:00-22:00: Van Diepen's NowDanceDepartment
            Zon:  18.00-21.00: Dance Top 40 met Niels Hoogland

Radio 3:    Zon:  00.00-06.00: Chemistry on 3-live mellow
            Zon:  22.00-00.00: Dance Tracks met Hanno Dik

New Dance Radio: bel voor kabelfrequenties 06-300585
Dance/mellow/hardcore 24 hours a day

Zo dit waren alle bekende house programma's op locale radiozenders.
Als ik wat vergeten ben geef het dan please even door....

 * The -Menace-/Desire -review! *

In issue 2 of Hokus Pokus I started to
review  older Dutch products which top
this     chart.      I    called    it
"over-reviewing" them.  The reason for
doing  that  was  to  tell you all out
there   how   the   productions   were
actually  like  and  giving  some nice
information  about  them.  I wanted to
to  do  that  because  I  thought, and
still think, that a lot of people have
forgotten  how  the  productions  were
exactly  like  and  some  of you might
have    even    never    seen    these
productions.   In  issue  2 I reviewed
"Can't  be" of Vision and in issue 3 I
did   "Unknown   Territory"  by  Axis.
Because   I  like  traditions  I  will
review  another  piece  of  art of the
Dutch  history  again  in  this issue,
number  4!   Menace by Desire will the
subject  of  this issues review!  This
great production was on the number two
spot  in  all the previous issues (1,2
and  3)  !!   A  good reason to review
this cool demo, I think!

It  was  1992 and not announced Desire
brought their coolest production ever!
Some  people  may say that "Evolution"
of   Desire   is  a  better  demo  but
"Menace" certainly was the coolest and
most  enjoyable  piece  of  the group!
Desire  claims  "Menace"  was an intro
and they announce the production as an
intro  in  the  ascii-text!  This is a
very  clever  move!  People will think
more highly of your production when it
is  a huge intro as when it is a small
demo!   Above  all  "Menace" could get
into  the  intro-entries of the charts
of   that  time!   Anyway,  what  ever
Desire may say; "Menace" is a one-file
demo  and no one will disagree with me
...    ..   

A   lot  of  people  were
surprised  by the release of "Menace".
Guy  Frost, the coder of "Menace", was
inactive in 1992 and nobody expected a
demo from him.  Also Desire as a whole
spend  more  time  on packs and little
intro's  as  on  cool one-file demo's.
But  suddenly  "Menace"  was there and
the  Dutch  scene witnessed one of the
few  highlights of it's history (Can't
be,   Unkown  Territory,  Menace,  Our
Nation, Big Time, Evolution).  In 1992
the house scene was peaking and almost
everybody  liked  the still cool house
musics,  therefore  it was no surprise
that "Menace" was a house-style demo!

After  you  load the one-file-demo the
first  thing  you  hear  is one of the
best  songs  made by a Dutch musician.
Fabian/Desire   made  the  cool  house
tune.   We  hear  the  cut  version in
"Menace"  but after being cut it still
is a great song to listen to.

The  demo  starts  off  with  a  white
bright   screen.    Then  a  fantastic
Desire  logo  appears  on  the screen.
Bip,  the  Belgian  artist,  made this
logo.   Guy frost coded a cool routine
to  show the gfx.  The same routine is
used  for  the credits.  He uses lines
which  flow  over  your  screen,  when
those   lines  reach  their  place  it
becomes   a  square  and  the  gfx  or
credits  appear  in  that  square.  It
isn't  hard to code this effect but it
sure looks pretty!  You have to see it
yourself  when you want to know how it
really  looks like, it is difficult to
tell.   Next  is a Menace logo created
by  Zorlac,  the brother of the famous
Desire-pack  maker Daze.  This logo is
also  very  neath.   Desire used their
three   best   artists  (Fabian,  Bip,
Zorlac)  on  Menace,  that's for sure!

Then  we  get some nice plasma-effects
which  appear  on  the  rhytm  of  the
music.   You  see  some  sinelines and
then another sort of plasma.  It's all
very  colourfull.   The screen flashes
from  white to black and from black to
white all the time.  Some vectors come
and move on the sound of little beeps.
It  goes  all  very  fast  and  it  is
difficult   to  tell  you  everything.
Things  appear and disappear again and
come back on the screen after a while.
For  example  vecorflags  of  all  the
country-divisions :  Holland, Belgium,
Germany  and  Norway.  More vecors are
on  the  screen  and  then  a serie of
pattern-pictures   are   shown.    The
pictures move on the rhytm of the tune
and  when  the music stops the pattern
picture  of  a feet against a basedrum
stops  too!   very cool.  More pattern
pictures  of  dancing  people come and
go.   Guy Frost shows variation and he
shows a lot.  You don't have to look a
long  time  at  the  same  effect  and
that's what makes it a cool demo.  The
effects are not new but they look cool
especially  because  of  the variation
and the rhytm.  Of course the Mail and
Modem  adresses  are  shown too!  When
the  musics stops for a second you see
the  word  "Stop"  on the screen, then
the demo continues again.

The  best  part,  in my opinion starts
when   the  music  becomes  absolutely
superb!    You   hear  a  great  house
piano-tune  while  the basedrumm keeps
beating!    It  really  sounds  great.
When  the  piano  is being played, you
see  the  piano-keys  displayed on the
screen.   You  see  the  key  which is
touched (as in the tune).  The colours
of  the  keys  vary  from red to blue.
During   this  effect  the  keys  turn
upside down and at a certain time they
even start to flow on the rhytm of the
music.  Very cool!  This really is the
best part.

The pattern pics of the dancing people
appear  again.   Now the are flashing.
Also   the  vectors  come  back.   The
second part looks like a re-run of the
part  before the piano appeared.  This
is  a  pitty.   Maybe  Guy Frost could
have  coded some more (other) vectors.
Anyway the demo is still nice to watch
to.   The  music  becomes  slower  and
slower  and  you  see  "Oh  No" on the
screen  and  then "It's The" ....  You
hear  a  sound  each time a word comes
up.  Finally the sentence is completed
with a gfx saying "the End".

A whole new music starts to play, this
music  is  very  slow  compared to the
first   one   but   also   very,  very
enjoyable.    Fabian  also  made  this
second  music,  so  no  wonder it is a
cool   tune!    On  the  screen  is  a
down-up-scroller    showing   us   the
credits.  We already knew them but now
we  also  know  who  made  the  second
music,  as  said  before  :  "Fabian".
The  credits also tell us that "Betasp
and Killraven" designed the demo.  (?)
Aragorn is credited because he did one
routine.   Then some rather dull texts
from  Bip roll over your monitor.  Bip
is better in French as in English, but
who  cares?  He is a great gfx-artist,
and   in his  words : "Graffiti  style

All  in  all, Desire made a great demo
and  "Menace" is one of the highlights
of  the  Dutch  scene.  People seem to
remember it because "Menace" is highly
recomended  in the Hokus Pokus charts.
I can only end this review by thanking
Desire  for their great effort to make
the  scene  more enjoyable, especially
with  "Menace"!   Desire  :   Rest  in


  The LaSt TeAR ...

The last tear has been cried, the last
drop of sweat has been sweat, the last
word  has been said, the last line has
been  written,  the  koEk  is  Op'; in
short:  This CoRnEr is finished!
Most  people  try  hard, some even try
HarDer  ....   and I ....  I don't try
at  all.  I don't want to try, I don't
have  to  try.   Because  everything I
want  is  to enjoy MySelve.  And to do
that  ...  I don't have to try, 'cause
I   am  easily  enjoyed.   When  other
sceners  share  some of that joy, I am
just  glad,  it's  not  the basis ....
and it shouldn't be.  When you succeed
in  trying  hard ...  that's where you
fail.  Some sceners see things as they
are and ask 'Why?' ...  I dream things
as they never were and say 'Why not?'.

I really hope to enjoy a lot of people
but  it's  enough  to enjoy only a few
...   it's  enough  to  enjoy only one
....   and it's enough to merely enjoy
Myselve.    Fun   is   the   basis  of
everything,  friendship his best mate,
success  only  a  silent  partner  and
arrogancy his worst enemy.

Before  we  get into the deep pools of
poetry,  into the whirlpools of words,
into ....  I want to say that the goal
of  -SanE- (-YouR CoMpUtEr fRieND-) is
just   bringing  some  fun  into  this
chaotic  scene!   Of course my goal is
to  reach  as many sceners as possible
...   but  if  not ...  then it's just
too  bad.   I  just didn't try enough.
And that's how it should be.

Because this article is getting rather
poetic  anyway  and  because I like to
make        clear       that       the
'Nature-related-Articles'  I write are
very important for me (-sAnE-), I will
exit  this  article  by writing down a
poem  which  I  wrote  in  1993  as  a
dedication to NatuRe ....

     -Dedication to Nature-

You give me so much love, but also 
Because what you give is what I gain.
I can breathe because you provide me 
with air.

I can live because you care.

You do so much for me and I make a 
What I give in return is a lot less.

I destroy what you've created in 
billions of years.

I destroy and you cry bitter tears.

Ozonelayer, greenhouse effect and 
acid rain,
your last effort to restore the world
is in vain.

It seems like we just don't care,
people who do are very rare.

It's because we're humans, the facts 
are sad:
We think we're o so smart, 
but in reality

     -WE'RE BRAINDEAD!-             

 -= Sane =-


     -The UltImaTe SceNe QuIz!-

God  knows  I  (sAnE) like traditionS.
And  I  would  also  like  to  make  a
tradition of my ScEnE-QuiZ.  Therefore
I  am  back  again  with another quiZ.
This  one  is  slightly different from
the  tWo I did before.  (I made a quiz
for  Houkus Pokus/Mellow issue 3 and I
made  one  for  Trinity,  the  article
release  2/MonK.)  This QuiZ is namely
not  an  Old  Dutch scene quiz, but an
old WorlD scene-quiz!!

It's all very simple.  You just answer
my  multiple  choice questions as best
as   you  can.   Then  you  check  the
answers and count your score.  Finaly,
you  read the results which match your
score.  Your result can be from totall
loser to absolute topper.  Have fun!

        -The questionS- 

1-Which  group  made  one  of the best
demo's ever called 'Mental Hangover'?

A Razor 1911
B Scoopex
C Red Sector inc.
D Phenomena

(Easy.    But   important   to   know,
therefore 6 points.)

2-Who   did   the   code  for  'Mental

A Slayer
B The Spy
C Azatoth
D Dan

(Nasty, therefore 7 points!)

3-Who   made   the   gfx  for  'Mental

A Uncle Tom
B Danny
D Reward

(7 points, but easy!)

4-Last    question    about    'Mental
Hangover'!  Who did the music for this
great peace of History?

A Reward
C Uncle Tom
D Tip + Mantronix

(5 points.)

5-'Enigma',  a  great trackloader, but
which group produced this one?

A Phenomena
B Kefrens
C Razor 1911
D Anarchy

(A real 'Giveaway' so only 2 points!)

6-Who made the music for 'Enigma'?

A Firefox + Tip
B Mantronix + Tip
C Tip
D Firefox + Mantronix

(Difficult! 5 points.)

7-A  graphician  who was not a member
of  the group which produced 'Enigma',
did   the  gfx  for  this  trackloader
anyway.   Who  was he and what was HIS

A Uno/Phenomena
B Uno/Scoopex
C Peachy/TRSI

(Hmmmm .... 4 points!)

8-In which year was 'Enigma' made?

A 1992
B 1989
C 1991
D 1990

(Years  are  always  difficult.   So 6

9-Analog  made  a nice megademo called
'Analogia' with a nice intro about the
third  World War.  When you reset that
megademo  something  strange  happens,

A Nothing
B Music starts to play
C A picture appears
D A  fractal  appears and music starts
  to play

(What an easy one but still 3 points!) 

10-The  Old  Kefrens  made a nice demo
called  'Powermunker, The Thunderchild
part  II'.   Which 3 members made this
glorious demo?

A SLL, RWO, Laxity
B Icronite, Milshake, Nightlite
C SLL, RWO, The Merge
D Icronite, RWO, Zeus

(3 points.)

11-In  which  year  was  'Powermunker'
(see 10) produced by Kefrens?

A 1990
B 1991
C 1989
D 1990/1991

(As  said  before:   years  are always
difficult!  4 points!)

12-'Hardwired'  is the glorious result
of  the  coop of Silents and Crionics.
Who were the coders?

A The Spy and Deftronic
B Murphy and Saxs
C Guzzler and Deftronic
D All the above coders

(Yep! Quite hard. 5 points!)

13-Desire made the
   'Anti-Junkfoof-demo', why?

A Because the didn't like fried food.
B Because  Junkfood/RAF  called  them
  lamers in 'ICE'.
C They had no reason.
D Because Junkfood/Axis called them 
  lamers in 'ICE'.

(For  Dutch people easy to answer, for
foreigners  quite  hard,  therefore  8

14-Who  coded  the 'Total Destruction'
demo of Crionics in 1990?

A Deftronic + The Spy
B The Spy
C Deftronic
D Slayer

(Easy,   peacie   lemon   squeezy!   4

15-Who  made the gfx for the slideshow
of Mirage called 'Forgotten'?

A Facet
B Blo
C Danny
D Hein

(3 points.)

16-'DOS'     and     'Mindriot'    are
productions of .....

A Axis
B Andromeda
C Anarchy
D Alcatraz

(Not hard at all so .. 2 points.)

17-'Mirror' was produced by Andromeda,
what was it?

A Demo
B Trackdemo
C Intro
D Musicdisk

(4 points.)

18-Of  course  you  remember the great
prods  of  Spaceballs,  'State  of the
Art'  and '9 fingers'.  But Spaceballs
got   their   fame   with   a   sooner
production.  What was the name of that

A Dayfarer
B Wayfarer
C Waybringer
D State of XTC

(6   points   because  it  is  a  hard

19-Anarchy    released    a   glorious
musicdisk  called  'Legalise  it'  and
later  the sequal of it.  Who were the
men behind this project?

A Dan, Nuke and Seen
B Dan, Heatbeat, Nuke
C Facet and Dan
D Facet, Dan, Nuke

(1 point for this 'give away'!)

20-Cougar   +   Havok   (gfx),  Jester
(music)  and  Chaos  (code)  of Sanity
made  the  musicdisk  (with  a  superb
introduction!!) 'Jesterday'.  When was
it released?

A Easter 1992
B The Party 1993
C X-mas 1993
D X-mas 1992

(Ooooohah,    very    difficult!    10

21-Who  made  the gfx for 'Ray of Hope
2' by Majic 12?

A Havok/Sanity
B Facet/Anarchy
C Rack/Majic 12
D Peachy/TRSI

(Hmmm...   what  to think of this one?
5 points.)

22-What  made  Brainstorm's  musicdisk
'Musicland' unusual?

A Rob Rose did the code
B Axel did the music
C It had a message in it as a reaction
on RAW issue 4.
D It had a message in it as a reaction
on RAW issue 3.

(3 points)

23-Who made the gfx for 'Musicland' of

A only ripped gfx featured this one.
B Oli
C Tin
D Oli + Tin

(okay, okay 7 points.)

24-Who did the code for 'We Shave Ass'
of Razor 1911.

A Colorbird
B Hammer
C Odeon
D all of the above coders

(3 points)

25-Performer, Walt and Static made the
Melon   Design   demo   called  'Human
Target'    and    introduced   a   new
innovative   style  which  was  highly
appreaciated  by the sceners!  In what
year did they do that?

A 1992
B 1991
C 1990
D 1993

(Only 2 points!)

26-Who  made the titlepicture for 'How
to skin a cat' by Melon Design?

A Solnova
B Seen
C Paleface
D Walt

(4 points)

27-'Gastric      Ulcer'      is      a
house-musicdisk made by who?

A Sonic
B Anarchy
C The Special Brothers
D Axis

(oops! 6 points!)

28  This  last  question is especially
for the vicious Swedish Viking Pontus!
Which    group    produced    'Optical

A Septic
B Sceptic
C Septik
D Skeptic

(Because  this  last question was just
made  for  fun,  you  can  only earn 1


    -ThE AnSweRS AnD PoiNtS-

1 B   6p
2 A   7p
3 D   7p
4 C   5p
5 A   2p
6 A   5p
7 B   4p
8 C   6p
9 D   3p
10 B  3p
11 D  4p
12 D  5p
13 B  8p
14 A  4p
15 C  3p
16 B  2p
17 D  4p
18 B  6p
19 D  1p
20 A 10p
21 C  5p
22 C  3p
23 D  7p
24 D  3p
25 A  2p
26 A  4p
27 A  6p
28 A  1p

          -ThE ReSuLtS!!-

0-42 points!

Haha!       A     scener?      You?!!!
Hahahahahahaha!!    You   are  a  poor
excuse  of a scener.  You know next to
nothing  about  the  scene, especially
the  old-scene.   When you claim to be
in  the  scene, you are a just a liar.
My  girlfriend,  who  saw less than 10
prods  can  get a higher score as you.
Try  to  remember  the answers by hart
and  answer the questions again, maybe
you  can  get a higher score this way.
Well,  without kidding.  Your score is
really poor and that's a fact.  That's
a sad fact because also the History of
the  scene is very important.  History
is  the  basis  of  a good scene.  You
should  really have some more interest
in your hobby ...............

43-84 points!

Hmmm....  quite a good score actually.
I  guess you  are  in  the scene for a
while but not too long. You still know
some facts about the old ECS-scene and
that  is good because after all it was
the  foundation of the AGA-scene!  Try
to  watch some older productions again
and  you  will  notice that your score
will  increase.   Try and do your best
at   another  quiz of Sane/Monk in the
near future! Good luck!

85-126 points!

Wow!!  You are a real scener!  You are
the  ones  we do it for.  You remember
the  old  hero's  and  legends  of the
past.   Scoopex,  Anarchy and Kefrens.
You  know  them all and you love them!
You  are in the scene for at least 3 a
4  years or you learned the facts from
friends  or from diskmags.  It doesn't
matter  because  you  just  know a lot
about  the scene and especially th old
ECS-scene.    Great!   Well  done  and
watch  out  for another quiz!  You are
the true ultimate scener!!

127 and up points!

Cheater!!    You  can  only  earn  126
points  maximum!  You are a cheater or
your just bad with numbers!!!  I dunno
what's   worse   ..........   ........

Saney of Monkey was your hostey!!
Oops A, B, C, D
Sane of Monk was the one and did it 
for free!
(and that makes a rhyme!!)


Make an appointment with Death!

This  article  gives you a few ways to
make  an end to your miserable life on
the  planet  Earth  which  is bound to
die...    Luxory-diseases   as   AIDS,
Cancer   and   Heart-diseases   strike
around  you everyday.  The ozone-layer
is   getting   thinner  every  minute,
killing-Ultra violet light is spoiling
your  brains,  radio  active energy is
causing  cancer, your weekly amount of
beer,   vodka,  Martini  and  Smirnoff
makes   your  liver  swell  untill  it
finaly  bursts  and  your  daily joint
causes lung-cancer....  Why should you
wait  untill Death has time for you to
come  and  get  you,  to free you from
your chains called :  'Life on Earth'.
Why  should  you  wait till Death will
fetch  you  ....   Make an appointment
with him now!!  Follow my advice!

1.Join  the Servian army and tell them
you come from Kroatia. 

2.Stand  on  the Free-way with a plate
around your neck wich says:
  'Hit me!!'

3.Go  to  Loch Ness, shout the monster
does  not  excist,  hope  it  does and
bites your head of.

4.Put  your  mouth on the exhaust pipe
of a truck and tell the
  driver to give gass!

5.Cut  your  wrists, hope you die.  If
not,  hope you get a blood transfusion
which contains the HIV-virus.

6.Sell  your  soul  to  Satan, hope he
comes to get you.

7.Go  to your kitchen, hope there is a
big gass-leak, lit a match.

8.Sit  in  bath  with  your  hairdryer
still in the powersocket, drop
the hairdryer.

9.Go  to  a serial-killer, tell him he
is Sane.  (Sane?!  I am Not!  a serial
killr! Or am I?)

10.Clip  your suspenders/braces on the
back  of  a  train  and  wait  till it
starts  to  ride.   The  front  of the
train  is  also  possible, you do need
braces   then.    (try  a  Tres  Grand
Vitesse for eccellent result!)

Again  10  ways  to make end your life
(check  out  magbox  3  for  ten other
ways!  A loooooong time ago!) There is
no  need  to  thank me, I tried all 10
ways but I failed ...  I am immortal!!


Ps:   Some of you may wonder, why this
article  is  in  the  CornEr 'CritiCal
towards  AlL'.  Well ...  I wrote this
article  after  seeing  a 2 and a half
hour   lasting   TV-program   on   the
'Discovery-channel'  about our nature,
what  is  left of it and what we do to
restore it.  I became so desperate and
depressive   that   I  wanted  to  die
..................    And   that  just
because   a  lot  of  my  fellow-human
beings  are  doing idiotic things!  By
writing  this  article  I wanted to be
crIticAl towards them!


Some  time  ago  the so-called leading
diskmags  RAW  and ROM started to tell
us,  smart sceners, what their letters
RAW  and  ROM  stand for.  RAW started
this  madness  and  gave us some really
nice answers.  RAW for example claimed
that RAW meant :
        -Read And Write
        -Random Article Writer

Then in the second issue of their mag,
ROM  expanded  the madness and gave us
some   explicit   dull   and  childish
examples, such as
        -Read Oral Magazines
        -Respect Of Memory
        -Really Ordinary Motherfuckers
        -Rewarding Ortographical 

And the list went on and on and on ...

Because  I  *SanE*  am always happy to
cheer  along with the crowd and always
walk only two steps behind the rest, I
could  not  let this madness pass just
like that.  Of course I wanted to take
part  and show you how -oRgInAl- I can
be (NoT!).

To start off with MONK, Of course this
name has nothing to do with a religion
whatso  ever  and -there is no need to
be religious!-.  This name just means:
      -Mysterious Orthodox Neo Kaos

And  the  name  of  MonK's graphician,
CHIRON means:
      -Colourmaster He (is) Innovative
        (a) Relief (for) Our Nation

As  you probably already knew SNAPCAP,
the   name  of  the  great  Monk-coder
stands for:

    -Super  Neat  And  Praised, Cool 
     Amiga  Prophet

REACT,  the  swapper and Ascii-artist,
means of course:

    -Rules Every Ascii-artist Creates

And   VICIOUS,  the  Swedish  musician
annex coder and great friend of mine:

    -Viking Inspired (by the) Cold
     Intrigueing, Original, Unusual

Last  but  certainly  not  least SANE,
your CoMpUtEr-FrIeNd, means:

    -Superb And Neat Editor

So, that was all!  I am extremely glad
that  I also ran with the other clans.
I  know  now  that  I  belong  to  the
leading   persons   who   begin   this
madnesses  all  the  time!   And  I am
soooooooooooo   glad  about  that!   I
really hope I will stop being original
from  now  on  because  when  you stop
thinking  about  cool  and  innovative
things ....  that's the point were you
are  taken  in  by  the Elite Sceners!
WOW!   How  great!  Well, what else is
there  to  be  done  than exiting this
article in a unoriginal way?

A  big  wet  kiss from your Superb And
Neat Editor (a bit too original maybe?
Well I'll keep practising!)

Doewie ....
Keep in mind :'Fun rules the Scene!'


     -ThE FaKe of ThE YeaR 1995- 

Half  a  year  ago  -back in 1995- the
scene  was  enlightened,  or  should I
write  -InFeCtEd-,  with  a  new group
called  'Divas'.   As the name already
reveals   this   group  has  only  got
female-members.   This  is ' ....  the
only all-girl group in the Amiga scene
...'  as  the  maker(s) claim.  Great,
you may think.

But  ....  not for real.  What are the
-SaD-  facts  behind  this group?  For
starters  the  group  is  possibly not
all-girl  and  most likely consists of
one  (or  two)  GuY(s) only!  But lets
not  get  ahead  of  the  facts.  What
happened?   First  of  all  the  group
'Divas'  released  an  intro, a fairly
short   one,   it  was  simply  called
'Divas'  just  like  the  name  of the
supposedly   all-girl   groups   name.
Esther  was  responsible for the code,
Tanja   did  the  gfx  and  Cindy  was
responsible  for  the music, on top of
that Cindy also did some swapping.

....   At  least  ...  that's what the
intro  said!   Because  what  was  the
first  thing  React  of -MonK- noticed
when  he  saw  this  intro?  He saw an
address  which  was supposedly Cindy's
addy but what was the -new- address of
*Infant*   of  ex-Desire/ex-Essence  .
Infant  (his  real  name  is Rene) had
moved  from  Huizen  to Almere and his
new  addy in Almere was the exact same
address as the one of Cindy of Divas!!
A  coincendence  or what!?  When React
told me what he had discovered he also
sent  me the intro of divas and on top
of  that  the  second  intro  of divas
called 'Divas2'!!!!  This intro was as
short  as the first one but was made a
few  weeks  after  the  first  one was
That  intro  claimed that 'Handles are
for  little  boys!', at least that was
what  a  a  text-effect  in  the intro
said.   The  scrolltext  in this intro
said  that  Divas  had  gained  a  new
female member called Cathy and she had
done  the  gfx  for  this one together
with  the already familiar Tanja.  The
scroller  also  let  us  know that the
response  on  the  call  of  Cindy for
contacts  was -HuGe-.  No less than 48
packages  had  reached  Cindy  in less
than a few weeks.  If that is true (at
least one thing is true then!!) then a
lot  of  sceners seem to buy this crap
of  an  all-girl  group.  And that's a
shame because in my opinion 'Divas' is
just  a  bunch of bullshit and as real
as the first soap-opera on your telly!

Some  months after the second release,
Diva's  brought  a  third intro to the
scene.  This intro was AGA-only(!) and
was  coded  by  Celtic (Niels) of Axis
(according  to  insiders).  This intro
was made by Diva's because they wanted
to introduce a new member again.  This
member  was called 'Mopette', and they
showed    a    photo   of   this   new
girl-member.  The viewer saw a fat and
ugly  bald  woman  called  'Sugar  Lee
Hooper'.    The   woman  is  known  in
Holland   because   she  sings  rather
stupid   songs.    Anyway,  of  course
'Mopette'  refers  to  the  well-known
editor  'Mop'.   He  made the fault of
claiming  to  be  swapping with Cindy,
and  even  wanting  to  be a member of
Diva's.   The   people  behind  Diva's
taught him a lesson!
There  are  only  2 explanations Cindy
can  have  for having the same addy as
Infants new address.  1-She is Infants
sister  2-  Infant = Cindy (and Ester,
Cathy  and  Tanja!)  I  know  that the
second  explanation  is  the right one
and  I  don't  like it a bit.  You may
say  that  is  childish  of me because
Divas  is not hurting anybody by doing
this   but   I   think  they  do  hurt
scene-life.   First of all some people
will  write  to  Infant believing they
contact  a  girl, this is not good for
the  scene's  attitude.   Practises as
this make the scene hostile.  Secondly
people  will  start  voting  for divas
just  because it is an all-girl group.
The  fact that divas produces crap and
aren't   female  in  the  first  place
doesn't matter for most voters.  Other
hard  working groups suffer because of
this.   I just hope people will forget
divas  and  I wanna say to Infant:  'I
haven't  written down your address and
your  last name.  Please quit with the
bullshit  (I  know you make other fake
productions aswell.) Because of people
like  you  the scene gets more hostile
and   eventually   becomes   too  less
enjoyable to participate!  Thanks!'

The  third  intro  (the Mopette intro)
was  rather funny and pretty cool, but
anyway the basis of the Diva's-project
is  not  good  because  of  the  above
reasons.   I  really think they should
stop or tell the truth.  Maybe you out
there  say  I  am  a bore but I really
think  I  did  good  to  dedicate some
words to the matter.  I also hope this
affair  will  belong  to  the world of
dreams  and  past-present  by the time
you read this.


(Do not Behave like a snakE and FakE!,
 BUt  Behave  like a MaN and belong to
 the SceNe ClaN!)


MonK - BraggerS ?!

Monk.   What has to be said?  We (Me!)
bragged   a   lot.   Especially  about
TrinIty,  our  diskmag.   And the only
excuse  I  can  give  you  is  that we
really  wanted  to bring a lot of good
stuff.   We were really busy with cool
productions and the ideas were there.

Of  course  there  is  no good excuse.
You   should   not   brag  before  you
actually  do  something and we in Monk
(especially  me)  bragged a lot before
we  did  a  single  thing!   The  only
reason  for  that is that the idea for
f.e.    'Trinity'  (our  diskmag)  was
created  back in 1994 and was improved
throughout 1995.  We were busy with it
for  a  long  time already and keeping
your mouth shut for 2 years is though!
When,  I  repeat  when,  Trinity would
have got a first real issue, the scene
would  surely have been surprised.  We
could have become big.  But, here I go
again, we should not have spoken about
it  because  it could go wrong, and it

We  in  Monk  got  older  and  had new
things  to do.  Jay One (Chiron) got a
job and worked hard, Snapcap got a job
in  the  UK  and  moved  from Holland.
Vicious  also  got  a job and lost his
code-inspiration   (after  6  years!).
Later  on Jay One (Chiron) also bought
a  PC  and spend more and more time on
that   computer.    Besides   that  my
girlfriend  and  Jay  One's girl got a
lot  of  our valuable time (because we
wanted  to give that time, NOT because
they demanded it! (Hi draatje)). 

It just didn't work anymore.  When one
person had time to spend on the Scene,
others had no time.  We said, time and
time  again, to eachother and to other
sceners,  'Yes!  We will bring Trinity
eventually.   And  a lot of other good
prods  too,  of  course!!', but in the
back of our heads we all knew it would
not  come  to an end.  Our prods would
not  be  created.  We just didn't have
the  guts  to speak out loud.  And the
bragging went on ....

Al  right,  what I want to say is that
it  was  not  bad to be in Monk and it
was no disapointment for us because we
all  knew what was going to happen but
....   We  never  should  have bragged
about  something.  That's the fault we
made and there is no excuse for it.

We   even   released   an   'intro  to
Trinity',  which was good but a stupid
move to do.  With that intro we raised
the   expectations   of   Trinity  and
already  then  we  knew  Trinity would
possible die before a first real issue
was  brought  to  you!  Hmmmm ..  ....
Trinity   will   most  likely  not  be
released and Monk will most likely die
before the end of the  year.  How sad.
I  always said 'Monk' would be my last
scene-adventure  but  after I realised
how  much  fun  I got from the scene I
thought  about how sad  it is that the
scene is getting sicker and sicker.  I
wanted to do something and therefore I
created this CorNeR.  This CorNeR will
really  be  my  last  adventure.  When
this  idea dies like all the others it
will  be the end.  (Maybe you will not
even  read  this, just like the aprox.
50  articles I wrote for Trinity issue

Anyway,    Monk    has   been   judged
critically    too   because   we   did
something  which  disabled the scene a
litle  bit too.  And that's a bad move
and we are sorry for that!



 The Great Zine poll!

Because   Chester   and   Orlando   of
Brainstorm acted so ultimately lame in
RAW issue 4 (see the interview), we of
SRC (Sane's Research Center) wanted to
know  what  you  really  thought about
Zine  and  it's  editors!  Sorry about
the  delay, (we spend almost 3 and 1/2
year on this research!!) but the Great
Zine  poll  was  the biggest poll ever
held!   Over 5000 (!) people answerred
the  questions  SRC asked and this are
the    final    results:    (p   means

1 - Do you know where Zine stands for?

  A. Zymotic infected nazi elfs  -90 p
  B. don't know                  -09 p
  C. a great diskmag             -01 p

Comments  :   90 percent of the people
thought  Zine  was  an  abreviation of
Zymotic infected nazi elfs.  We of SRC
think  those  people  are  right.   09
percent  didn't  know  what  Zine was,
'Never  heard  the word before..' most
of  them  said.  01 percent thought it
was  a great mag, they must have a bad
sense of humor or they are braindead.

2 - Do you know who are the editors of

  A. Hitler and Stalin           -11 p
  B. Chesty and Borelando        -80 p
  C. Zine? What is Zine?         -09 p

Comments  :  11 percent thought Hitler
and  Stalin  were  the  editors, those
peole  are  2 generations behind!  The
good  answer  was namely B, Chesty and
Borelando,   the  grand-  children  of
Hitler and Stalin.

3 - Which group produced Zine?

  A. Braindead                   -50 p
  B. Brainstorm                  -00 p
  C. Brainhurricane              -50 p
Comments  :   We do not know the right
answer!   After we spread the poll, we
rethought  about  it  and came up with

4  - Would you like to give Chesty and
Borelando a ...?

  A. Pullitzer price             -01 p
  B. A smack in the face         -97 p
  C. Chesty?! Borelando?! Is Borelando
     a city in Florida?!         -02 p

Comments :  97 percent was right.  The
01  percent must be braindead or a big
fan   of   those   guys...   (Is  that
possible?!?!)  No  comment  on  the 02

5  - Which is the best intro ever made
on Amiga?

  A. Zine                        -99 p
  B. Substance                   -01 p
  C. intro?!                     -00 p

Comments  :   We do not understand the
99 percent, we always thought Zine was
a  demo  with  a  big  scrolltext ....
Well  it  is obvious SRC gave them too
much  credit!!   Only 01 percent chose
Substance!   Zine  is one of the first
intro's  which  has  beaten Substance!
Congrats Chesty and Borelando!

Last   words  -  We  tried  to  be  as
objective  as  possible.   We  want to
thank     the    5001    people    who
participated,  we will print the names
in  the  next  edition  of this corner
called    'Critical    towards   all'.
(?!?!?!  N.O.T!) Message to Chesty and
Borelando:   You  are the most popular
intro-makers!!!  Aren't you glad, now!
You owe the credit, you made the scene
as    friendly    as    it   is   now!




 Charts, a must!

A  long time ago Crusaders provided us
with  a  unique thing called "Charts".
Of  course  taken  from  real life and
converted   to   our  miniature  world
called  scene,  yet  one  of  the best
ideas  ever.   All  sceners  liked  it
immidiately   and   started  to  vote.
Charts  became  one of the foundations
of the scene.  And we have to face the
facts   :   The  scene  can  not  live
without  charts.   Just like diskmags,
Charts  have  proven  to  be  just  as
needfull  for the scene as for example
trackdemo's.   Charts are one of three
pillars   of  the  scene.   The  scene
consists   of  three  pillars,  namely
1.Demonstrations    (e.g    Trackmo's,
Slideshows,                musicdisks)
When you take away the Charts you will
disable   the   scene-foundation   and
everything will colapse.  Charts are a

With  the  delay  of the most official
chart,  "The  Eurochart" brought to us
by   Static  Bytes,  people  begin  to
panic.   And  because  the second best
chart  "The  charts" by RamJam is also
dead  chaos  is  all  around  ...  The
scene  really  needs  a  new  official
chart  which will gain all respect and
confidence  of  the  sceners.   (In my
opinion   "ShowTime"   could  be  that
chart!)  I  talked  with  some  people
about charts and not one single person
said   they  didn't  care  and  didn't
really  need  a  chart.  The fact that
several  people  are  writing articles
about  the  matter  and  are virtually
louding  the  alarmbell,  says enough.

Something  has  to be done.  Even when
Static  Bytes  bring  us  issue  28 of
their   well-respected   and   beloved
chart,  which  I seriously doubt.  And
even  when they continue their list of
charts,   which   I  doubt  even  more
seriously!,  confidence  will  be down
the drain.  "The cookies are eaten" as
we  say  here  in  Holland (de koek is
op!),  a  new chart has to be born and
another  (new)  group  has to conceive
it!  Who will be the father?  Who will
be  the mother?  Does somebody dare to
stand  tall?   Most  likely some other
group with a HUGE reputation will grab
the   rudder   and   provide   another
Official   Eurochart   to   gain   the
Crusaders-fame.    After  some  issues
they  get tired and the same shit will
happen  again.   Over  and over again.
Or  even  more  likely; one of the big
mags    (RAW&ROM)   will   include   a
chartpart  (like Anarchy did in Stolen
Data).   What  we  will have then is a
chart  as  a counterpart of something,
namely  a  diskmag.   Instead  of  the
chart  as  the hardcore with a diskmag
as  a counterpart.  That second option
is even worse than the first one.  The
true aspect of charts (that is Being a
chart!)   will   be   neglected  then.
No....  those options are NoT the ways
to  solve  our problem.  In my opinion
the   only   way  to  create  a  good,
everlasting  chart  is  when  a fairly
unknown   group   with   has  no  HuGE
reputation yet makes it.  Such a group
gives  the  scene no high expectations
and  has the opportunity to do as good
as  they  can.   Such  a  group has no
other  main-jobs in the scene (such as
creating  time-consuming  trackmo's  )
and can therefore spend all their time
and  energy  on the chart.  But who am
I?   I  have no reputation and I am as
good as unknown.


(Who  knows:   Maybe  Hokus  Pokus can
grow    up    and   become   the   new
World-Chart!   Mellow  took a big step
in  converting  the  chart into both a
Dutch- and a World-Chart!)

 Interview with Tal/S!P


Q-   Hello   TaL.    Please  introduce
yourself to our readers.
Hallo  Sane!   My  name is Tal i'm the
main  organiser  of the French section
of  Surprise!   Productions.   and i'm
also  cosysop on Ordinary Madness BBS.
I'm 23 years old, i live in France the
country  of  your  favorite friend Mr.
Chirac He!  He!

Q- Please tell us your scene-history.

A-  Pwew!  back up head-file is coming
up...........   It all began on C64 in
a  small  group  called  'Red  Vision'
swapping games.  It was in 1986.  Then
in  1988 i put steps in Atari ST scene
on  a friends machine but it wasn't so
great  as  the  Amiga scene!  I finaly
bought  an  amazing A500 which was the
Rolls Royce of computers at da time :)
People  surely remember the bloody war
VS  Commodore  &  Atari-ri!   :) I ran
around  swapping during diz time, then
in  1989  i  joined Krom as a swapper.
Later   'Krom'   changed   name   into
'Rapace'  we released only 1 lame demo
and a few people left for other groups
as  the organisation was lame.  I left
with  dudes to 'Exact' we released sum
intros  &  a  pack serie.  Near 1990 i
changed  my A500 for a powerfull A2000
and  i  moved  from 'Exact' and joined
'Nova'  as  a  guest  member  in 1992.
Then   i   joined   'Interactive'   as
organiser  of  the French section that
was  in  1993.   Then finnaly i joined
the      forces      of     'Surprise!

Q-  What  are  the  plans of Surprise!
Productions   for  1996?  

A-  We  are  planning to release a BBS
intro   for   'Ordinary  Madness'  and
probably  a  slide show with Moonchild
artworks.  Who knows?

Q- You are French, right?

A-  Yes,  i'm  supposed  to be French!
But  my  roots  are  in  Africa  as my
parents  came from Algeria, an Arabian
country  located  in North Africa.  As
ya  probably  know  France  was in war
with  Algeria  and  colonised it until
1962.   And  guess what happened there
during  that bloody colonisation time?
The  13 February 1960 da first fucking
French   Plutonium  bomb  explosed  at
Reggane  in  the Sahara desert!  :( As
ever they contamined peoples who lived
in  the  desert  but do French peoples
care  about that?  Naaaaa!  they still
make    shit    over   next   colonial
countries!    That   makes  me  really

Q-  What do you think about Chirac and
his government?

Sorry!   that's  a nervous reaction to
this  word  'Chirac  Government'  :) A
bunch of fucking bastards you must say
that!!!!!!    Chirac   has   too  much
ambitions   like   our  old  president
Degaulle  ...   Chirac  is his perfect
clone.   As ya probably see/read at TV
or  any  newspapers our entire country
was  paralysed by stykes!  Due to this
fuckin'lame   governement,  'ThE  VeRy
BeSt'!   Who  didn't  want to stop the
stupide  social  proposition  plan  by
Mr.Juppe  :( Diz asshole want to break
the  social  security  for  the  whole
public  sector!   It  means  that many
people will work till 60 years old for
leaving in retreat.  It's very lame!!!
like  that we will get more unemployed
people!   Diz  dweeb-governement wants
to make France like USA-FuCk!

Q- Did you vote for Chirac?

(R.P.R  SUXX!!!!)  I  voted for Jospin
(Socialist) he is more clever than diz
dweeb Chirac!

Q-  What  your  is  opinion  about the
nuclear tests on mururoa?

A-  I  think it's a real shame for the
French!   I'm  against  this  horrible
tests!!!!     One    day   they   will
understand  that  we  don't  need this
shit anymore!!!  (will They?!  -ed) We
got  the  choice  of the Simulation by
computer   which  was  safe  and  less
expensive,  but  people  chose  a lame
president    who    decided    to   do
nuclear-tests again and that indeed is
the  reason that many countrys boycote
French     products    (food,    wine,
cars,...).   And what about the amount
of   monney   delayed  in  this  nasty
tests???  We will continue to pay more
&  more  taxes  but thoSe people don't
care....   Now French peoples begin to
understand   that   they  make  a  big
mistake!   Worse is that the millitary
says  that's  safe for people!  What a
joke!  There are Contamined people who
fly  over  France  on secret millitary
planes  on  best  French  Hospitals as
they    are    contamined    and   the
governement don't want any chats about
that!   A small cantity of toxic waste
goes away after the explosion over the
Measures  tube,  and it contamined the
ocean   where   people  usually  fish,
vegetables, water, animals.  It's sure
that  the  people  of  Mururoa will be
sick  for decades ....  Thank you very
much Mr.  Chirac!!!  (haleluja-ed!)

Q-  What  is the general opinion about
the  tests?  What do the people around
you think of the tests?

A-Near  60  percent  of the people are
against  the  atomic  tests.   But you
will  probably  ask why they voted for
Chirac   as   president  if  they  are
against these tests ??!  You must know
that  people  were  blasted of our old
president  Mitterand (Socialist) as he
was  our  president  during  14 years!
(from 1981 to 1995).  I know also that
Mitterand   made   nasty  things  (ed-
Rainbow   Warriors   gate,   financial
problems)  People  got  blasted,  they
want  to  change  of president so they
believe  on all the sweet promesses of
Chirac  and  that even if he says that
he  will continue the nuclear tests!!!
But   more   and   more   people  stop
believing  in  his broken promises and
here it is!

Sum  are  in doubtfull mind, they tend
to  trust  scientists if they say that
the risks are if not nil at least very

A  few  agree  totaly  with government
with  explanations  like  :  'it's the
best way against eventual enemies like
C.E.I, Irak, Iran' WeIrD Eh!?  But who
help Irak in 1975 for the construction
of  a nuclear reactor 'Osirak', that's
France!   even  the  risks  that  they
could make nuclear weapons!  They give
also  sum  lame  explanations as 'URRS
and  USA  made  also  lot of tests and
what   we   do   actually  is  nothing
compared  at  what  they  did before'.
And  do  you  figure  assholes that in
doing  more  shitty  tests  the planet
will be more safe???

The rest don't even care!  They got so
much   important   things   to   think
of...Chirac  and Jospé social politics
for example!

Q-  Please  give  a  brief reaction on
these words/sentences/names.
    -Nuclear Bombs
    -x-mass 1995
    -'if  it  is  so safe and pure why
      not test these bombs on the
      cote d'azur'

Chirac  :   He  is  the  world king of
lamers!   His handle is 'Appleman' Ha!
Ha!   Ha!   He is crazy!  the day that
he  won  the  elections, he drove over
Paris and that indeed is the fact that
there  was  no any protection systems!
i  mean that anyone could shoot him!!!
(Please do so! -ed!)
At least i still can't believe that he
is our President!!!

Nuclear  Bombs  :   The  most  deepest
plague  created  by  human race!!!!!!!
Just remember 6 August 1945 Hiroshima,
9  August  1945 Nagasaki.  Hiroshima =
70  000  peoples killed, Nagasaki = 40
000 peoples killed

-Mururoa   :    Mururoa/Fangataufa/Hao
Island   of   the  Tuamotu  polynesian
archypels.   Large  of  860mk²  with a
population  of  8  000 peoples.  There
the   11   september  1966,  near  the
archypel   of   Hao   a  nuclear  bomb
explosed.   And  that was the begining
of those hororibles nuclear tests!!!

-x-mass 1995 :  The beginning of a new
year and a day of World peace.

-'if  it  is  so safe and pure why not
test  these bombs on the Cote d'Azur':
First,  the  conditions  are  not  the
same.   There  is no lagoon there, and
due  to  a  lot  of accidents wich can
happen  with  nuclear  tests  we do it
elsewhere  .   You must also know that
Chirac  got  his  money  and his apple
trees  there  :) Do you figure that he
will  eat  contamined  apples?  no way
man!!!!    People   who  agree  totaly
Chirac  says  'more  it  is done away,
better is it!'.

Q-  Okay,  TAL,  enough  about nuclear
bombs!  What do you think about AGA.

A-  I agree with the STOP AGA movement
done  by Rufferto of Cover Action Team
(Raw#6) I don't understand why so many
people   make   stuff   only  for  AGA
machines...    There  are  sum  groups
which   produce  ECS  &  AGA  releases
(Trinity!)  why  others don't make the
same?   Why using a powerfull computer
and make things that you can do on ECS
machines?   Sum  people  say  that AGA
looks   like  a  new  fashion,  is  it
possible?  I mean that what people had
to know is that AGA is an extension of
the  ECS  scene  and not the opposite!
AGA   is  the  same  example  of  what
happened in the Acorn/Archimede scene!
As   Acorn   dudes  who  got  ECS  Arm
Archimede   need  to  change  for  new
Archimede Risc PC to stay active :(

Q-  Do  you  like the scene as much as
you did before.  (lets say in 1989)

A-  Yes,  i prefer the scene as it was
before, like 1989 a very great year!!!
I  know,  i  know, but you can call me
nostalgic!  But everyone must remember
those  glory  days  where scene was at
the  top.   With  lot  of productions,
many   cooperations,  biggest  Partys,
Wars  ,  etc....   I  like  to see old
stuff  from  that  time; it gives me a
strange feeling :) It's still great to
watch  'Mental  Hangover' or the 'Trsi
Megademo'  and  see  the greatest step
that  the  scene made!  If you got any
Back  time  machine  to sell ...  Just
call me!!!  He!  He!

Q-  Please  name  your  top  3 (ever!!
Also old names!!) of:

A-  Very  difficult  choices  ya  ask!
Let's  see,  hmmm....  i think diz one
is right for me :



Dan  Malone/Bitmap  Brothers  
(Coolest friend!) 


Mister King/Scoopex

Hardwired/Tsl + Crionics
Mental hangover/Scoopex

Q-  Do  you think AGA will destroy the

A- Today we got 2 scenes:  the AGA and
the  ECS scene.  I think it's not only
the  fault of the AGA users, it's also
the  cause  of  the  wrong politics of
Commodore,  whitch  divided the people
by  bringing  incompatible  computers.
When  AGA machines cames, there were a
few  people  who were disapointed this
probably  explains  why  they left for
PC.   I  only  hope that the ECS scene
will survive as the C64 scene is still
alive  during  7-8  years!   The Amiga
scene  need  everyone  of  us  and  it
doesn't matter if you are an AGA or an
ECS user!

Q-  That was it.  Thanx a lot, TAL!!!.
The last lines are yours!

A-  I would like to send sum greets to
a  few  peoples  :  All the Monk dudes
for this coolest diskmag on scene!  :)

All  da  S!P  world  menbers  and  all
believers   of  Surprise  Productions!
Artwork(Damion)  - Cndc(Aleksi Eben) -
Essence(Dodger,Rufferto)             -
Digital(Flame)  Damage(Action)  -  Lsd
(Aquafresh,The  Fink) - Nova(Marc,Blue
Trsi(Dreamfish,Groovy,Overdose)      -
Citron - Intense - Depth - Interactive
Spoon(Encore)  -  Diffusion(Valiant) -
Rebels  -  Melon(Mack)  -  Freezer Dan
Malone,Joe   Walker(Kentish  town  Pub
rulez!!!)   -   Rob  Stevens(Palace  4

Reflex  - Antic productions - Oxyron -
Napalm and all others from the amazing
C64 scene!

To    all   those   dudes   from   the
Archimede/Acorn scene :  Simon Elzinga
-   The   ArcSailor-   Armagheddon   -
Armaxess  -  Hugo Fiennes Arced - Coca
Can - Armaniac - Clares - Greece - Tcd
-  Tnt - Tsk The Coconizer Suite - The
Arcangels  -  The  Keyboard  Trasher -

And  to all i know, respect, love!  or
simply admire.......


-UpdatE  (by  SanE):  right after this
interview  was  taken,  TaL heard some
nasty things about him concerning S!P.
He  doesn't  know  what he will do but
things  have to be changed.  Therefore
some  answers  of  him on my questions
may have been altered a bit.  The main
answers,   the  answers  on  questions
concerning the Nuclear tests of France
half  a  year  ago, are still good and
therefore  this  interview was placed.
The  core  of the interview stayed the
same and that's what matters!


 -Is  it  possible to communicate with
the French?!- 

Because the French government acted so
ultimately  lame  by doing the nuclear
tests  on  Moruroa anyway, in spite of
world-WidE objections, I -S-aNE- began
to  think  all  French people were the
same.   In short; I -SA-ne- thought it
was  not  possible to communicate with
those  barbarians.  'Throw them out of
the  European  Comunity!',  'Lets kiCK
some French butt' and 'If it's so safe
and  PUre, why not test it on the cote
D'azur?'   were  sentences  you  could
often  hear  from  my mouth.  But then
....   out  of noWhere ...  a ReacTion
from     a     BarbaRian     on    the
'Moruroa-Nuked?!'-article,  which  was
placed  in the Trinity article release
2 ('The sequel'!), was delivered at my

I  received a letter from Tal who is a
member   of   Surprise!   Productions.
This  duDE lives in France and told me
that  a  lot of French people are nicE
people and most are even Civilised!  I
answered  his  letter  and what became
clear?   This  man was really nice!!!!
Tal  has  become  a  good friend of Me
and  because  Tal is so c00l I thought
of  giving  him  the  benefit  of  the
doubt.  I  gave  him ThE pencil and he
was  allowed  to  explain some things.
Maybe  we, the resT of the world, will
understand    what    was    happening
overtherE  in  France.   And  maybe we
will come to the conclusion thaT there
still are nice French-people.  See for
yourself,  it's  JudGement  DaY!  Read
the   interview  with  a  cool  FRench


-Doing  things 'THe French way' can be
nice .......

 (But Nuclear tests 'SuCK'!!)


Where would you be without the Amiga?

This  article  is  supposed  to  be  a
FeedBack-article         on        the
Magic/NaHKolor/Trsi-article  which was
printed  in  RAW issue 9.  Magic wrote
an  article which was called 'Where is
your   childhood'  or  something  like
that.  He says that a lot of people in
the  Amiga  scene  do  not  have  good
social  lives  because they have spent
too  many hours on the Amiga.  I think
he  is  wrong.   

Of course, there are always people who
make   an   obsession   out  of  their
hobbies.   But.....  Magic overreacts.
I  think for most sceners the scene is
still  a  hobby.  Allright, they might
spend  a  lot  of  hours a week on the
Amiga  but  isn't  that  the same with
good  young  soccerplayers who like to
play  soccer.  What is the difference?
I   don't   think  having  a  computer
(especially   not  a  vivid  and  cool
computer  like  the  Amiga) as a hobby
will  melt  down your social live.  On
the contrary!  Most people I know like
the  Amiga  scene a lot and they would
love  to  be  a  scener.   I  came  in
contact with very cool people who were
sceners  before  I was one and without
the Amiga I would have never come into
contact  with  them.   In  my case for
example  I would have never met Chiron
of  Monk  (ex-Jay One), he is nowadays
my best friend in social life!  Chiron
and  I  do  many more things than just
computing.  I go out with him, go to a
cinema  with him and other friends, we
go  to eachothers birthdays etc.  etc.
I know a lot of cool people because of
the scene.

I  also  think the Amiga scene kept me
from  the  streets.  Before I became a
scener  (1989),  I spent many hours on
the  streets playing nasty things with
my  nephew.   We  did  everything;  we
stole   bikes,  we  did  graffiti  and
busted  the  windows  of libraries and
retirement  houses.   We  had  illegal
fireworks   throughout  the  year  and
dropped  them everywhere.  Without the
Amiga  I  would  have  spent many more
hours  on  crime  and  in the end I am
sure  I  would  have  become a juvenal
delinquent.   (I  was  busted once for
theft  and  graffiti)  Because  of the
Amiga-hobby  I  was  more  inside  the
house   than   before   and  the  only
criminal  things  I did was blueboxing
and  stampfaking.  And now 1995/1996 I
am  studying  Dutch  Law, have a great
girl  and  some  cool  friends I would
have never had without the Amiga.

Think  twice before you write articles
like  Magic  did and think about this:
'Where   would   you  be  WitHouT  the
Amiga?'  In  my  case  I  would  be in
serious  trouble  for  sure  and  most
likely   in   jail   instead   of  the
University.    (without  cool  friends
like Yorick (Chiron!!).

Sane (glad to be a scener!!)

.... :-D


   -A Womans Taste- 

A   while   ago  I  (-Sane-)  made  an
article,  together with my girlfriend,
called  "A Womans opinion" (printed in
"Trinity, article release 2" by Monk).
Sceners are always interested in words
of women because of the obvious reason
that women are not with many in our so
beloved     scene     (unfortunately).
Because   we   got  so  many  positive
reactions       on      the      first
article/interview,  we  decided  to do
another  one.  Because Sandra has seen
only   a  few  older  productions  and
doesn't  know many handles, she is the
most objective girl I could wish to do
an  article  like  this with.  In this
article  I  will  find  out what names
appeal to Sandra and because Sandra is
an  objective person, also which names
appeal  to  women  in  general.   What
names   do  girls  like?   That's  the
question   which  will  be  answerred!
Will  she pick the famous names or the
less  famous ones?  A fact is that she
does  not  know who and what is famous
in  our  scene,  that's  what makes it
interesting.   Ok, now I'll let Sandra
be Critical!  ...  ....  ...  ..

1. -Coders

-Sane:   "Sandra, down below you see a
list of names of coders, those are the
persons  who  fit everything together.
Please  tell  us  which names you like
best.   (1-5) Just pick the ones which
you  think are the nicest, best found,
most original, funniest etc!"

The Spy
Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde  
Wayne Mendoza
The Merge
Magician Lord
Major Asshole
Mr. Pet

-Sandra's top 5 of coders!

1.Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde
3.The Merge

-It seems like Sandra thinks the Polka
bros.      and    ex-Kefrens    coders
nameswitch  is a good move.  She ranks
The  Merge on 3 and leaves Laxity out.
"I   don't   like  real  names."  says
Sandra,  that explains why Tim and Dan
are  out.   "I  like  Chaos  because I
think  coding  IS  Chaos and Performer
because  coding  is performing art for
me!!"  Dr.Jekyll  &  Mr.Hyde  were the
ones she ranked 1 in a second, "I like
funny and original names." is Sandra's
brief explanation.
2. -Graphicians

-Sane:  "Okay, the same again, But now
for  the  graphicians.   Those are the
people   who  draw  the  pictures  and
logo's  etc.   The  visual things of a
production!" (1-5)

Fade one
Red devil

-Sandra's top 5 of graphicians!

5.Fade One

Funny   she  ranks  one  of  the  best
graphicians 1 while she didn't see one
single  graphic  of  Facet.   "It just
sounds  cool, just like Fairfax!  Seen
is  on  nr.   3  because gfx has to be
seen!   I  put Fade One in, because he
reminds me of Jay One (nowadays called
"Chiron"-ed), your best friend ....."


-Sane:  "Are you bored yet?  Well hang
on!  This are the sceners who make the
music.   They  are  called  musicians.
Name your top 5 please!"

Mantronix & Tip
Romeo Knight
Mel O' dee
Lizard King

-Sandra's top 5 of musicians!

1.Mantronix & Tip
3.Mel O' dee

"Heatbeat and Mel O' dee are very nice
names  because  they make you think of
music  at  once.  Even when you do not
know  what  they  do  in the scene you
will  guess  of making music." Altough
Fabian  is a real name she puts him on
nr.4.   Maybe  that's  because she saw
"Menace"  and liked the music, not 100
percent  fair  thus.  "Audiomonster is
very funny in my eyes!"


-Sane:   "I guess you know what I want
you  to  do!   Editors  are  peole who
write  articles  in  diskmags  and put
diskmags   together.    Swappers   are
people who spread productions to other

The Pride

-Sandra's Top 5 of editors/Swappers

4.The Pride

"The  Pride is in because I like names
with 'THE' and Mob because it makes me
think  of the Maffia.  The rest simply
makes   me  remind  of  computers  and


-Sane:    "I   guess   you  know  what
diskmags  are  eh?   Please  rank them
from 1-5!"

News On Tour
Scene Lyrics
Free 'n Easy
The Jungle
Stolen Data
Chit Chat

-Sandra's Top 5 of diskmags!

1.Chit Chat
2.The Jungle
4.Stolen Data

All  mags she put in this little chart
are  dead  except  for  The  Jungle!!!
Aint  that  a  scarry  thought?  Maybe
having  a  cool  name makes you die?!!
Obviously  Sandra likes names wich has
something  to  do  with  being  a mag.
"Yes.   Chit  Chat  and Grapevine have
something   to  do  with  talking  and
spreading  the  news  and that's why I
picked them.  Stolen Data has somewhat
the  same  reason."  Also nice is that
she   didn't  name  RAW  an  ROM,  the
leading mags.  It seems like it is not
necessary  to have a cool name to make
it.   She  put  an  older  mag and the
example of RAW in, though!


-Sane:   "Phew!  The last list!  Which
names of groups do you like best?"

Polka Brothers
Virtual Dreams
Melon design
Tristar Red Sector Inc.
Sonik (Cligue)
The Silents
Dual Crew
Majic 12
Razor 1911
Pure Metal Coders
Bamiga sector 1
Skid Row
Royal Amiga Force

-Sandra's Top 5 of groups!

1.Royal Amiga Force

"RAF  is  the  best  convertion I have
ever  seen!   The rest are just picked
because  I  had to pick 4 other names!
I don't like names which has something
to do with drugs (ed:LSD) and numbers.
Most names are too long!  I like names
like MONK, too bad that name wasn't in
the list!"

(c)1996 San(e)-dra *productions*


 -=The RAW monopoly=-

Take a deep breath and fill your lungs
with  fresh oxygen, because I am going
to  lead  you through the RAW-monopoly
in one quick blow!  
Here we go-

Astro,      Terrox      and     Mount.
(Main-editors)  Lord Helmet, Rokdazone
and  Macno.   Are  you  still with me?
The  list goes on!  Hollywood, Wolfman
and  Cybersonik.   Nimrod,  Decca  and
Magic.   We are not finished yet!  Can
you  believe  it?  Facet and Supernao!
Phew!!   No  less  than 3 (three) main
editors  and  11 (eleven) editors.  14
writers  together.   And of course RAW
has  many issue-writers too.  It is in
my  eyes  legitimate  to  speak of the

After  the  death  of  the second best
diskmag,  Upstream,  RAW  got a lot of
good  editors.  Especially some of the
main  people  of  Upstream  joined the
RAW-staff.      Also    others    like
Hollywood/Axis  had  just joined.  The
staff  of  RAW  is really HUGE now, in
fact   it   is   too   big.   Fourteen
permanent  writers,  no  mag  has ever
reached  such  an  enormous  number of
people  which  provide  the  mag  with
articles   each   issue.   When  every
writer  would  write 3 articles (14*3=
42)  RAW  would  have  enough material
(togheter with approx.  15 articles of
the  issue-writers)  for  a new issue.
RAW   leaves   no   space   for  other
diskmags.   Of  course  it is nice for
the  scene to have a real good diskmag
like  RAW.   But  RAW  already was the
best  diskmag  and  was the best for a
long time already.  In my opinion they
created  their  own  monopoly and drew
almost  all  the  good writers towards
them.   With  this  Iron  monopoly RAW
beats  both old and newborn mags, they
even beat the mags which still have to
be born.  With so many writers you can
never fail and you can beat everybody.
But  the  question you have to ask is:
'Is  it  fun  to  be on the number one
spot this way?'
As  Magic/Nah-kolor  says :  'There is
no   need  for  Kasper  (ed:Astro)  to
release  often.   Two  times a year is
enough to stay at the top!'

RAW  may claim they are one of the few
active mags in the Amiga scene and RAW
may  say that we do not have to bother
them   by  talking  about  a  monopoly
because  they  really do something for
the  scene,  but ....  in a way RAW is
killing  the  diskmagscene with such a
monopoly.   It doesn't matter how hard
beginners  try  and  how many articles
they  write.   It is never possible to
beat  a team of the 14 best writers in
the  scene.   It  is  not  possible to
stand  in the shade of the team of the
14  best  editors  and  it is not even
possible  to  walk a 1000 yards behind
them.   RAW is the only mag.  RAW will
be  the only mag.  And RAW will always
stay  the  only mag.  There is no room
for  others.   RAW is the one and only
There  is one little but bright light!
Insiders say that Wolfman has left the
RAW-staff  ('He  has never been a real
member  of  the  RAW-staff, he read he
belonged  to the staff to his surprise
in  RAW  10!   ...   .'-scene gossip!)
Wolfman  has  an idea for the ultimate
diskmag.    The  mag  will  be  called
'Magnet'  and will be AGA and harddisk
only.    The   name   is   a  link  of
'Magazine'  and  'Internet'  (the menu
and  pages  will look like WWW-pages),
but  it  is  also  one  word; 'Magnet'
which shows how appealing the mag will
be.    Magic/Nah   kolor   will  be  a
main-editor  and the mag will probably
be  released  somewhere  in  September
'96.!!  Let's hope all of this is true
and   RAW  will  loose  some  of  it's
monopoly    and    get's    a   little
competition   for  the  change!   That
would  be better for the diskmag scene
and also for the whole scene!

Don't  get me wrong.  I also think RAW
is  the  best Magazine and I think the
14  people  of the RAW-staff are great
and  I am not jealous because I am not
one  of them.  I just think a staff of
14   people   is  too  big,  overdone.
Especially  when  those are the top 14
of   the   scene.    Such  a  monopoly
consumes  everything.   The  spirit to
write of those 14 people is also gone.
A  fact  is  when  you are a member of
such  a  big  staff  the motivation to
write  many  awesome articles is gone.
'Someone else of our staff will do one
so  why  should I bother to do another
one.   I  can  spend  my time on other
things  now.'  is  what you will think
when  you belong to such a staff.  For
the sceners in the staff this is great
because   they  have  time  for  their
girlfriends  and  they can watch their
favourite  show  again.  But ....  for
the  Scene  as  a  whole it is a drama
because   they   get   less  enjoyable
articles  and  mags  as they would get
when the sceners of the RAW-staff were
scattered   amongst  other  mags,  all
trying  to  give  everything they got.
Therefore   this  monopoly  is  in  my
opinion    a    disaster    for    the
diskmagscene!  I hope that some people
agree with me and start a new and good
mag in which they put all their energy
instead           of           joining

Thank you!

Sane  of  The  HP-staff, a small staff
.....  (Sniff or Hooray?)

PS:   The sad news that RAW died about
1.5  months  ago,  struck  me (and for
sure  others  too)  hard.   I  am very
disappointed.   Because I have enjoyed
RAW  always  very, very much I decided
to   print   this  article  about  RAW
anyway,  in  spite  of this great(est)
mag's  death.   See it as a tribute to
RAW...   ...   ..   There  is no doubt
that  RAW  was  the best mag ever, the
fact that I wrote an article about the
RAW-monopoly  only a month before it's
death,  shows us that RAW was the real
dominator   amongst   magazines!    Of
course this article loses some of it's
meaning  but  then again ...  the core
of  the  article  goes  for  every big

*The  day  RAW died was the most black
day in the diskmag history!!*

 CritiCaL -=SaNe=-?!

The  title  of  this  article  and  of
course  the  name  of  the CoRneR as a
whole  have to be explained before you
go on and read my articles.
When   you   see  the  name  'CriTiCal
towardS  all'  it  seems like I (SanE)
will  bug  everybody  again.  It looks
like  I  will  be the same pain in the
ass as I have been in the last 6 years
(worst in 1990-1993).  Nothing is less
true!    Because   these   days   (Bon
JoVI?!),  1996,  the  Amiga  scene  is
actually  getting  smaller  and  worse
every  month.  Maybe the scene is even
dying.   Everybody  is  delaying their
productions  and  in  between  parties
people  do not even bother to release.
Many  persons  said it before and many
people denied it, including me, but in
1996  our  worst nightmare is becoming
real  :   our  beloved  scene is sick!
Most  sceners  tend to think like this
:'Scene-life  is a bitch, and then you

Because of all the above I set up this
corner.   This  CornEr  is meant as an
objective  medium  in which I will try
to be as fair as possible.  I will not
slag  off  certain  people,  groups or
projects.   No!   I  will  just review
some acts and ocassions.  Some things
in this scene deserve to be discussed.
I  will  try to give my point of view.
Sometimes these comments will be funny
(like  in  the 'Zine Poll'), sometimes
hard ('Suffer or die'), sometimes even
understanding  ('Communicate  with the
French'    and   'Interview   with   a
French-dude'),  but  most of the times
my  comments  will be sincere and with
them   I  try  to  give  my  share  of
improving  the  scene.  Of course this
CornEr  will  not  save  the scene but
maybe  I  can  get  one  or two people
thinking and than maybe changing their
ways!   I  sure  hope  so 'cause in my
opinion  this  scene  could be so much
greater   and   so   much   nicer  for

Because  'CritiCal' (as in the name of
this corner) encloses very much, a lot
of diverse subjects will be discussed!
From  diskmags and their faults in the
past  (Zine),  diskmags of the present
(RAW&ROM),  ignorant sceners and their
lack  of history-knowledge ('The Scene
Quiz!') to simply taking a look at the
coolness  of  the names of sceners and
productions    ('A   womans   taste'),
everything will be discussed!  Nothing
will  be excluded :  Advanced sceners,
Legends,  lamers and starters but also
countries  as  a  whole (France!!) and
subjects  beyond  scene-life (like the
environment) will be judged critically
but  in a nice and friendly way!  Even
my  group  'MonK'  will  be critically
judged!  There won't be exceptions for
anybody!   Everybody  is free to write
to  me  and  tell  their opinion and I
will  try to comment on their words in
my next corner!  The address is:

Korte Tuinstraat 32
1601 CJ Enkhuizen

Remember   that  I  am  trying  to  be
objective  and  giving you my point of
view  and  above  all  trying to enjoy
myselve  and  hopefully  a  few  other
sceners too!  Enjoy the corNeR now!



Review of:

Title:Crumb (1995)
Running time:119m.
Director:Terry Zwigoff

This film is nothing more than a documentary spanding 6 years in the life
of '60s comic artist Robert Crumb.. R. Crumb is the man responsible for
such underground classics as Fritz the Cat and the inventor of the term
Keep On Trucking..
This film also shows us his family which are shown as manic depressives..
The vieuw on the world as seen by R. Crumb is dark and bitter, yet true..
Besides R. Crumb and his family we also see some of his friends,
ex-girlfriends and colleauges who tell us what they think about R. Crumb..
In this film we also find out that R. Crumb had in no way anything to do
with the movie Fritz the Cat (1973) made by Ralph Bakshi..

Again a movie wich you'll either love or loath, but still an inspiring
portrait of a man who has been singlehandidly responsible for todays
underground cartoons..

We Killed Commodore!

By  Butterfly  

"Commodore is Dead, people shout!  And
they move over to the PC.."

What   is  going  on  with  Commodore?
Which    software   firm   will   keep
producing  games  on  the Amiga?  What
is...  How come...

Many  questions  rise  in  our  little
world.  The scene is getting smaller..
Aga  halved the scene, someone writes,
but  will the next generation of Amiga
Computers halve it again?

Daydream   has   send   some   of  his
Journalists  to  London,  where  a big
fair  was  going on, they asked almost
every  software  firm  if  they  would
continue   producing   games   on  the

Here are some results!

- 21st CENTURY -   


"We  don't  leave  the AMIGA, we don't
think  the market is dead, we are just
waiting for news about the commodore's
buy out.  It's true, we are developing
more on PC than AMIGA"



"We've  completely stopped development
on  AMIGA  for  a  long  time  ago, we
develop  only  on  all  the performant
machines  that  have a real potential,
of   course   if  the  AMIGA's  market
reborns  thanks  to the commodre's buy
out then we will develop again"



"like  every one, we can't live & earn
money  only  with  the  amiga's market
that's  why  we  develop  on PC !!  We
don't want to leave the AMIGA."




"It's   true  that  we've  stopped  to
develop   new   games  especially  for
amiga...    but  if  we  receive  some
FREELANCE   production  then  we  will
distribute   them...    of  course  if
COMMODORE  comes  back on the scene we
will restart developping."



"We've  just  stopped  to  develop  on
AMIGA, only 2 or 3 titles left will be
released.   We  don't  think  that the
AMIGA will find again a real succes on
the   market...    and   it   is  very
unprobable  that  we  will  develop on
this computer again !!!!  " (Butterfly
:This additude isn't cool at all...)



"No more specific development on amiga
but   only   adaptation   from   other
computers  (Like  The Jungle Book Ed.)
but if the market reborns then we will
develop on amiga again."



"We  got  no more development on amiga
besides   MICRO-MACHINES  2  on  CD32,
there  is  a  real  request  for amiga
software   but   the  distribution  is
becoming inexistant !!  "



"We  don't  believe  any  more  in the
amiga's  market !  we have better pre-
occupation  as PC development ...  But
if  amiga  comes  back in shops with a
real  support  then we will restart to
develop...   But  I don't believe that
this  computer will be at his top like



"We  got  only one last game on amiga.
The  amiga's market is dying day after
day  then  we  have the regret to stop
development  on  amiga.   We just hope
that    the    amiga's   market   will

- OCEAN - 


"We don't stop developing on amiga but
we're  very careful because the market
is   falling,  even  in  UK  !!   That
becomes  very  difficult to distribute
our productions."



"We  will continue to develop on amiga
as long as the potentiel of users will
be high..."



"The  amiga represents a great part of
our development then of course we will
continue to support it."



"The  problem  is  that  we are an U.S
house  edition and there is pratically
no amiga computers in the states, then
we  work  on  some  powerful platforms
like  PSX,SATURN....   and  it is very
difficult to convert powerful games on
amiga  that's  why  there is no chance
that  one day we'll spend some time to
develop on amiga."



"we're developing more games than ever
and especially on A1200, we believe in
the amiga !!!



"we've not received any directives for
stopping  an  amiga  project or simply
stopping   to  develop  on  amiga  ...
anyway  PRIMAL  RAGE  is  planning for
augustus 95 on amiga !!"



"We  still have some projects on amiga
to  be  finished,  but  for july 95 we
will  stop all development on amiga...
the  PC's  market is becoming so great
that we have to develop on it.  Anyway
it'll  take  a  long time for amiga to
come back and even if it does it'll be
too late!!  that's why we want to stop
developing on the amiga..."



"We  have  no  new project planning on
amiga due to the problems of commodore
but  if the commodore reborns from his
ashes for sure we will start again the

- TEAM 17 -


"We   must   confess   that   we   are
developing   more   games   on   other
platforms  like  the PSX, the SATURN ,
PC  and  MAC...   our reputation comes
from  amiga  but  if  the  problems of
commodore  don't change, we'll have to
develop  on  other  platforms like PC,




"we  going to produce 2 more games and
then  quit.   Most of the germans sold
their  amiga  computer, and even if it
was  going better in 2 or 3 months, we
think   it'll  be  too  late  for  the



"The amiga is finished !!  Now only PC
&  MAC CD- ROM rule the market.  There
is  no  more  distribution for amiga's
titles  and  worse  there's  no demand
anymore.   People  are going to choose
these machines or if they can't afford
it,   they'll  choose  PSX  or  SATURN
consoles.  Amiga looks now like atari,
we don't trust it anymore...  it won't
restart, it's definitely dead !!"



"The  amiga  is  no  more  profitable,
that's  why  there's  no much left for
the  future...   We'll  keep an eye on
the  market and if it's getting better
we'll develop again on amiga."



"We  have  one  last project on amiga,
and that is Super street fighter 2 ...
We  cannot develop on a falling market
!   If  the  amiga  market restarts of
course  we'll produce again some games
on amiga..."

| |s

you  can  see,  many  of  the best and
biggest software houses call it a day,
and  will  or  already  have  quit the
Amiga!   Some  have  an excuse like we
will  be  back  when  the amiga market
will  stabelise,  but  what they don't
realise  is  that they are killing the
Amiga themselfes!

(*)  Help  us  ESCOM, you are our only
hope!  (*)


 The Smilie colection!

Smilies have been in our society since
the  mid-eighties and they appeared in
the    'pump-up-the-volume-acid-songs'
for  the  first  time.  Since then our
world  likes  smilies  a  lot and uses
them  often.   Since  the internet was
launced  users  began  to  use smilies
more  and more.  And in the year 1996,
the  smilie collection is H-u-G-e!  We
bring  you  the  most  complete smilie
collection thinkable.  This collection
was  brought  to  us by Tal/Surprise!.
Thanx  a  lot  mate!   Now  enjoy  the
show!!!!!!!!!!!  ................ 

 :-)             Willie Shoemaker
 !-(             black eye
 !.'v            (profile) flat top
 #-)             partied all night
 #:o+=           Betty Boop
 $-)             Alex P. Keaton 
                 (from "Family Ties")
 $-)             won big at Las Vagas
 $-)             won the lottery
 $-)             yuppie
 %')             after drinking a 
                 fifth for lunch
 %*@:-(          hung over
 %-(I)           laughing out loud
 %-)             Elephant man
 %-)             after staring at the 
                 terminal for 36 hours
 %-)             broken glasses
 %-)             cross-eyed
 %-)             long bangs
 %-6             braindead
 %-<I>           drunk with laughter
 %-|             been working all 
 %-~             Picasso
 %\v             Picasso
 &-|             tearful
 &.(..           crying
 &:-)            curly hair
 '-)             one eyed man
 '-)             only has a left eye,
                 which is closed
 '-)             wink
 ':-)            one eyebrow
 '~;E            unspecified 4-legged 
 (-)             needs a haircut
 (-:             Australian
 (-:             Don Ellis from 
 (-:             left-handed
 (-::-)          Siamese twins
 (8-)            wears glasses
 (8-o            Mr. Bill
 (:  (=|         wearing a ghost 
 (:)-)           scuba diving
 (:+)            big nose
 (:-#            said something he 
                 shouldn't have
 (:-$            ill
 (:-&            angry
 (:-(            frowning
 (:-(            unsmiley frowning
 (:-)            big-face
 (:-)            no hair
 (:-)            surprised
 (:-)            wearing bicycle 
 (:-*            kissing
 (:-...          heart-broken
 (:-D            blabber mouth
 (:-I            egghead
 (:-\            VERY sad
 (:-{~           bearded
 (:-|K-          formally attired
 (:<)            blabber mouth
 (:=)            TWO noses (?)
 (:>-<           thief: hands up!
 (:I             egghead
 (:^(            broken nose
 (O--<           fishy
 (V)=|           pacman champion
 )               Cheshire cat
 )8-)            scuba smiley 
 ):-(            unsmiley big-face
 ):-)            smiley big-face
 *!#*!^*&:-)     a schizophrenic
 *-(             Cyclops got poked
                 in the eye
 *-)             shot dead
 *:*             fuzzy
 *:**            fuzzy with a fuzzy
 *:o)            Bozo the Clown
 *<.'v           (profile) wearing
                 snow cap
 *<:-)           Santa Claus
 *<|:-)          Santa Claus 
                 (Ho Ho Ho)
 *<|:-))         Santa Claus
 +-(:-)          Religious leader
 +-(:-)          the Pope
 +-:-)           priest
 +:-)            priest
 +<.'v           (profile) knight
 +<:-|           monk/nun
 +<||-)          knight
 +O:-)           the Pope
 ,-)             User only has one eye
                 ...but he's winking
 ,-)             other eyed man
 ,-}             wry and winking
 ,.'v            (profile) has short 
 ,:-)            User shaved his left
                 eyebrow off this 
 -               Helen Keller
 -  @=           messages about 
                 nuclear war
 -)              Jose Feliciano
 ---...---       S.O.S
 -:-(            punk rocker (real 
                 punk rockers don't 
 -:-)            has mohawk
 -:-)            punk rocker
 -=#:-)          wizard
 .'!             (profile) has grimm
 .'"             (profile) pursing 
 .'J             (profile) smiling
 .'P             (profile) sticking
                 tounge out
 .'T             (profile) keeping a 
                 straight face
 .'U             (profile) yawning
 .'V             (profile) shouting
 .'Y             (profile) whistling
 .'\             (profile) frowning
 .'r             (profile) sticking
                 tounge out
 .'v             (profile) talking
 .'w             (profile) speaking 
                 with forked tongue
 .-)             Sammy Davis, Jr.
 .-)             one eye
 .-]             one eye
 .^v             (profile) pointy nose
 ._)             suffering from 
                 Lorentz contraction 
                 (they're coming every
                 ten minutes now)
 ._)             suffering from 
                 Lorentz contractions
 /:-|            Mr. Spock
 0-)             Cyclops
 0-)             arc-welder
 0-)             scuba diver
 3:*>            Rudolph the reindeer
 3:-o            cow
 3:[             mean pet smiley
 3:]             pet smiley
 3:o[            net.pets
 4:-)            George Washington
 5:-)            Elvis Presley
 6\/)            elephant
 7:-)            Fred Flintstone
 8               infinity
 8 :-)           wizard
 8 :-I           net.unix-wizards
 8(:-)           Mousketeer
 8(:-)           Walt Disney
 8)              frog
 8-#             death
 8-)             excited
 8-)             glasses
 8-)             sunglasses
 8-)             swimmer
 8-O             "Omigod!!" (done 
                 after "rm -rf *" ?)
 8-O             took too many nodoz 
                 to work on thesis
 8-]             "wow, maaan"
 8-|             eyes wide with 
 8-|             suspense
 8:-)            glasses on forehead
 8:-)            little girl
 8:]             gorilla
 8=:-)           Galloping Gourmet
 8=:-)           chef
 8===>           dickhead
 8P              bullfrog in mating
 8b              bullfrog in mating 
 : )             leper
 :###)           Jimmy Durante
 :$)             Donald Trump
 :%)             an accountant
 :%)%            has acne
 :'-(            crying
 :'-)            crying with happiness
 :(              sad
 :)              cheshire cat smile
 :)              happy
 :)              midget smiley
 :)              salamander
 :*              kisses
 :*)             Ed McMahon
 :*)             Everyman
 :*)             drunk
 :+(             punched nose, hurt
 :+)             Carl Friedrich Gauss
 :,(             crying
 :-              male
 :-!             bland face
 :-"             heavy smoker
 :-"             pursing lips
 :-#             braces
 :-#             my lips are sealed
 :-#             punched in the mouth
 :-#|            bushy mustache
 :-#|            smiley face with 
                 bushy mustache
 :-$             mouth wired shut
 :-%             banker
 :-%             bearded
 :-%             talking out of both 
                 sides of mouth
 :-&             tongue-tied
 :-'             smoker
 :-'|            has a cold
 :-(             Drama
 :-(             frowning
 :-(             mad
 :-(             sad
 :-(             un-smiley
 :-(  )          You backed your car
                 over my toe
 :-( )           You stepped on my 
 :-()            I stubbed my toe
 :-(*)           sick of netnews 
                 articles, about to 
 :-(0)           yelling
 :-(=)           big teeth
 :-(O)           yelling
 :-)             Comedy
 :-)             Your basic smiley. 
                 This smiley is used 
                 to inflect a
                 sarcastic or joking 
                 statement since we 
                 can't hear voice
                 inflection over Unix.
 :-)             happy
 :-)             humorous
 :-)             smiley standard
 :-)             smiling
 :-)   ,         outie belly button
 :-)   .         innie belly button
 :-)   8         Dolly Parton
 :-)   <         slut
 :-)   <  ...  :-)   <  ...  :-)   
 <  ...          nymphomaniac
 :-)   >         celibate
 :-) ---         John Holmes
 :-) ... :-( ... :-) ... :-( ... 
                 manic depressive
 :-)!!!          Sam Kinnison
 :-)'            drooling
 :-))            double chin
 :-)))           William Conrad
 :-)))           very overweight
 :-)--           98-pound weakling
 :-)-8           big girl
 :-)-{8          big girl
 :-)-}8          big girl
 :-)8            man with bowtie
 :-)8            well dressed
 :-)==           Arnold Schwarznegger
 :-)X            wearing a bowtie
 :-)}            has goatee/beard
 :-)~            drooling
 :-*             after eating something 
                 bitter or sour
 :-*             oops!
 :-,             "Hmmmm."
 :-,             smirking
 :--)            Jamie Farr 
                 (Klinger from 
 :-/             lefty undecided 
 :-/             skeptical
 :-0             No Yelling! 
                (Quiet Lab)
 :-0             orator
 :-1             bland face
 :-6             after eating 
                 something sour
 :-7             smokes a pipe
 :-7             talking out of side
                 of mouth
 :-7             wry face
 :-8(            condescending stare
 :-9             licking its lips
 :-:             mutant
 :-:             toothless
 :-<             frowning
 :-<             moustache
 :-<             real sad
 :-=)            Adolph Hitler
 :-=)            older smiley with 
 :->             biting sarcastic face
 :->             deformed lips
 :->             happy
 :-?             smoking a pipe
 :-@             "I swear"
 :-@             beard has permanent 
                 wave *or* was drawn 
                 by Picasso.
 :-@             extremely angry
 :-@             screaming
 :-B             drooling
 :-C             just totally 
 :-C             really bummed out
 :-D             Said with a smile
 :-D             User is laughing 
                 (at you!)
 :-D             big smile
 :-D             talking too much
 :-E             bucktoothed vampire
 :-E             has major dental 
 :-F             bucktoothed vampire 
                 with one tooth 
 :-G-            smoking cigarettes
 :-I             hmm
 :-I             indifferent
 :-I             thinking
 :-M             speaking no evil
 :-O             Mr. Bill
 :-O             birth
 :-O             ohh, big mouth, 
                 Mick Jagger
 :-O             uh oh
 :-P             Nyahhhh!
 :-P             has a secret to tell
 :-P             nyah nyah
 :-P             sticking out tongue
 :-P             telling secrets
 :-P             tongue hanging out 
                 in anticipation
 :-Q             smoker
 :-Q~            smoking
 :-R             has the flu
 :-S             User just made an
                 incoherent statement
 :-T             keeping a straight 
 :-V             shouting
 :-W             speak with forked 
 :-X             A big wet kiss!
 :-X             bow tie
 :-X             my lips are sealed
 :-Y             a quiet aside
 :-[             biting criticism
 :-[             blockhead
 :-[             pouting
 :-[             sarcastic
 :-[             un-smiley blockhead
 :-[             vampire
 :-\             Popeye
 :-\             undecided smiley
 :-]             biting sarcasm
 :-]             blockhead
 :-]             sarcastic
 :-`             spitting out chewing
 :-a             lefty smilely 
                 touching tongue to
 :-b             left-pointing tongue
 :-b             left-pointing tongue
 :-c             bummed out
 :-c             real unhappy
 :-d             lefty smiley razzing
 :-d~            smokes heavily
 :-e             disappointed
 :-i             semi-smiley
 :-j             left smiling
 :-k             beats me, looks like
                 something, tho
 :-l             y.a.s.
 :-l             yet another smiley
 :-o             Mr. Bill
 :-o             Uh oh!
 :-o             Wow!
 :-o             shocked
 :-o             singing national 
 :-o             surpise
 :-o             yawn
 :-p             smiley sticking its 
                 tongue out (at you!)
 :-p~            smokes heavily
 :-q             trying to touch 
                 tongue to nose
 :-r             sticking tongue out
 :-s             after a BIZARRE 
 :-t             cross smiley
 :-v             speaking
 :-w             speak with forked 
 :-x             "my lips are sealed"
 :-x             "my lips are sealed"
 :-x             kiss kiss
 :-x             not telling any 
 :-z             y.a.s.
 :-z             yet another cross 
 :-{             mustache
 :-{#}           messages teasing 
                 people about their 
 :-{)            moustache
 :-{}            heavy lipstick
 :-{~            has read too many of
                 the toilet paper 
                 articles previous
                 to lunch
 :-|             "have an ordinary 
 :-|             grim
 :-|             no expression
 :-||            angry
 :-}             "Thish wine tashted 
                 pretty good"
 :-}             beard
 :-}             lipstick
 :-}             pretty lips
 :-~)            has a cold
 :/7)            Cyrano de Bergerac
 :3-<            dog
 :8)             pig
 ::-)            wears glasses
 :<              midget unsmiley
 :<              what pretences!
 :<()            African tribesman
 :<)             from an Ivy League 
 :<=             walrus
 :<|             attends an Ivy League 
 := |            baboon
 :=)             has two noses
 :=8)            baboon
 :>              hmm, let me think...
 :>              midget smiley
 :>)             big nose
 :?)             philosopher
 :@              what?
 :@)             pig
 :C              what?
 :D              laughter
 :I              Hmmm, not funny!
 :O              yelling
 :Q              what
 :Q)             John Q. Public
 :V              woodpecker
 :V)             woodpecker
 :X)             hearing no evil
 :[              real downer
 :]              Gleep...a friendly 
                 midget smiley who 
                 will gladly be your
 :^)             broken nose
 :^)             smiley with pointy 
                 nose (righty)
 :^D             "Great! I like it!"
 :_)             User's nose is 
                 sliding off of his 
 :n)             funny-looking right 
 :u)             funny-looking left 
 :v)             left-pointing broken
 :v)             left-pointing nose
 :{              oh boy, the 
 :}              What should we call
                 these  (what?)
 :~(             nose put out of joint
 :~)             Peter Ubberoth
 :~)             needs a nosejob
 :~)             pointy nose 
 :~)             ugly nose
 ;(              crying
 ;-(             beaten up
 ;-(             crying
 ;-)             beaten up
 ;-)             crying with 
 ;-)             getting fresh
 ;-)             sardonic incredulity
 ;-)             winking
 ;-\             Popeye beaten up
 ;-|             beaten up but silent
 ;^              ?punched out
 <:-(            disappointed
 <:-(            dunce
 <:-)            Vietnamese peasant
 <:-)            dumb questions
 <:-)<<|         in a space rocket
 <:-I            dunce
 <:I             dunce
 <<<<(:-)        hat salesman
 <I==I)          on four wheels
 <{:-)}          in a bottle
 <|-(            Chinese and doesn't 
                 like these kind of 
 <|-(=           Chinese and unhappy
 <|-)            Chinese
 <|-)=           Chinese
 =)              Variation on a 
 =):-)           Uncle Sam
 =.'v            (profile) has mohawk
 =0==            Mexican on a 
 =:-#}           punk rocker with a 
 =:-(            (real punk rockers 
                 don't smile)
 =:-(            punk rocker (real 
                 punk rockers don't 
 =:-)            hosehead
 =:-)            punk rocker
 =:-H            football player
 ===:[OO']>:===  has been railroaded
 =====:}         snake
 =t==            Mexican run over by
 =|:-)           Abe Lincoln
 =|:-)=          Abe Lincoln
 >-              female
 >-<             absolutely livid!!
 >->             china man
 >-^);>          fish
 >:)             a little devil
 >:*)            Bozo the Clown
 >:-(            mad, annoyed
 >:-(            sick and tired of 
                 reading this nonsense
 >:-<            mad
 >:->            devilish
 >:-I            net.startrek
 >:^(            headhunter (Amazon 
 >;->            Winky and devil 
                 combined. A very 
                 lewd remark was just
 >>-O->          General Custer
 >|->            Chinese
 ?-(             has black eye
 @%&$%&$\&*@%$#@ you know what that 
 @-)             Cyclops
 @.'v            (profile) has curly 
 @:-)            Indian (East)
 @:-)            User is wearing a 
 @:-)            wavy hair
 @:I             turban
 @=              User is pro-nuclear 
 B)              frog wearing sunglasses
 B-(8            Sir Robin Day (a 
                 British BBC TV 
                 presenter, famed for 
                 grumpy countenance, 
                 and who wears glasses  
                 and a bow tie)
 B-)             Batman
 B-)             glasses
 B-)             horn-rimmed glasses
 B-)             sunglasses
 B-)-[<          sunglasses and 
                 swimming trunk
 B-D             "Serves you right, 
 B-|             cheap sunglasses
 B:-)            sunglasses on head
 C:#             football player
 C:-)            large brain capacity
 C=:-)           Galloping Gourmet
 C=:-)           chef
 C=}>;*{))       Mega-Smiley... A 
                 drunk, devilish chef 
                 with a toupee in an
                 updraft, a mustache, 
                 and a double chin
 C=}>;*{O)       Mega-Smiley... A 
                 drunk, devilish chef 
                 with a toupee in an
                 updraft, a mustache, 
                 and a double chin
 C|:-=           Charlie Chaplin
 E-:-)           User is a Ham radio
 E-:-I           net.ham-radio
 K:P             User is a little kid 
                 with a propeller
 L:-)            just graduated
 M-)             sees no evil
 M-),:X),:-M     sees no evil, hears 
                 no evil, speaks no 
 M:-)            saluting
 O :-)           User is an angel 
                 (at heart, at least)
 O |-)           net.religion
 O-&-<           doing nothing
 O-(==<          chastised and/or 
                 chagrined, or is 
                 merely asleep.
 O-)             Megaton Man On 
                 Patrol! (or else, 
                 user is a scuba 
 O-)             cyclops
 O-G-<           pointing to self
 O-S-<           in a hurry
 O-Z-<           in a big hurry
 O:-)            acting very 
                 innocent (halo)
 O:-)            with halo
 O>-<|=          of interest to women
 P-)             Colonel Klink 
                 (Hogan's Heroes)
 P-)             getting fresh
 Q:-)            new graduate
 R-)             broken glasses
 X-(             User just died
 X-(             net.suicide
 [:-)            User is wearing a 
 [:-)            listening to walkman
 [:-)            wearing a walkman
 [:-]            square head
 [:]             User is a robot
 [:|]            robot (or other 
                 AI project)
 []              Hugs
 \/\/\/\,8-O     really should fix 
                 frayed line cord on 
 \:-)            french hat
 ]:-)            The Devil
 _:^)            American Indian
 __.             properly chastised 
                 and/or chagrined, or 
                 is merely asleep
 __/~`-'~\_/     line of thought isn't 
                 quite a line
 __Q~`__         cat
 `:-)            User shaved his right 
                 eyebrow off this 
 d.'v            (profile) wearing 
                 hard hat
 d8=             Your pet beaver is 
                 wearing goggles and 
                 a hard hat
 g-)             smiley with pince-nez 
 g-)             wearing ponce-nez 
 i-=<*** __.     CAUTION: has flame 
                 thrower and uses it!
 i-=<****** o-(==<       CAUTION: has 
                 flame thrower and 
                 uses it!
 i-=<***i        CAUTION: has flame 
 o-)             Cyclops
 o>8<|=          messages about 
                 interesting women
 oo              somebody's head-
                 lights are on
 oo-             puzzled, confused
 pp#             cow
 pq`#'           bull
 {(:-)           wearing toupee
 {0-)            Cyclops
 {:-)            hair parted in the 
 {:-)            new hair style
 {:-)            wearing a toupee
 {:-{)}          new hair style, 
                 mustache and beard
 {:^=(           Hitler
 {{-}}}          refugee from the 
 {}              'no comment'
 |)              salamander
 |-(             late at night
 |-)             Chinese
 |-)             asleep (boredom)
 |-)             hee hee
 |-D             ho ho
 |-I             sleeping
 |-O             birth
 |-O             bored
 |-O             yawning/snoring
 |-P             yuk
 |-{             "Good Grief!"  
                 (Charlie Brown?)
 |:-)            heavy eyebrows
 |:-|            excessively rigid
 |:['            Groucho Marx
 |I              asleep
 |^o             snoring
 |~(             "Someone just busted 
                 my nose".
 }(:-(           wearing toupee in 
 }:-(            bull headed
 }:-(            toupee in an updraft
 }:-)            hair parted in the 
                 middle in an updraft
 }:-<            cat
 }:^#})          mega-smiley:  
                 updrafted bushy-
                 mustached pointy 
                 smiley with a double
 }:~#})          mega-smiley:  
                 updrafted bushy-
                 mustached pointy 
                 smiley with a double
 ~ :-(           particularly angry
 ~'v             (profile) has long 
 ~M`'~           camel
 ~~:-(           net.flame
 ~~~\8-O         zapped by frayed 
                 cord on terminal
 ~~~~~8}         snake

Phew ! That was it :-D!!!!!

-Sane of Mellow was your host.-

PS: :-D  Sane when starting to edit 
         this article!
    :-)  Sane after 100 smileys
    :-(  Sane at the end of article!


Jay    Miner    Interview    Pasadena,
September 1992.

The name badge says it all, Jay Miner,
VIP,  Father  of the Amiga.  During my
recent  jaunt  to  the A4000 launch in
Los  Angeles,  I  was  lucky enough to
meet  and  talk  to Jay as he cast his
fatherly  eye over the next generation
of  the  architecture  he  created all
those years ago.  We talked and ate as
he  reiterated the fascinating history
of the secret project that resulted in
the  birth  of  a  remarkable machine,
which  has  survived mainly because of
his  foresight and supreme effort.  It
was   all   far  from  plain  sailing,
however,  and  plenty  of skullduggery
was  afoot  from  a number of parties,
not least the design team themselves! 

The  story  about  the Amiga's genesis
has  been  told before, but it is only
relatively   recently   that  Jay  and
Commodore  have been seeing eye to eye
about  the  machine and its evolution.
Also,  there are many little anecdotes
untold before now...


"The  story starts in the early 1980's
with  a  company not originally called
Amiga,  but Hi Toro, which was started
by  Dave  Morris,  our  president, but
before  all  that  I used to work with
Atari  and  I  wanted  to  do  a 68000
machine   with   them.   We  had  just
finished  the  Atari  800 box and they
were   not   about  to  spend  another
umpteen  dollars  on  research  for  a
16-bit  machine and the processor chip
itself cost $100 apiece.  RAM was also
real  expensive  and you need twice as
much.   They  couldn't see the writing
on  the  wall and they just said "No",
so I quit!".

Jay Miner is not a man to say "No" to,
and  it's  quite clear that Atari must
still   be   regretting  their  myopic
decision.   Anyway, Jay still held the
concept   of  an  all-powerful  16-bit
machine but the bills had to be paid.

"I went to a chip company called Xymos
as  I knew the guy who started it.  He
gave  me some stock and it looked like
an  interesting  startup company (I've
worked  for  a  lot of new companies).
Going  back to Atari, Larry Caplan was
one  of  the  top  programmers  on the
Atari  2600  video  game.  Him and the
other  programmers  wanted a pay rise,
or  at least a small royalty, a nickel
per cartridge in fact, on the software
that  was  selling  like crazy.  Atari
was  making  a  fortune  and they said
"No"  so  they  all said "Goodbye" and
they  went  off  and  started a little
company called Activision.  Larry rang
me  up  about two years later in early
'82   and  said  he  wasn't  happy  at
Activision and suggested we start up a
company.   I  had  a  lot  of stock in
Xymos   and   suggested  we  get  some
outside  finance  from  back East.  We
hired   a   little   office  on  Scott
Boulevard,  Santa Clara and they got a
Texas   millionaire  to  put  up  some
money.   He  liked  the  idea of a new
video game company which is what Larry
Caplan  wanted to do.  He was going to
do  the  software  and  I was going to
design the chips".

"I  told Dave Morris about some of the
ideas  I  had  about designing a games
machine  that was expandable to a real
computer  and  he  though  that  was a
great  idea but didn't tell any of his
investors.   I  moved  to  Santa Clara
from Xymos.  They were still called Hi
Toro but the investors wern't too keen
so  they  chose  "Amiga"  and I didn't
like  it  much  -  I  thought  using a
Spanish  name wasn't such a good move.
I was wrong!"

The  design  team at Hi Toro/Amiga was
assembled  from a bunch of people over
the  next  few  months.  Jay says that
they  were looking for people not just
interested   in  a  job,  but  with  a
passion   for   the  Amiga  (codenamed
Lorraine  after  the president's wife)
and the immense potential it offered.

"We  worked out a deal whereby I got a
salary  and  some stock and I also got
to bring my dog Mitchy into work every
day.  Dave did reserve the right to go
back   on  that  one  if  anyone  else
objected but Mitchy was very popular."

I asked Jay to sum up what it was like
to work on the Amiga:

"The great things about working on the
Amiga?   Number  one  I was allowed to
take  my  dog to work and that set the
tone  for  the whole atmosphere of the
place.    It   was   more   than  just
companionship  with  Mitchy - the fact
that  she  was  there  meant  that the
other  people wouldn't be too critical
of  some  of  those we hired, who were
quite  frankly weird.  There were guys
coming  to  work  in purple tights and
pink bunny slippers.  Dale Luck looked
like   your   average   off-the-street
homeless  hippy with long hair and was
pretty  laid  back.  In fact the whole
group  was pretty laid back.  I wasn't
about  to say anything - I knew talent
when  I saw it and even Parasseau [the
"Evangelist"  who spread the word] was
a bit weird in a lot of ways.  The job
gets done and that's all that matters.
I didn't care how solutions came about
even  if  people were working at home.
"There were a lot of various arguments
and  the  way most were sorted out was
by  hitting  each  other with the foam
baseball bats.  The stung a bit if you
got hit hard.  There was a conflict in
the fundamental design philosophy with
some  like  RJ  Mical  wanting the low
cost  video  game (the investors side,
you might say).  Others like Dale Luck
and  Carl  Sassenrath  wanted the best
computer  expansion capability for the
future.  This battle of cost was never
ending,  being  internal;  among us as
well   as   with   the  investors  and

"You  go  through  stages in any large
project  like  the  Amiga  of thinking
"This  looks  great  and it's going to
sell  really well", and then things go
wrong and you just want to quit!"

The  unique  spirit  at Amiga was such
that people worked tirelessly on their
various projects, remembering that the
software   was  well  on  the  way  to
completion before any silicon had been
pounded into the graphics chips.  Carl
Sassenrath  was  brought  in to do the
operating  system and was asked at the
interview  "What  would  you  like  to
design?".    He   just   replied  that
Commodore   and  was  instrumental  in
designing   CDTV.   Incredible  really
that    they    opted   for   such   a
sophisticated  backdrop  for  a  games
machine.  Already, strange things were

"I  started  thinking  about  what  we
wanted  to  design.   Right  from  the
beginning  I  wanted  to do a computer
like  the A2000 with lots of expansion
slots for drives, a keyboard etc.  I'd
also  read a bit about blitters and so
I  talked  with  a  friend  called Ron
Nicholson  who  was also interested in
them  and he came to join us.  We came
up with all sorts of functions for the
blitter.   Line drawing was added much
later at the request of Dale Luck, one
of  our software guys.  This was about
two  weeks  before  the CES show where
the Amiga was unveiled.  I told him we
can't  put  that in there as the chips
were  nearly  done  and  there  wasn't
enough  room.   He  fiddled  about and
showed  me what registers were needed,
so in it went".

The   chips   took   three   designers
including  Jay  (who  did  the  Agnus)
almost  two  years to design (1982-84)
and    throughout    this   time   the
ever-expanding   software   team  were
working  on  what  became  the Amiga's
operating  system  libraries  and such
like.   They  had  a  pretty tough job
writing for the most advanced, radical
hardware  ever  conceived  for  a home
machine,   and   which  didn't  really
exist,  except  for  a zillion and one
ideas  and  a  white  board of obscure

"Once  you've  got  the design concept
for the chips, all you need to do then
is  pick  names  for the registers and
tell  the  software  people  something
like  "I'm  going  to  have a register
here  that's going to hold the colours
for   this   part   and   it's  called
whatever." They can the simulate it in
their   software.    We   then   built
hardware   simulators   called   bread
boards  and  that  was  a  chore.   We
originally  did  the  chips  using the
NMOS  process  which  has  much higher
current  consumption than the state of
the  art  CMOS.   I'm  surprised  that
Commodore   haven't   re-designed  the
chips   in   CMOS  which  is  the  big
stumbling  block  to  bringing  out  a
protable.   We did that because at the
time,  CMOS  was much slower than NMOS
and  not  as  reliable.  It's now much
faster,  so  why  are  Commodore still
using NMOS for some of their chips?"

"Hold  and  Modify came from a trip to
see  flight simulators in action and I
had  a  kind of idea about a primitive
type  of virtual reality.  NTSC on the
chip  meant you could hold the Hue and
change  the luminance by only altering
four  bits.   When we changed to RGB I
said that wasn't needed any more at it
wasn't  useful  and  I  asked the chip
layout  guy  to  take it off.  He came
back  and  said that this would either
leave  a big hole in the middle of the
chip  or  take  a three-month redesign
and  we  couldn't  do  that.  I didn't
think  anyone  would  use  it.   I was
wrong  again  as that has really given
the  Amiga  its  edge  in terms of the
colour palette."

It  was  Commodore who wanted to leave
things  as NTSC/PAL output.  We wanted
to  make them RGB but monitors were so
expensive  in  those  days - IBM's and
Mac's  were  monochrome.   I'd put the
converter  on  the chip and this was a
very  low  cost way of doing things as
it  saved  a  lot of parts, but by the
time  Commodore  bought us, the bottom
had  fallen  out  of  the  video  game
market and we were moving more towards
a  computer  so  Commodore  agreed  to
finance RGB as well.

Seeing  pictures  of  the early Amiga,
it's almost impossible to imagine that
the  piles  of  wires and boards could
eventually be reduced to something the
size  of an A500.  The first Agnus was
three lots of eight bread boards, each
with  250 chips, and this was repeated
for  the  other two custom chips which
were  nicknamed  Daphne  and Portia in
those   days  and  metamorphosed  into
Denise and Paula.

"Those   were   a  nightmare  to  keep
running   with   all  the  connections
keeping  breaking down.  They're still
around  somewhere.   We  hired lots of
other  people  to  design  peripherals
which   kept   the  notorious  silicon
valley  spies  away  from  the office.
All  they could see were joysticks and
they weren't too much of a threat."

"In 1983 we made a motherboard for the
breads  to be plugged in, took this to
the CES show and we showed some little
demos to selected people away from the
main  floor.  At the show itself, they
wrote  the bouncing ball demo and this
blew   people   away.   They  couldn't
believe that all this wiring was going
to  be three chips.  The booming noise
of  the ball was Bob Parasseau hitting
a foam baseball bat against our garage
door.   It  was sampled on an Apple ][
and   the  data  massaged  into  Amiga
samples.CES was really important to us
as  we were getting short of money and
the  response  from  that  show really
lifted  the team.  We were still short
of   money  and  several  re-mortgages
later  we  managed to keep up with the
payroll.   It's  amazing  how  much it
costs to pay 15 or 20 people!"

With things running desperately close,
Amiga  were  forced  to  look for more
finance  to  keep  the  ball bouncing.
They  turned  eventually  to Jay's old
employer, Atari:

"Atari   gave  us  $500,000  with  the
stipulation  that  we had one month to
come  to  a  deal  with them about the
future  of  the  Amiga  chipset or pay
them  back,  or  they  got the rights.
This  was a dumb thing to agree to but
there was no choice."

They  offered  $1  per share but Amiga
were  hoping  for much more than that.
The  offer  was  refused  and as Atari
knew about the troubles of Amiga, they
then  cut  the  offer  to  85  cents a
share.   Commodore  stepped  in at the
last  minute  to  scoop the prize from
under  the  noses of their arch rivals
and  take  the  Amiga  for themselves,
shelling  out  a  mere $4.25 per share
and  installing  the  team  in the Los
Gatos   office.    Jay  continued  the

"Tramiel  [the president of Atari] was
livid  when  he  found out he couldn't
get  his  hands  on  the chips, as the
whole idea of financing us was just to
get   the   chips,   not   the  people
designing  them,  unlike Commodore who
needed  to  keep the team intact.  The
Atari  400 and 800 [which Jay designed
also]  series  were great computers in
their  day,  but  you know things move
on.   When  he  didn't get the chipset
his  only  alternative was to design a
new  computer without the custom chips
so  he  came  up  with  the  ST.  This
wasn't   a  bad  little  computer  but
lacked   the   power  of  the  Amiga's

Tell us something we don't know, Jay!!
What   about  MIDI,  why  wasn't  that

"Actually  MIDI isn't so far away from
the standard serial port on the Amiga,
and   soon   after   the  machine  was
released,  someone came up with a tiny
plug-in box that gave you all the MIDI
inputs   and  outputs,  but  Commodore
refused  to  manufacture  and  push it
which  was one of my big disagreements
with  them.   If  you've  got a little
company   doing   great   third  party
products  which  makes your machine so
much  more  competitive, you've got to
support  them.   Commodore in the past
have    been   too   greedy,   wanting
everything   for   themselves  without
paying  for  it,  but  I think they're
changing.   I  hope  they're changing,

The  Amiga  1000  really  didn't  take
shape   until   long  after  Commodore
bought it.  The president had the idea
of sliding the keyboard underneath the
machine  and  it took nearly a year to
redesign  the  motherboard  to fit in.
Everything  was set and then Commodore
decided that 512K of RAM was too much:

"They wanted a 256K machine as the 512
was too expensive.  Back in those days
RAM  was  very pricey, but I could see
it  had  to come down.  I told them it
couldn't  be done as we were too close
to  being finished, it would spoil the
architecture,  etc,  etc.  Dave Needle
came  up  with the idea of putting the
cartridge  on  the front which worked.
I  was in favour of putting sockets on
the motherboard so the user could just
drop in the chips."

As  events  turned  out, Jay's opinion
was  vindicated  when,  on release, it
became   patently   obvious  that  the
machine needed the 512K to do anything
meaningful  and  this was the shipping
form  in  the  UK.   Commodore's short
sightednes  cost  the  world another 6
months without the Amiga, during which
time RAM prices fell anyway!

"I  spent  this  time polishing up the
software/hardware       documentation,
renaming    registers   to   be   more
meaningful.   This  was  actually time
well spent in the end."

Regular  readers  will  know  that I'm
always  going  on  about how wonderful
Intuition  is  to work with so I asked
Jay   to  tell  me  a  bit  about  its

"RJ  Mical  pretty  much  did  it  all
himself.   He  was  holed up for three
weeks  (!)  and  came  out once to ask
Carl  Sassenrath  about message ports.
That's it, really!  He wrote Intuition
and   went   on  to  do  the  graphics
package,  Graphicraft,  as  noone else
could   do  it  right.   Remember  the
Jarvik   7   heart  animation  -  they
actually  talked  to  the  guy and got
permission   to   draw   it,  and  the
animation   was   cycling  the  colour
registers.   A  lot of quite beautiful
pseudo-animations  were done that way.
That's how we did the rotating pattern
of  the bouncing ball.  Other machines
couldn't use that system".

Once all the software was done, it was
time for the big release of the A1000.
Jay's reaction:

"There were a lot of compromises which
I  didn't like, but it was better than
it might have been if we hadn't gotten
our way on a lot of things.  We didn't
get  our  way  on  everything, though.
The  256K RAM was a real problem.  The
software people knew it was inadequate
but nobody could stand up to Commodore
about  it.   We had to really argue to
put  the  expansion  connector  on the
side  and this was before the deal was
finalised  so we were close to sinking
everything.   The  lowest  cost way of
doing  it  was  the edge connector and
I'm glad it got through".

"Once  the  A1000 was out were kind of
at  a  loss.  There was so much dealer
and developer support necessary that a
large  proportion  of our company went
into  that.  We had 11 or 12 people in
that  and  we  wanted  to  expand, but
Commodore wouldn't let us, and in fact
they  made us lay off some people.  We
tried  to talk Commodore into building
a machine with vertical slots and they
eventually  came  out  with the A2000,
but they weren't keen at first".

Once  the  Amiga was released, work at
Los  Gatos continued, but the days for
this  fine,  but maverick, design team
were numbered.

"I was really pleased to see Commodore
moving in the direction of the A2000 -
it  was  the  first  Amiga  you  could
really  tailor  to  your own needs and
this  was  one  of the reasons for the
success  of the early Apples.  We then
wanted  to  go  onto horizontal slots,
like the A3000 as that would be easier
to  cool  and  shield  -  there  was a
design  to  do it but at that time the
A2000  came from Germany so that's the
way  we  went.   We  wanted  to do the
Autoconfiguration  for  the  slots but
Commodore   weren't  keen  because  it
added 50c to the cost, so we had a big
battle  with  them  and did it anyway.
Our  divisional manager from Commodore
was  a guy called Rick Geiger.  He was
pretty  good  at keeping Commodore off
our backs.  However, there were others
who  were good at figuring out what we
were  up  to  and  saying "No" all the
time.  Sometimes Rick would protect us
and   he   was  trying  hard  to  give
Commodore something they wanted badly,
MS-DOS  compatability.   Some  company
promised they could deliver a software
solution  but  it  never really worked
that well.

There  was  a  young  fellow of Jewish
persuasion, an engineer, I knew he was
Jewish  because  he  wore one of those
funny  little hats to work.  That's no
problem  for  me  -  I  didn't mind if
people  wore  pink  bunny  slippers as
long  as the job got done.  Anyway, he
promised  MS-DOS  on  a  small card to
make  an  IBM  interface.   He  worked
alone,  and weeks went by with nothing
appearing  despite  all  the  promises
which  worried  me  a  lot,  and  this
really  led  to  Rick's  downfall.  He
promised  he  could  do  it and nobody
kept  close enough tags on him, always
a  few  more weeks.  Commodore started
advertising  and the board didn't work
so both men were canned.  This was the
start  of  the  downfall  for  the Los
Gatos  division.   I've  never  really
told   this   before  as  it  was  too
personal  but  I  can't  remember  the
designer  now  so it doesn't matter so
much.   It  shows  that  you need your
peers  looking  over  your work to get
things right".

How   important   did   you  think  PC
compatability was going to be?

"Eventually   Sidecar  came  out  from
Germany  but  there were a lot of bugs
in the software and the Los Gatos team
helped  with  solving those.  They did
that  before the 2000.  It's funny but
I     never    really    saw    MS-DOS
compatability  as being that important
for  the Amiga.  I said at the time to
Commodore  "Hey, we're different.  Try
to take advantage of that, not imitate
or  simulate  other people".  We could
make  our  commands  more  similar  to
theirs.    There's   a  tendancy  when
you're writing new software to try and
be different with names and functions,
but  it  isn't  really  necessary.  We
could  do  a  better  job than MS-DOS,
which  would have been enough with the
Amiga's  superior operating system and
colour resolution capabilities to take
a really big bite out of IBM.  Instead
they  kept promising compatability and
not delivering which is worse."

After   that,   Commodore  wanted  the
design team to move back East, and not
surprisingly    they    declined,   so
gradually  the  Los Gatos facility was
closed  down and Jay left.  We carried
on  talking  about  the interim period
and  also  about the staff recently at

"The  VP  of engineering [Bill Sydnes]
got canned.  He designed the PC Junior
which really crashed, one of IBM's big
mistakes,  and gave the Amiga a window
of  opportunity which Commodore failed
to  exploit  -  a  little  competitive
advertising  would  have  gone  a long

What about the overall handling of the
Amiga  over  the years?  Does it annoy
you  that  there  are 10 times as many
PCs as Amigas?

"Yeah,  that  really does annoy me.  I
don't  have  any financial connections
with Commodore any more so I don't get
anything  out  of Amiga sales.  Things
should  have  been a lot different.  I
still  feel fatherly towards to Amiga,
more  so than any of the Ataris.  What
frustrates  me the most is that people
are  missing  out  on  something  very
special  in  the  Amiga.  They tell me
about  their  IBMs  and wonderful Macs
but they're still missing out".

The  Toaster  is a killer product over
here, what do you think?

"It's  a fantastic product.  Commodore
made  a  really  big  mistake  in  not
embracing  the  Toaster  in  its early
days,  and getting a real piece of it.
I  never even envisaged it back in the
design  stages.  TV image manipulation
just   wasn't  around  then  -  I  put
genlock  circuitry and sync signalling
into the first designs so that side of
things  we appreciated.  I had no idea
that  things  like  the  Toaster  were
What  would  you  like  to  see in the

"I'd  like  to see Commodore grab hold
of  one of these 24-bit cards like the
GVP  or  DMI  boards  and put it in as
standard.   The  Amiga  badly  needs a
standardisation   of  high  resolution
24-bit  colour  modes.  The JPEG board
from  DMI is another wonderful product
which needs to be standard in high end
Amigas.  They'll wait like they always
do  until  someone  else  has made the
standard  and try and add something in
while  others  are  going  to  make  a
bundle of money - look at GVP.  Gerard
Bucas  was  VP  of  Engineering and he
wasn't  doing things the way Commodore
liked, so he left.  He saw a chance to
make  some  money and look at the size
of   GVP   -  they're  competing  with
Commodore.   The next generation Amiga
needs  a  real time JPEG converter and
24-bit graphics to stay ahead.

"I   did   get   together   with   Lou
Eggibrecht  [the  new  VP Engineering]
for  about  10  minutes and I was very
pleased.   He promised he'd fly out to
have dinner with me and talk about the
Amiga.   I  asked  him  some questions
about  the  future  direction  of  the
chips  and  got  the kind of answers I
was  looking  for - the kind of things
we've   been   talking   about.   High
resolution,   new  architecture,  more
competitive.  His understanding of the
present    architecture    was    very
encouraging.   I'd  love  to work as a
consultant  for them, but I don't know
how much I could contribute."

What's your opinion of the A4000?

"You  know, Commodore actually gave me
one today at the show - the first time
I ever got anything out of them!

Putting  the  IDE drive onto the A4000
motherboard  was  a terrible mistake -
every  previous  Amiga  has benefitted
from  SCSI.   I'm  really tickled with
the A4000 though.  I was looking at it
over  the  last  few days and thinking
how  could  I  get to buy one of these
without  the  wife getting to know.  I
have two A2000s which are fine for the
BBS stuff I do at the moment.

They've  improved  the  chipset in the
4000, taking the colours to 256 from 8
bitplanes.   The higher resolution and
more  colours  are  really  fast.  The
MS-DOS  interface  [CrossDOS] is quite
nice  but  I'm  unhappy about the SCSI
and  they  didn't  go  to  full 16-bit
audio,  but  according  to  Eggibrecht
that's coming soon.  I'm also a little
disappointed they didn't use the 040's
memory management facilities.  The 3.0
operating  system looks very good with
datatypes  and a number of other great
features.    Who   needs   MS-DOS  and

What about CDTV?

"CDTV  is  quite  a nice idea, but the
software  has  to  be  right.  Can you
think  of  anything more horrible than
trying to read an encyclopaedia or the
Bible  on  a  TV,  rather  than a nice
crisp  RGB  monitor?   As  a  low cost
entertainment   system   it's  a  good
viable  long  term  project.   I  hope
Commodore   won't  drop  the  ball  if
things  aren't as good initially; they
can take on Philips."

What's your favourite products?

"I love the bulletin board software as
that's  what  I'm  into at the moment.
ADPro  is also a fantastic program.  I
picked  up  a program called Scala and
I'd  like to get into that - it's user
interface  is very impressive.  I have
a  GVP  '030  accelerator  and  that's
incredible.   The  hard  drive  on the
32-bit card is very fast indeed - it's
like a new machine".


Talking  with  Jay Miner is one of the
best  experiences  an  Amiga owner can
have.   He really is the Father of the
Amiga  and his passion for the machine
is   so   apparent.    It's   easy  to
understand  the  frustrations  he must
have  at  not seeing things go exactly
as  he wanted, with the full potential
of  the  machine  yet  to be realised,
some  eight  years  after its release.
One  has  to  marvel  that it is still
around  and  selling  well  given  its
superior  competition  and the natural
tendancy  for serious users to turn to
the   IBM/Mac  platforms.   It's  also
clear   that   the  Amiga  Corporation
contained  one  of the most innovative
design teams ever assembled, and it is
so  tempting  to  speculate  where the
Amiga would be today if they had stuck
together, and the efforts of Commodore
had  been  more  constructive.   Their
marketing    people    have   yet   to
understand  what  the  Amiga  is truly
about,  and  why  it  is  so  special.
Trying  to sell it as a PC is wrong as
it  is  far  more  than a spreadsheet,
word  processing  machine.   Unlocking
doors  is what the Amiga is about, and
it  is  only  recently  that the third
party software is doing the remarkable
hardware justice.  Only time will tell
if the Amiga can make the impact it is
capable  of and maybe Commodore should
take on board the views of the Padre.

Editorial  Note  -  This interview was
brought to us by Tal/S!P.  We included
it because we thought it could be nice
for  you to read it.  I (-Sane-) found
it  far too long to edit it correctly!
Sorry  about that!  I hope you enjoyed
it anyway!!!



by Chiron/Monk

This  article  gives  some information
about the scene in Enkhuizen, Holland.
I  thought  it  would be nice to write
some  scene-info  about  my  hometown.
Since  Enkhuizen is not a big city, we
do   not   have  a  mentionable  scene
history.   However,  there are and has
been quite some sceners which were/are
active on the Amiga, starting from the
very  day  the  Amiga-scene  was  born
until now.

General  info: 
Enkhuizen is just a little  city, with
no  more  than 16,000  inhabitants. In
the middle ages  Enkhuizen was  one of
the five biggest  cities  in  Holland,
with even more inhabitants than in the
present! In the middle ages, Enkhuizen
was  one  of  the  centres  for inter-
national  trade in Holland.  But  when
ships got bigger and bigger the V.O.C.
was  forced  to load  and unload their
ships in Amsterdam, because  of  sand-
hills in the  water around  Enkhuizen.
The  bigger  ships  were not  able  to
reach the  Enkhuizen  port anymore, so
trade was  moved  to  Amsterdam  which
later grew out to  be the  Capital  of
Holland,  as  you  all  know!   People 
started moving to  Amsterdam and other
big cities, so Enkhuizen's  population
decreased more and more. Anyway, nowa-
days Enkhuizen is seen as the  typical
Dutch  town,   with  a  few  nice  and
pleasant harbours, a LOT of pubs, some
disco's, a cinema and  some historical
buildings. Enough boring  facts,  here
is a simple schedule from the partici-
pants in the scene in Enkhuizen:

Handle/Group          Active period
                      (not exact)

Jaze/Cadcam           around 1989

Mace/Axis             1989 - 1992   

Wolfman/RAF           1989 - 1992

Sane/Monk             1990 - 19??

Solid/Cryptoburners   1993 - 1994

Cloud9/Cryptoburners  1993 - 1994

Chiron/Monk           1990 - 1996

Epic/ex-Scorpio       1991 - 1996

There  used  to  be at least one other
Cadcam member living in Enkhuizen, but
I do not know his/their handle(s)

Other  sceners  living near Enkhuizen:
(in villages around)

Wishbringer/ex - Delight, Array/ex -
Scorpio, Suave/Abnormal, Lightning/
Hoodlum and a few  more (not  worth

Individual info:

real name: ?
groups   : Cadcam

I know next to nothing about this one,
except  that he was probably active in
the  scene  while  I  was  still  only
playing games on the damn machine.  My
first utility-pack I ever got was from
this guy, it was Cadpack # 30.  Cadcam
also  released an Easter-intro with an
animation  of  a Bunny in it!!  It was
great  (in  those years, I mean!).  By
the  way,  I  deleted this intro years
ago,  so  if there is anyone out there
who has got this intro, please send it
to me!!!

real name: Stefan Secherling
groups   : RAF, Axis

He   was   one  of  Enkhuizen's  first
sceners   together  with  Wolfman  and
Jaze.   His  function  was swapper for
one of Holland's leading groups at the
time,   Axis!   He  planned  to  do  a
diskmag  together with Jetset, but the
cooperation failed because Jetset died
(later they reborned!).  Other members
from Axis in that time were:  Magician
Lord  (Anthony),   Crackerjack  (Jack/
Mirage),  Roxis  (Senze/Jetset),   The
Liberator  and  Claxon.  After he quit
the  scene  for  a  year  or  so,   he
wanted  to make a come-back as editor,
however  he had already sold his Amiga
and did not want to buy a new one.  By
the way, I am not  sure if he ever was 
a member of RAF, but  so far I can re-
member he  started  his  scene-life in
this legendary dutch team. 

real name: Pedro 
groups   : RAF

I  do not know much about this guy.  I
visited  him  once together with Mace.
All  I  know is that he was organizer,
swapper   and   trader   in  RAF.   He
supplied  the group with stickers etc.
and   organized  the  RAF  parties  in
Holland  (Remember  the RAF-conference
'91  were  Axis won the 1st price with
"Our  Nation"?).   I was told he did a
huge Fido-Dido animation for a new RAF
demo,    (un)fortunately    he   never
finished  it.   He  also sold games to
local Amiga users.

real name: Pieter v.d. Horst
groups   : Falon, The Lunatics,
           Scorpio, Septic, Monk

This is the one and only active editor
in   Enkhuizen!    He  used  to  be  a
swapper,  but  a  few  years  back  he
started   writing  articles  for  RAW,
Upstream,  Megazin,  Hokus  Pokus  and
ofcourse  Trinity.  I (ed.) started my
scene-career  together  with  him  and
Epic.   We  started  of in Falon, then
Lunatics and when I left for Freestyle
he  formed  Scorpio together with some
other  dudes.  Sane is, in my opinion,
one  of the leading editors in today's
diskmag-scene.    After  a  period  of
non-scening  he is back with even more
inventive ideas  than before!  Besides 
the scene  he also  loves movies,  his
girl and  ofcourse  beer  or any other
substance containing alcohole!  (well,
don't we all) He was/is  also  respon-
sible for a lot of ideas used or to be
used  in  demos,  diskmags  and  other
scene productions of such kind.

real name: Jeroen
groups   : Vicious, Desire,

This    one   is   a   very   talented
graphician.  However, he has not drawn
anything  in  the last year which is a
pitty.   A  lot  of  pictures  he  has
painted came from his own imagination,
which  made him a respected graphician
in the Dutch scene.  The only thing he
should   have   done  is  improve  his
drawing  techniques, because they were
not  of  the standard needed to get in
the  charts  (international charts,  I
mean)!  It  is  too  bad  he  quit the
scene,  because now  I  (ed.)  am  the
only graphician left in Enkhuizen.

real name: Maarten Mosselman
groups   : Vicious, Desire,

This  is another editor and swapper in
Enkhuizen.     He    made    a    fast
scene-career  and a fast scene-ending.
He  was  the  main editor of Vicious's
"Megazin",  but  was  not very popular
because  he made too many, and too bad
articles.  He moved to Desire and then
to  Cryptoburners together with solid.
He   lifes  a  few  houses  away  from
Sane/Monk  and  that's  how  he got in
connection  with  the scene.  He still
owns  his  amiga (I guess), but now is
totally inactive in the scene.  He had
some   potential   as   editor  and/or
swapper,  so  it is ashame that he has
quit his activities.
Chiron/Monk (ex - Jay One)
real name: Yorick Burgmeijer
groups   : Falon, The Lunatics,
           Freestyle, Jetset, Motive,

This is me (ed.)!  I am forced to be a
graphician  (because  I  lack swapping
qualities),  so  know  and then  I  am
drawing some pixels onto my  computer.
I started  my  scene  career in  Falon
together  with Sane and Epic.  We made
a  little  sine-intro  in  coop.  with
Magician  Lord/Axis,  and  some packs!
Then   we   were  asked  to  join  The
Lunatics, and we did.  After a lunatic
period I joined Freestyle, a brand new
Dutch  group with some ex-Axis members
like  Anthony, Steroid, Claxon and The
Liberator.   Hollywood and Kayo joined
a  few weeks after Freestyle was born.
Then   I  (together  with  most  other
Freestyle-members)    transferred   to
SkidRow's    demo-division   'Jetset'!
This   was  a  stupid  move  from  me,
because  I  could  not get my graphics
released.  I stopped scening for about
3/4  year,  and  (again)  joined a new
group     called     Motive,     which
unfortunately  only  produced  1 intro
(Dogmatic)   and   then  slowly  died.
Nowadays, I am a proud member of Monk,
which  I  hope  will  be  one  of  the
leading Dutch crews one day (If not, I
do not care!!).

real name: Olav Hinke
groups   : Falon, The Lunatics/RAF,

Epic  is  nowadays  working  under the
plastic team label.  He still produces
quite  a lot of modules, but mainly to
please  himself and not intended to be
used   in   any   scene   productions!
Anyway,  we  might  use  some  of  his
modules  in  the  very near future, so
watch out for them!!  This musician is
specialized  in  house/ambient  tunes.
Some  of  his  songs  were used in RAF
music-packs, but he also released some
material   in   Falon   and   Lunatics
productions.    In   my   opinion   he
improves  every  time  he  makes a new
module, so I am always looking forward
to  hear  his  latest  tracks!  By the
way,  it is possible that we are using
one of his modules in this diskmag but
I  do  not  know for sure, because the
mag-concept  is  not  100% finished at
the moment I am writing this article.
Productions   which   were  made,   or
produced with help from/by a scener(s)
(articles not included, ofcourse!)
in Enkhuizen are:

Perfect 5 (musicdisk)   - Freestyle
Magic touch (packs)     - The Lunatics
Cadpack 1 t/m 30        - Cadcam
Pack van Pe (musicpacks)- RAF
Studio (intro)          - Freestyle
BBS-intro               - The Lunatics
Infotron (long intro)   - The Lunatics
Crashtest (demo)        - Cryptoburnrs
Bad Karma (demo)        - Anthony/Axis
Megazin issue #1 (mag)  - Vicious
Megazin issue #2 (mag)  - Vicious
Textwriter (diskletters)- Freestyle
Sine-intro              - Falon
Easter intro            - Cadcam
Devilpack 1 t/m 8       - Falon
Intro                   - Desire
Elationpack 1 t/m 3     - Falon
Demopack (pack)         - Axis
'Vectorbobs' intro      - Freestyle
Trinity AR #1 (art.rel.)- Monk
Trinity AR #2 (art.rel.)- Monk
Trinity intro           - Monk
Hokus Pokus 2,3,4       - Mellow

RAYONs NOTE: Only some articles
             were written in

Container (packs)       - Scorpio
Eternal issue #2 (mag)  - Miracle
Artistic Modulation     - Scorpio

Well, this is about it I guess...

T H E   E N D  !  ! 

p.s.:   Nowadays, the sandhills in the
water (IJsselmeer) are removed, so big
ships can enter the port.

Editorial      note      by      Sane:
-Unfortunately  by  friend Chiron also
left the Amiga scene!  So this means I
(Sane)  am  the  only active scener in
Enkhuizen!    Too   bad   ....    ....
Anyway,   this  article  of  my  great
friend  Chiron was too good to be left


 Note : This is written especially for teachers !!!

       10 ways to hack a pupil !!

1. Blow some chalkdust from the blackboard into the classroom,
   when you know some pupils are alergic to it ...

2. Tell them to have a nice weekend, when the school starts on
   Monday ...

3. When some pupil asks if he/she can go to the bathroom because
   he/she has to pee very much, say "NO !!"

4. When they put their books into their bags, 5 minutes before
   it's time, tell them to unpack their bags, of course it's time
   when they are finally ready ... Then you say "Wauw, is it so late
   already ?"

5. When you are a sportsteacher; let them run 20 rounds around the school,
   and tell them, constantly, it's healthy.

6. When you are a sportsteacher, go gym outside on the fields when it's
   either raining, snowing or storming. 

7. Say something (not too loud!) to a pupil from who you know is slightly
   deaf, when the pupil doesn't answer you hit him/her very hard with
   a broomstick and you say "who doesn't want to listen, has to feel!"

8. Take a pupils glasses and let him/her read Latin sentences from the
   blackboard when the pupil is sitting in the back of the classroom.
   Give him/her a C minus for effort ....

9. When the pupils are very busy with an exam, you hit the window so hard
   all pupils are looking up, disturbed of course, excuse yourself by 
   telling them there was a fly on the window, repeat this a 100 times.

10. When the pupils are busy with an exam (again !!) you walk trough
    the classroom, stand still behind the back of a pupil who is very
    busy, begin to laugh, very hard and stop suddenly and say :
    "You are doing just fine ...."

By Sane


"Violent Games influence the mind!" by

Everybody  has  played  a computergame
once,  you're getting overwhelmed with
hundreds  of  titles on many different
systems.   From  C64, Amiga, 3DO, Sega
till  the  new  Sony  Playstation, you
will  always  find  a  couple of games
featuring  violence  on  every  system
like  Mortal  Kombat, Tekken etc.  But
did  you  know  that  these  games can
influence  you,  or  the people around
you ?!

A  test that has recently been done by
some  psychologists in the Netherlands
proved  that  85%  of the test persons
who   preferred  games  with  alot  of
violence are also more violent in real
life.   They are more isolated in real
life  than  others  and  their time on
homework  or  reading  is  spended  on
playing  computer-  games.  That's why
their IQ is often much lower and their
vocabulary  smaller  than  people  who
don't  play  these games.  Further you
can  see  that  they  have  a  smaller
variety  of  friends, most of them are
also gamemaniacs.

This  test  also  gave the result that
games with violence shouldn't be shown
to people from a young age like babies
and children.  As their brain is still
in  a  development  stage,  they  keep
every  thing  in  mind  what they see.
It's also harder for them to recognize
fiction  and  reality  as the graphics
and  sound  is  getting more realistic
these  days.   So if their eyes are on
these violent games all day they don't
know  any  better  later  on  in life.
They'll  act  more  violent  to  other
people,  as  they  think  this  is the
right way to behave in real life.

Further  there are also people who get
from  these  games  a fit of epilepsy.
The  doctors  and psychologists aren't
sure  about  it  yet,  but  there were
already  5  reports of persons who got
this  fit while they were playing such
a game.  And 2 of these persons played
the   same   game.   The  doctors  and
psychologists  think  it's  because of
the  combination of fast scrolling and
flashing graphics with a certain music
makes a person get such a fit.  You'll
find  these  kind a music and graphics
often in violent and action games.

And the most recent news about playing
these games is that you can get sooner
rheumatical  affections  in  hands and
arms  if  you  play these games often.
Because  your  fingers  are so intense
moving  and pushing that they are more
sensitive  for  rheuma (Look at Mortal
Kombat!).  This last thing also counts
for  games where you have to make alot
of moves in.

This article was not meant to make you
anti-violent,  but  just  to  make you
aware  of  all  the  influences it can
have  on  you.   Have fun with playing
and  know  where to stop, so you won't
get addicted.


"Mailthieves, new sort of crime ?!" by

We  all  have experienced this once in
our  life,  that the mail you had sent
out didn't arrive.  It gets lost, just
because  the  people  aren't  cautious
enough,  or  you  had  written a wrong
address  and/or  zip-code on front and
no address of yourself on the back, so
the  post  couldn't  return it to you.
Another  possibility  is that it get's
stolen  by  the post itself, this form
of  criminal  activities  seem  to  be
hidden  by the Post-Offices.  As it'll
only give them a bad name.  That's why
I put the spotlight on this subject. 

This    wasn't   new   here   in   The
Netherlands, people knew it was there,
only  not  on  such  a big scale.  But
people   have  been  complaining  alot
about their mail not arriving at their
destination  lately.   About 3 percent
of  all  the  mail didn't arrive, this
number  is  only  from  the people who
claimed  this  to  the  PTT Post.  You
also  have  people  who don't claim it
and just see it as an accident, so the
percentage  will  be  in  reality much
higher  than  said.  You might think 3
percent  is  nothing, but it's alot of
mail  when  you  know  that  PTT  Post
processes  tons  of mail each week and
millions  a year.  So that's 3 percent
too much.

The  PTT  Post  started  investigating
some  years ago and till now they have
arrested   some  people  at  this  big
mailsortingcenter   in  Amsterdam  for
mailtheft.   Amsterdam had a number of
people  who  were  stealing  mail  for
years.   From money till cd's, as long
as  it  was something nice.  After the
arrest  of  these people the number of
complaints   about   non-arriving-mail
went  down.   Later some people turned
themselves  in  as  they couldn't cope
with  the  pressure  on  them anymore.
Some  of them have mend their ways and
are  helping PTT Post now finding some
solutions  and  pre-cautions  for this
So   the   stealing   of  mail  mostly
happened  at the mailsortingcenters of
PTT    Post.     The   three   biggest
mailsortingcenters   are  situated  in
Amsterdam,  Rotterdam  and at the head
office  of PTT Post in The Hague.  The
people  who worked there had different
tricks  to steal the mail from others,
I'll  explain  some  of  the most used
methods :

- You have postmen walking around with
a  roll full of labels with their name
and   address  on  it.   If  they  see
something  nice, they just stick their
label  over  the  address and they get
this  piece of mail delivered at their
-  Old  fashioned  way, they just open
the  piece  of  mail and see what's in
it.   If it's interesting they take it
out  and  when it's not nice they just
put  a  special  plastic-bag around it
which    says   it's   damaged   while

-  Further  you  also have postmen who
place  a  surcharge for fun on a piece
of mail.  They make the fine that high
that some people won't pay it, so that
these  postmen  can take this piece of
surcharged   mail  home  and  open  it
there.   If  people pay the fine, then
the  postmen always have the money for

Of course you can never stop this sort
of  crime completely, but you can make
things harder for the thieves, so that
it's less attractive to take it.  Some

-  Don't  use  envelopes that just fit
around  the  object  you want to mail.
Use  a larger envelope then needed, so
that  the object you mail is harder to
be  recognized by the thief.  Fill the
empty  space  with  some light plastic
bubbles or paperwaste.When you want to
mail  a  (Video)tape/Cd  whatever it's
very  easy  for  a  thief to recognize
this in a tight envelope.  Postmen can
feel  with their hands that the object
is  massive  in some seconds.  So when
you use a larger envelope (can be with
bubbles  inside)  and filled up space,
it's more confusing for the postmen.

-  Write the address of the person you
want  to  mail  it  too  big.  Because
that's not so attractive for the thief
to  label it with his/her address.  As
the  label  will never cover the whole
address  then.   And if you write down
an  address,  never use a light color,
prefer using black/darkblue etc.  This
is  much  clearer  and you'll see that
easy  through  a  label.   If you just
aren't capable of writing big then use
a marker or a thick pencil.

-  Another  method  to avoid your mail
getting  labeled by a thief is placing
the  stamp near the address.  When the
thief wants to put his label over your
address he also has to cover a part of
the  stamp  which  makes marking it by
computer   impossible.   So  when  the
marking  will  be  done  by  hand, the
postmen  will  see  that  somebody has
labeled  your mail.  As the stamps are
covered  with a piece of label and you
can see the address through the label.
If  the  stamps were marked before the
sorting  you will see the mark through
the  label  of  the  thief  too  which
certainly makes it conspicuous.

-   Cover   the  weak  spots  of  your
envelope  with  tape,  mostly that are
the  places  where you have closed the
envelope  before  you mailed it.  When
you  use tape it's harder to open than
when you just close it normally.

- If you think that the surcharge that
is   attached   to  a  piece  of  mail
addressed  to  you  is  high  or seems
suspicious.   Always  let  it  check a
second  time  by  another  postman, or
contact   the   manager  of  the  head
postoffice  in  your  town.  Also when
you  see  that the envelope was opened
by somebody else first and then closed

You  can  maybe  think  of  some  more
things...   These tips of course can't
guarantee  you  that  it'll arrive for
the  full 100 percent, but it's better
than using nothing.

If  you  really want to make sure that
your  piece  of  mail arrives then you
can  always  send it registered.  This
will also be processed the same way as
normal  mail,  only it gets registered
everytime  by  a computer where it is.
That's   why   it's   labeled  with  a
(bar-)code,  if  it  doesn't arrive at
your  home  you  can  always  check up
where it has been the last time.

If  you  still  want  more  security I
advise  you  to  contact  the  nearest
parcel service like DHL, Fedex, UPS in
your  town.   They work with their own
distribution-network   which  is  much
better  compared  to the ones from the
Post-offices  in  your  country around

Well,  I have been talking all the way
about the post in The Netherlands, but
it  can  of course also happen in your
country.  So keep your eyes open!



"Cheating,  there are so many ways..."
by React! 

Since   the  rising  of  Post  Offices
around  the world and the high postage
rates  that  are  getting raised every
year,  people  started to find out how
to    mail   their   things   cheaper.
Cheating  was  the  solution.   I know
there   has   been   written  alot  of
articles  about  this  subject  in the
past,  but  things change, so does the
post  and  the  ways  of cheating.  In
this  Article  I  will publish new and
old methods that have been approved to
work  properly.   Ofcourse  there  are
exceptions,  it  depends  on how smart
the  post  in  your  country  is.  For
instance,  the  Dutch  Post  (PTT)  in
Holland,  where  I live, already knows
all  these  tricks.   So these cheated
methods  hardly  work here.  They have
put  some addresses on a blacklist, on
this   list   are   people   who   get
suspicious  mail.   For instance, mail
that's   cheated,   lowpayed   or  not
legally  mailed.   Everytime  that the
mail has to be sorted out here, before
it'll  be delivered, the postmen check
the    mail   from   these   blacklist
addresses  twice  as good.  They check
weight,  sometimes  contents  and they
even  rub  with  a wet finger over the
postmark  to  see  if  it goes off the
stamp.    Really   absurd,   but  it's
reality  here in Holland.  Ofcourse it
doesn't  happen everywhere in Holland,
but  you  see  it happening very often
now.   And  this might be happening in
your  town  too,  maybe in a different
way, but you won't even notice it when
you're too busy.  So be ware!  Here we

- Colorcopy.

Make  a colorcopy of a sheet full with
stamps.  The colorcopies are of such a
good quality these days that you can't
tell  them  apart.  The only thing you
have  to do is cut the stamps from the
copied  sheet  and  stick them on your
mail.  Ofcourse keep the real sheet of
stamps  as  original,  so you can copy
them  all  over  again  when  you need
them.   BTW,  not every copyshop let's
you  colorcopy  these  stamps, as they
sometimes know what you're going to do
with  it.   :)  You can give as excuse
that  the  sheet of stamps will be the
cover  of  a  project you're doing for
school  about  stamps and mailing.  Of
course, you can think of more excuses,
just improvise.

- Tape.

One of the old-school methods...  Very
often used in the early days, when the
post-offices   were   really   stupid!
Nowdays,  the quality of tape has been
improved   alot.    It  doesn't  blink
anymore, completely transparant, which
makes  cheating  better.   A  good and
known brand is 3M Scotch Tape, this is
also   the  best  tape  to  make  this
cheatingmethod  work.   You can buy it
in  any  decent  hobby/bookstore.  You
just  put a stamp on a decent surface,
for  instance  a  table.  Then you put
some tape on the stamp which hopefully
will  cover  the  whole stamp.  If the
stamp is too big, you must put another
piece  of  tape  next  to  it.  But be
precise  in it, as there musn't be any
space  between the two pieces of tape.
Also  put  some  tape  on the back, so
it'll  be stronger and not such a weak
piece  of paper.  Now you only have to
cut  off the pieces of tape that stick
out  on the sides of the stamp.  Use a
sharp  hobbyknife  to finish this job,
it's  ready to use now.  Just stick it
with some glue on your mail.  When you
get  the stamp back you just pass over
a  sponge  and  the  postmark will get
off.   Get  the stamp off the envelope
and  you  have  your stamp back again,
ready to be re-used.

- Glue.

I   believe  this  is  with  the  Tape
method,  one of the most used cheating
methods  these  days.   For  the  best
results  you  need  a glue that hardly
smells  and not blinks, so it's harder
to  detect  it  from an original clean
stamp.   You  just  stick the stamp on
the  mail,  and take a bit of the glue
on your finger.  You rub and spread it
out  on  the  stamp,  so it'll be good
covered.   Don't  forget  to  put some
glue  on  the  sides  too,  but  don't
spread  it  out where it's not needed!
Let  it  dry  and  it's  ready to use.
When  you get the stamp back, you just
pass   the  sponge  over  it  and  the
postmark  will  go off.  Then you have
to  soak  the stamp in some warm water
to get it of the old envelope.  Let it
dry  and  you  have  a  clean original
stamp  again.   Remember  that  you've
washed  the  glue  off  now, so if you
want to re-use it you have to put some
glue on it again, spread it out, etc.

If  you're  in  the situation that you
can't  use  a  good glue, you can also
use   other   substances   like  Soap,
Hairspray,  Gel,  Candy  etc.  Just to
name  some,  but those are not so good
as  glue, it mostly blinks alot, makes
the  stamp  change  color and makes it
smell.   The  best  glue  till  now is
wallpaperglue,    it   has   all   the
advantages  that  is  needed  to  have

- Acid.

A  complete  new  form  for me, but it
seems  to  work really good.  A method
invented  around these days.  The acid
must  be  something  like  a paint/ink
remover, you can buy this stuff in any
Drug- or Artstore.  You just soak your
finger or an old cloth in the acid and
then  you  rub  it on the stamp marked
with  the  postmark.   If it's correct
the  postmark  will be removed.  Don't
rub  too  hard,  or else you'll damage
the  stamp.   The  post  uses  in some
countries  an  ink  that  won't go off
completely  as  the  stamp absorbs the
ink when it's marked.

Further  you  can  use  alot of stamps
with  a low value instead of one stamp
with  a high value.  For instance when
you  have to mail a parcel which needs
Fl  10,-  Guilders  of  postage on it.
You won't buy a Fl 10,- Guilder stamp,
you  just buy 2 Fl 5,- Guilders Stamps
or  even  better  is  buying 20 stamps
with  the  value  of  50 cents, or any
similar value.  Spread the stamps over
the  piece  of  mail, you can think of
many  ways.   Sticking  the  stamps in
every  corner  or  on  the back of the
mail,  whatever.  Because the distance
between  these stamps are too big, the
markingmachine won't get all stamps in
reach  to give them this postmark.  So
there  are always some stamps unmarked
which you can re-use again.  Sometimes
postmen  will  grab this mail and mark
the  stamps by hand.  But then you can
use  afterwards  some  acid  to get if

- Lowpaying.

With  this  method  you're not putting
enough stamps on the envelope.  In the
early   days  it  was  often  used  in
Germany   and   The  Netherlands,  but
nowadays it seems possible everywhere.
People   sometimes  also  send  it  as
Printed  Matters  (Like  'Drukwerk' in
The  Netherlands & 'Warensendungen' in
Germany)  as  you have to pay less for
it.   Often the post won't even notice
it,  as  they  have to process alot of
mail every day.

This next form is really weird that it
can  be  used,  but  this really works
when  you're  sending  stuff  to  your
foreign friends abroad.

A  pack of cigarettes often contains a
rectangular  or  square seal on top to
show  the consumer that it hasn't been
opened.   If  you  carefully take this
seal  off  you  can use it as a stamp.
It has the right size, shape and look.
If  you  take a closer look you'll see
the  price  of  the  cigarettes in the
currency  of  your  country written in
big characters on it.  Further there's
some  more  info written in some small
characters   about  the  contents  and
where  it's  made  etc.  This price is
now   the  the  postagevalue  of  your
stamp.   The  rest  is  easy, you just
stick  this seal with some glue on the
envelope  and it's ready to use.  Just
like  you  do  with an original stamp.
If you want you can cheat or colorcopy
it,  so  you  can re-use it again.  If
you're  a  non-smoker  there  are also
similar  forms  that  can  replace the
cigarette-seal       like       saving
stamps/coupons  from  supermarkets and

A  legal  way  of  cheating,  is  that
possible?!  Yes, but this is not handy
when  you're  swapping  with  alot  of
people.    But  it's  always  nice  to

Sometimes  you'll  find  stamps with a
small  wax-coating  on it, esspecially
when  there's  a new stamp released by
the post.  They put this coat on it to
make  it  shine and blink alittle.  So
you  don't  have  to cheat it anymore,
the post already did that for you!  :)
When  you  get  these  stamps back you
just have to rub with a sponge over it
and  if it's correct the mark will get
off too together with the wax-coating.
So  rubbing  the postmark off when you
use  it the second time won't work, as
the  coating was already gone when you
used  the  sponge the first time.  You
find   these  coated  stamps  alot  in
Germany,  Hungary and The Netherlands.
Maybe it's in your country too...

Some  methods  discribed  above can be
combined,   like   colorcopied  stamps
cheated  with  glue or tape.  You have
more combinations and experimenting is
the  only  way  to find out what suits
you  best.   Like I said before it all
depends  on how smart the post in your
country is.

BTW.   I WON'T take any responsibility
for  damage, getting caught etc.  It's
up  to  you  if you use it or not.  If
you're  using  these  methods  or  any
similar    form   of   it,   YOU   ARE
responsible  for  your actions and NOT
ME!   If  you  do it, do it right!  So
don't write your address down on discs
or  on a piece of paper that is in the
envelope as the chance that you'll get
caught  by post or cops is much bigger



"Ascii's,     just     some     simple
characters?!" by React!  

Ascii,  a  form of art to express your
creativity.  It's getting used alot in
the modem-scene for menu's, file id's,
etc.   But  also  for adverts, letters
and  for  infront  of productions.  At
the  moment it's getting more and more
appreciated    by   the   sceners   as
ascii-charts  and  ascii-magazines are
getting  produced.  Which you couldn't
find  so  often  in  the  early  days.
Further  you  could satisfy your eye's
with  some  Ascii-Demo's  and  I heard
that  there were even Ascii Compo's at
different  parties.   So  you  can see
progress in the world of Ascii's.

Programs  like 'Iff to Ascii' make the
life  of  an (lazy) Artist much easier
than in the past.  Making nice letters
you've  drawn  in Dpaint are now to be
admired  in Ascii-Format too.  This is
just  something  small to make Ascii's
more  nice,  something  to expand your

Nowadays  everybody seems to be making
Ascii's,  there  are  getting  alot of
Ascii-Collections released every week.
There  are  really  alot of cool ones,
but  most  of them are crap, as people
think it's so easy to make them.  They
just  put  a  character here and there
and  then  you  have  a nice creation.
Well,   forget  it!   Every  character
that's  placed  on the screen has been
thought about it first.  Sometimes you
can even ruin a logo or picture if you
have inserted one or two characters to
much.   It's  just  like  painting  or
making  graphics,  a  stripe  or  some
pixels  to much can make the work give
a bad look.

It  takes practice to make some decent
things,  you can't just make something
perfect  for  the first time.  You can
really  see  who's  a  real artist and
who's  not,  as  some  people are just
copying other styles and changing just
some   characters   to  make  it  look
different.   I  even  saw some artists
using   some   ideas   from  (unknown)
artists  without  giving them credits.
And  then  these  people say that they
have created it.  I hear you say, this
makes  the  competition  much more fun
and  better.  Well, I don't agree that
with  you, as it's using somebody else
his  work  just to make your name more
known.   Copying  things and giving no
credits  shows that this person hasn't
any  creativity  at all and no respect
for  other  people's  and its work.  I
don't   call   that  competition,  but

Any  similarities  between  artists is
normal,  as  they  get  influenced  by
each- others style without knowing it.
But  an  immediate  ripoff  is easy to
detect  from influenced work.  Copying
is  not  the same as being inspired by
something.  I agree with the Hugo Boss
respect  to  all  the  original  Ascii
Artists around the globe.


PS  :   Thanks  to  Mortimer Twang for
some info!


by Chiron


Winter  is  the season in which people
try  to  keep  the house as warm as it
was   in   the   summer,   when   they
complained about the heat. 

If anything can go wrong, it will.

If  all the salmon caught in Canada in
one  year  were laid end to end across
the  Sahara Desert, the smell would be
absolutely awful.

Lunatic Asylum: The place  where opti-
mism most flourishes.

It's really quite a simple choice:
Life, Death or Amsterdam.

Always  borrow money from a pessimist;
he doesn't expect to be paid back.

Dentist:    A   Prestidigitator   who,
putting  metal  in  one's mouth, pulls
coins   out   of  one's  pockets.
-- Ambrose Bierce

If  bankers  can  count, how come they
have   eight  windows  and  only  four

In  a  five year period we can get one
superb  programming language.  Only we
can't   control  when  the  five  year
period will begin.

Barach's Rule:
An  alcoholic  is  a person who drinks
more than his own physician.

The  trouble  with  being  punctual is
that  people  think  you  have nothing
more important to do.

Micro  Credo:   Never trust a computer
bigger than you can lift.

If I kiss you, that is a psychological
interaction.   On the other hand, if I
hit  you  over  the head with a brick,
that     is     also     psychological
interaction.   The  difference is that
one  is  friendly and the other is not
so  friendly.  The crucial point is if
you can tell which is which.

The  probability  of  someone watching
you  is  proportional to the stupidity
of your action.

Enzymes   are   things   invented   by
biologists  that  explain things which
otherwise require harder thinking.
-- Jerome Lettvin

SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
You  are shrewd in business and cannot
be  trusted.   You  will  achieve  the
pinnacle  of  success  because of your
total  lack  of  ethics.  Most scorpio
people are murdered.

God  isn't dead, he just couldn't find
a parking place.

Be  wary of strong drink.  It can make
you shoot at tax collectors and miss.

One  good  reason why computers can do
more  work  than  people  is that they
never  have  to  stop  and  answer the

Tomorrow  will be canceled due to lack
of interest.

There  is  so  much  sand  in Northern
Africa  that  if it were spread out it
would   completely  cover  the  Sahara

Flon's Law:
There is not now, and never will be, a
language  in which it is the least bit
difficult to write bad programs.

Famous last words:

Passionate hatred can give meaning and
purpose to an empty life.

Anyone  who  hates Dogs and Kids Can't
be All Bad. -- W.C.  Fields

The  cost  of  living  hasn't effected
it's popularity.

On  a  paper  submitted by a physicist
colleague:   "This  isn't right.  This
isn't even wrong" -- Wolfgang Pauli

A  diplomat  is a man who can convince
his  wife  she'd  look  stout in a fur

Liar:    a   lawyer   with   a  roving

An  Englishman  never  enjoys  himself
except for a noble purpose.

People  who  have  what  they want are
very   fond   of  telling  people  who
haven't what they want that they don't
want it.

Let  He who taketh the Plunge Remember
to return it by Tuesday.

Good  advise  is something a man gives
when  he  is  too  old  to  set  a bad
example.  -- La Rouchefoucauld

Avoid  Quiet and placid persons unless
you are in Need for Sleep.

A  classic is something that everybody
wants to have read and nobody wants to
read.  -- Mark Twain


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   \_____|         |______/  |____/   |__/      |______/    ::::::::::::.    

	|   w H E N   ??

The Saturne Party 4 will start on Friday, 1st of November 1996 at 10:00am
and will end on Sunday, 3rd of November at 2:00pm.

	|   w H E R E   ??

This demo-party will be held in France, at Chelles, a town situated at about
15kms East from Paris.
Very easy to reach, important and free parking.
Address of the party place:
	Centre Culturel de Chelles
	place des Martyrs de Chateaubriant
	77500 Chelles
	France !
The main room can welcome more that 1,000 people and offers a lot of
facilities like WC, showers and public phones at the nearby.
There'll be another room, silent and confortable, for sleeping (don't forget
your sleeping bag !).
A bar will be open 24 hours a day with sandwiches, pizzas, sodas, etc. at
very low prices.
An information-point will try to answer all your questions and problems
during the party.
You could also bring demos or others to be seen on the giant screen there.
A local computer dealer will be present to offer you all needed peripherals
and materials (disks, hard drives, cd-rom drives, etc.) at quite nice prices.

	|   t H E   p R I Z E S   ??

The entrance fee is 120 FF (for all 3 days).
Only french currencies will be accepted.
Free for girls !!!
50% of all entrance fees will go for the competitions.

	|   t H E   c O M P E T I T I O N S   ??

Amiga Demos:
	A1200, accel. card with at 68030 at 50MHz, 8Mb of Fast.
PC Demos:
	Pentium 120MHz, 8Mb of ram, Soundblaster or Gravis sound card,
	max. video resolution is 640x480.
64Kb Intros:
	All the same than for demos, but file is limited to 64Kb.
	One competition for both PC and Amiga !!!
	2 separated competitions : drawing and raytracing.
	Drawing : max. resolution is 640x512 with 256 colors.
	Raytracing : max. resolution is 640x512 with 16M colors.
Music :
	Module with 4 to 32 voices, all file formats accepted by Cubic
	Player (Protracker, XM, S3M, etc.)
Wild Compo :
	All machines (Falcon, SGI, etc.) and videos (VHS, S-VHS)

All people present at the party place could vote for all competitions.
You'll be asked to vote right after each competition.
There'll be 3 winners in each competition, all winning a proportionnal
amount of cash depending on the number of people present.

	|   e X T R A C T S   f R O M   t H E   r U L E S   !!

All competitors have to be present at the party place.
Only one demo and one intro per coder.
Only one picture per artist.
Only one module per musician.
There could be selections for all competitions, made by the organisers.
All productions will be spreaded right after the competitions, even if they
have not been selected.

You are entirely responsible of all your materials !
All illegal software are forbidden !

Smoking, alcohol and drugs are not allowed inside the party place !
All trouble makers will be immediately expulsed out of the party place !
Don't bring up a big hifi, you'd be asked you to shut it down !
Cooking is not allowed inside the party place !

	|   s A T U R N E ' S   " e X C L U S I V E S "   !!

Giant screen : 6m x 4.5m
Professionnal hifi equipment
Network games competitions (Duke Nukem 3D...)
Sexy dancing girls
Great animations and ambient !
Some professionnals will be present too and will certainely search for
talented people.
A CD-Rom containing all the productions released at the party will be avaiable
about one week after it for 99,-FF (booking possible at the party place)
NEW NEWS !!!	--> Starting today, a fabulous intro-invitation competition !
		--> Realize an intro on the machine you want, with ALL the
		--> present text file included in (english AND french versions).
		--> Then, send it to us before the 1st of October, last limit.
		--> Winners will receive their wonderful prize during the party,
		--> it's not a part of those 50% entrance fees.
		--> No restrictions, no boring rules...
		--> ... Just be creative and original !

	|   h O W   t O   r E A C H   t H E   p L A C E   ??

By plane :
	From Roissy-Charlles De Gaulle or Orly airports, take a bus to the
	East Station (Paris), then follow the "By train" indications.
By train :
	From all stations in Paris, but East Station, take the subway to the
	East Station.
	From the East Station, take a train to "Chelles-Gournay", then follow
	the signs to the "Saturne Party" (5 minutes walk).
By car :
	From Lille (Belgium, Holland), take the A1 Higway to "Paris". Follow
	the A104 one to "Metz/Nancy", then go out at Chelles and follow the
	From Metz/Nancy (Germany), take the A4 Highway to "Paris". Follow the
	A104 one to "Lille", then go out at Chelles and follow the signs.
	From Bordeaux (Spain), take the A10 Highway to "Paris". Follow the
	A104 one to "Lille", then go out at Chelles and follow the signs.
	From Lyon (Italy, Switzerland), take the A6 Highway to "Paris". Follow
	the A104 one to "Lille", then go out at Chelles and follow the signs.

	|   t O   c O N T A C T   u S ...

By mail :
	Saturne Party 4
	Stphane Vasseur
	23 rue des Beaux-Regards
	77450 Esbly
By phone :
	Guillaume - +33 (01)
	Vincent  - +33 (01)
By BBS :
	Big Bug BBS - +33 (01)
By E-mail :



  Will there be a future for Amiga?


The Situation abround Amiga these days
is very critical, there are Less games
out these day's, and you cant feel any
support from the owners of Amiga?  Are
there comming new models soon or not?.
Well  nobody  can say something  about
that , but  there are  companies bussy
with  the PowerPC  project  that's for
sure! But  nobody  knows if  this  NEW
machine  will be the thing were every-
body is waiting for.  Because lot's of
people  sold  their Amiga and buyz PC!
Because  PC  is getting better all the
time,  but  for Amiga  there is almost
no  progress!!  But  there  is  a  new
company involved called PIOS , wich is
very bussy with a PowerPC project, and
they say that they will have a PowerPC
Amiga system ready for  the end of the
year!  I  hope these guys will make it
but i don't beleve in their words. But
one thing is for sure, there are lot's
of Amiga lovers overthere: 

Dave Haynie - Project Manager Hardware
              Designer of A2/3/4000.

Andy Finkel - Project Manager Software
              One of the man behind
              the AmigaOS.

Peter Kittel- Former Head of Amiga-

John Smith  - Worked for 7 years at
              CBM England.

Maybe  we  can  hear  a  lot  of  this
company,  but  first  we  want  to see
some  improvements!  They  have  plans
to  make  a  kind  of a Amiga emulator
on  a  PowerPC based system, and after
that  they  want  to  port  the  whole
system  to PowerPC.  They say this way
is  the  best way to  port Amiga os to
PowerPC.  I hope these guys keep their

Meanwile Phase5 is still very bussy on
their  own  PowerPC  project, and they
said that  they will  have a  complete
PowerPC board ready at the end of this
year for  Amiga 3000  and  4000. In my
opinion is  Phase-55  a  mutch  better
company  than  PIOS, but at the end of
the  year  we  will  see wich one will
keep it's promise!

 What will they need for a 100% Killer
            Amiga Machine:


If these companies wat to get the
Amiga back as it was in 1990. Then
they have to make 2 models: LowEnd and
and HighEnd machines!

LowEnd (Wich includes):


  - PowerPC 603 or 604e.
  - A fully 24 bit supported graphics
    interface. All 50Hz, no laced
    modes anymore.
  - 16 Bit 24/32Channel Sound.
  - Custom Chips: 3D GFX!, Faast
    copper, Faast Blitter. Realtime
    chunkey to planner conversion.
  - 3.5 Inch HardDrive (IDE).
  - HD-Disk Drive.    
  - TV Composyt/Scart connection.
  - Little LAN network build in
    for games and networking.
  - PCI bus. (No more Zorro).
  - Tower (No DeskTop!).
  - AmigaOS 4.0 (More flexibility
    with the Window Managing!).
  - Price Around : $800-$1000,-

HighEnd (Wich includes):


  - A fully 24 supported graphics
    interface. All 50Hz-90Hz non
    laced resolutions up to:
    1600 x 1200.
  - Custom Chips: Faast copper, Faast
    Blitter.3D Graphics like: Zbuffer,
    fogging, texture mapping, OpenGL
    standard. Realtime chunkey to
    planner conversion.
  - 3.5 Inch HardDrive (IDE).
  - HD-Disk Drive.    
  - TV Composyt/Scart/VGA connection.
  - Little LAN network build in
    for networking and games.
  - PCI bus. (No more Zorro).
  - Tower (No DeskTop!).
  - AmigaOS 4.0 (More flexibility
    with the Window Managing!).

  - Price Around : $2000-$3000,-



 - Preception Motion Video Card.
 - PAR Motion Video Card.
 - Whide SCSII card.
 - Faast 24 Bit system upgrade
   like SGI/SUN.

We all Amiga  lovers hope the best for
the  Amiga,  but  everything  is still
unsure! Hope to inform you with better
news in the next issue  of HokuSPokuS.





- Axis (Coder) Joined Artwork from Oxyron.
- Graham (Coder) Joined Artwork from Oxyron.


- ANTHONY seems to be very inactive. Maybe he left the scene?
- LOWLIFE went to england to work as graphic artist for a game
  company called DOMARK.
- TIM ditto! (But oly then as coder). 


-Tim (coder) has a job in the UK.

Desire (Facet's Pussy):

- Riox Left Desire and joined MeLLoW, he was the last member of the group.
- Riox is now father of his justborn child (It's A GIRL!!!!) Congrats. Riox!
- Desire is dead.


- Candyman left the giants and went to Session.


- There mag is out or should be out very soon.


- Gato (Swapper) joined.
- Beast (Graphician) joined from Magic12.
- EFT (Coder) started working on a new project maybe for Saturne-4.


- Riox (ex-Desire) Joined MeLLoW as demo/intro coder.
- Sane (ex-Monk) Joned MeLLoW as fulltime editor of HokuSPokuS.
- Tall (ex-Surprise!Productions) Joined MeLLoW as HP spreader. 


- Monk is dead.
- Chiron (ex-Jay One), the graphician
  left the scene!
- Sane (editor) left Monk and joined MeLLoW.
- Sane/Mellow is a fulltime editor of Hokus Pokus.
- Vicious/Monk (coder) has no inspiration for the scene
- React/Monk (swapper) left Monk to stay independant.
- SnapCap/Monk (coder) left the scene.
- Trinity (the diskmag)/Monk is dead!!!


- Magnet (the new diskmag) will not be released in 1996.
- Python/ex-TPDL joined Nah-Kolor.


- RAW is dead!!
- RAW 10 will never be released?, the articles are on Raw-online!
- Lord Helmet is back but not for RAW!
- Astro sold his A1200? did he left the scene?
- Is Astro having a baby ???
- Some day's ago RAW 10 was released (only the articles/pics/mods)
  no complete diskmag, just some files.


- Magic Nah-Kolor will be the new editor of ShowTime.
- ShowTime will be released in the end of September. 


- Candyman joined session (Left Giants).


- Tall left Surprise!Productions
- Surprise!Productions seems to be dead. Tall was the last member.

   The big world news about Amiga!





Phase-5 is commin' up with new hard-
ware.  Phase-5  introduced their new
CyberVison 3D  Graphics  card,  wich
can  do:  Texture Mapping,  Fogging,
Shading. The CyberVision-3d is based
on  the  Virge  chipset  of S3. Wich
gives   the   possebilities   to  do
realtime  graphics,  like 3D engines
OpenGL  modeling  in  LightWave etc.

Phase5 Introduced their new Blizzard
1240/ERC  (68040/40Mhz  +  FPU/MMU).
For cheap  prices:  Around  700  DM.



 - A complte Amiga system before the
   end of this year.

 More  info  about  PIOS read 'Amiga
 And  It's  future'  in  this  mag!.



It seems to be that the group US is
bussy with a nice game. The game is
called: Double Agent, and looks like
Spy vs Spy, we all know from the c64
days (ofcoz there was an Amiga
version of Spy Vs Spy), but this one
looks mutch better, better style
better graphics. We hope that we can
receive the game very soon. Or is it
just a fake?

New Programs?:


New programs  are  comming out? When
we  look at  some  of  the  software
houses,  it  seems  that  the  Amiga
is  worth  enough  for some software
houses to make new software for this
machine. Like the 'new'  release  of
PhotoGenics 2, wich has lot's of new
features  for  image  processing.  A
must have when you are doing  foto-
styling. And it  seems  to  be  that
ProDad was very bussy the last moth.
They  released  their  new  program:
Monument  Designer ,  a  Scala  like
program, only  this  one works a bit
different  and  has  other features.
It's  now  waiting for all the other
companies  to  come  up with updates
for the Amiga like  makers of ADPRO,
Electronic Arts (Dpaint),        SAS
institute (C/C++),  Hi-Soft (Pascal)
EuroPress (Amos),  Makers of PPaint,
and lot's more.  But  one  thing  is
for sure,  if  there  will be no new
Amiga soon,  these  software  houses
will never release software any more
And then it will be  the end of this
Jay-miner  (And his team)  Creation!

GVP 060?:


GVP introduced their new  A4000DT060
turbo board. Lot's of people thought
that GVP  was  dead, but this is the
first sign  of the  NEW  GVP-M, they
designed  a new  turbo board for the
Amiga 4000,  a  060  wich can handle
processors  up  to  66Mhz,   (faster
then  the  CyberStorm  from Phase5),
with  a  max  of 128MB memory on the
card (4x32MB).  On  the  board there
is   a   FastSCSI-2  Dma  controller
mounted,  wich  is  using a NCR SCSI
chip  for  very  fast transver rates.
At  the  end of  the year there will
be  versions  available  for  A3000T
and A4000T.

EAGLE Amiga?:


Eagle Amiga.  A  new  production  of 
Amiga  clones.   Amiga  Technologies
gave  license  to the German company
Eagle.  Eagle  is  going  to  design
their  own  Amiga  mother  board for
the  Eagle 4000 tower. On this Eagle
mother  board  are  7  Zorro3  ports
and  2  video  ports.  Ofcourse  the
chipset is stil Aga.  And  Kickstart
is still 3.1. Price Around:  2800 DM

 >HanDle & GroUp      : 
 >VoTEsHEeT SprEAd BY : Rayon / Producer of HokuSPokuS.

 :           Dutch Charts              :           Dutch Charts              :
 :CODERS.      -> 1.                   | BOARDS.      -> 1.                  |
 :                2.                   |                 2.                  |
 :                3.                   |                 3.                  |
 :GRAPHICIANS. -> 1.                   | GROUPS.      -> 1.                  |
 :                2.                   |                 2.                  |
 :                3.                   |                 3.                  |
 :MUSICIANS.   -> 1.                   | PRODUCTIONS. -> 1.                  |
 :                2.                   |                 2.                  |
 :                3.                   |                 3.                  |
 :SWAPPERS.    -> 1.                   |
 :                2.                   |
 :                3.                   |

:                     SeNd The FiLleD VoTeSHeEt To :                       :

                              Rayon / MeLLoW
                               OudeVaart 38.
                           1749ch  Warmenhuizen.
                             The Netherlands.


   Or Just Upload It On >> THE UNDISCOVERED BBS << In Area REQUESTS! And
                   Leave Mail To Me That You Posted It.



         |    |                    |                            |

           Nr:  Voter:               Group:                    

           01   Coolio               Grasshoppers
           02   Pantera              Balance
           03   Vega                 RamJam
           04   Morino               TheFect
           05   Hotitepper           RISM^SCS
           06   Moone                Fresh
           07   The King             Erotic Design
           08   Immortal             Freezers
           09   Plusster             Factor
           10   LFO                  Phuture 303
           11   Devistator           Eltech!
           12   Fogazi               Giants
           13   Haralampie           Gillette
           14   TAL                  Surprise Productions
           15   Noodle               Haujobb/MeLLoW
           16   SDS                  RNO
           17   Fashion              ex: Static Bytes
           18   Gangsta              Scoopex
           19   KANEDA               Grasshoppers
           20   QBA                  Nah-Kolor
           21   HardFire             NGC/Intense
           22   Magic                NAH-Kolor
           23   Elliott              Reality
           24   Tim                  Axis
           25   LowLife              Axis
           26   Radavi               Royal
           27   Astro                CNCD
           28   Kerstel              Syndrome
           29   Sane                 MeLLoW
           30   Celtic               Axis/SmeLLoN
           31   Candyman             Session
           32   RABL                 VOID
           33   KaosMaster           Technology
           34   DRAC                 Ambrosia/p303/Scalaris
           35   Groover              PaCifIc
           36   Phase                CDS^NPL
           37   Braindead
           38   Gangsta              Scoopex/Head!
           39   LightNing
           40   Action
           41   Infant               Essence?
           42   Rooster              Vision
           43   Sear                 Dylem
           44   BOOBA                Sector5/Venal
           45   RAYON                MeLLoW MerchandiZe!

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Productions:                   Amount of votes:

           01   Big Time/Axis                  20

           02   PictureBook/Axis                7
           03   Groovy/Lemon                    6
                Numb/Movement                   6
                Menace/Desire                   6
                Numb/Movement                   6
           04   Unknown Territory/Axis          4
                HokuSPokuS - MeLLoW             4
                Tag/Jetset                      4
                Exile/Desire                    4
           05   Can't Be/Vision                 3
                FairyTale/Axis                  3
           06   Rinkadink/Lemon                 2
                Troep - MeLLoW                  2
                Forgotten/Mirage                2
                Molested Music's - MeLLoW       2
                ChitChat                        2
                OverLoad / JetSet               2
           07   Speed                           1
                Time & Emotion                  1
                Anounce/Lemon                   1
                Kleine Jongen                   1
                NixMisMee/Effect                1
                Scandal / Desire                1
                Bauaua / Reality                1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Groups:                        Amount of votes:

           01    Axis                          26

           02    Desire - FP  (DEAD!)          19
           03    MeLLoW                        11
           04    LEMON                         9
           05    Monk                          5
           06    Quartex                       4
           07    Movement                      2
                 SmeLLoN                       2
                 Reality                       2
                 Mirage                        2
                 Divas                         2
           08    Vision                        1
                 NAH-Kolor                     1 (Own Vote)
                 Jetset                        1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Boards:                        Amount of votes:  

           01   Boondocks                      14

           02   The Undiscovered/IFT/MST/RYL    7
                Neon City                       7
           03   Mystical Places                 5
           04   The Southern Tribe              3
           05   The Pay Off                     2
                NightShift / MeLLoW             2
                Dreamscape                      2
                Logic Systems                   2
           06   The Lab                         1
                Wild Palms                      1
                No Vegetables/Mirage            1
                World Of Elite                  1

Again no TraderList because of the lack of Ami-Express coders.
If you are an Ami-Express coder and you want to create a util
for Ami-Express wich counts every DL/UL activity of every user.

Contact us at:

Rayon / MeLLoW
HokuSPokuS Ami-Tool
OudeVaart 38
1749CH  WarmenHuizen


         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Swappers:                      Amount of votes:

           01   Noodle/Haujobb/MeLLoW-HPsprd  24 (Unbeatable)

           02   Coolio/GrassHoppers           14 (Good NewCommer)
           03   Celtic/Axis/Smellon           12
           04   React/Independed              11 
           05   Sascha/MeLLoW/Talent           6
           06   Radavi/Effect                  5
           07   Astro/Movement                 4
           08   Huib/MeLLoW                    3
           09   Magic/Mirage                   2
                Fiction                        2
                Styles                         2
                Fate/Outlaws                   2
                Kr'33/Spaceballs               2
           10   Rabl                           1
                Rayon/MeLLoW                   1
                Sane/Monk                      1
                Ramon b5/Desire                1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Musicians:                     Amount of votes:

           01   911/Movement                   22

           02   Super Nao/Lemon Point          21
           03   Fabian/Desire                  12
           04   Iso/Axis                        5
           05   Msw/Effect                      4
           06   HEIN/Vivid                      3
                Huib/MeLLoW                     3
           07   KrypTon/MeLLoW                  2
                BazzMan/MeLLoW                  2
                Jayce                           2
           08   Toxic                           1
                The Wizz/Reality                1
                Prodigy                         1
                Ratbone/Desire                  1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Graphicians:                   Amount of votes:

           01    Facet/Lemon                   36                           

           02    Danny/Spaceballs              28                            
           03    Lowlife/Axis                  15                           
           04    Hein/Spaceballs               13                             
           05    Huib/MeLLoW                    6
                 Eros (Eswat)/Paradox           6                              
           06    Solid/Cryptoburners            3                             
           07    Senze/Jetset (Seck4)           3
           08    CHIRON (Ex-jay one)/MONK       2                               
                 Elliot/Spaceballs              2                               

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Coders:                        Amount of votes:  

           01     Antony/Axis                  27

           02     Dope/Spaceballs              18
           03     Tim/Spaceballs               15
           04     Celtic/Axis/Smellon           7
           05     Sure/Quartex                  6
                  Jack (Crackerjack)            6
           06     Infant/Fp                     4
           07     Tsm/Vision                    3
                  Rayon/MeLLoW                  3
                  Kiwi/Effect                   3
           08     Huib/MeLLoW                   2
                  Sacha/Desire                  2
           09     Revo/Applause                 1
                  IkilledHer/URGH               1
                  Riox/MeLLoW                   1
                  Vicious/Monk                  1
                  KillRaven/MST                 1

               ... About The WORLD Charts And The Votes ...

        The  WORLD  chart for so  far  gives you  a little  idea about
        wich people are the most populair sceners.We didn't had enough
        votes for a 100% perfect chart, but this is just our first one
        and we hope to collect many more votes next issue. In the next
        issue there will be more charts, like: Best DiskMag, Best Demo
        Best Movie, Best Music CD.  We can use every vote so everybody
        send your VoteSheet!

        Cya in a next issue of HokuSPokuS!..


 >HanDle & GroUp      : 
 >VoTEsHEeT SprEAd BY : Rayon / Producer of HokuSPokuS.

 :           World Charts              :           World Charts              :
 :CODERS.      -> 1.                   | GROUPS.      -> 1.                  |
 :                2.                   |                 2.                  |
 :                3.                   |                 3.                  |
 :GRAPHICIANS. -> 1.                   | DEMOS.       -> 1.                  |
 :                2.                   |                 2.                  |
 :                3.                   |                 3.                  |
 :MUSICIANS.   -> 1.                   | DISKMAG/     -> 1.                  |
 :                2.                   | CHARTS          2.                  |
 :                3.                   |                 3.                  |
 :SWAPPERS.    -> 1.                   | MOVIE        -> 1.                  |
 :                2.                   |                 2.                  |
 :                3.                   |                 3.                  |


:                     SeNd The FiLleD VoTeSHeEt To :                       :

                              Rayon / MeLLoW
                               OudeVaart 38.
                           1749ch  Warmenhuizen.
                             The Netherlands.


   Or Just Upload It On >> THE UNDISCOVERED BBS << In Area REQUESTS! And
                   Leave Mail To Me That You Posted It.



         |    |                    |                            |

           Nr:  Voter:               Group:                    

           01   Pantera              Balance 
           02   EXL                  Vatryana
           03   Steve Jones          DEEP
           04   SplatterHead         Fanatic
           05   BOOBBA               Sector5 / Venal
           06   CandyMan             Session
           07   Plug                 Psykotrope / Intense
           08   Blaze                Phuture 303
           09   Speedy               Jewels
           10   Phisster             Factor
           11   Tal                  Surprise Productions
           12   Noodle               Haujobb
           13   Dave                 Freezers
           14   Drac                 Ambrosia/P303/Scalaris
           15   KaosMaster           Technology
           16   RABL                 VOID
           17   CandyMan             Session
           18   CeltiC               Axis
           19   Kestrel              Syndrome

         |    |                    |                            |

           Nr:  Voter:               Group:                    

           20   Sane                 MeLLoW
           21   Magic                Nah-Kolor
           22   Bifrost              IRIS
           23   Elliott              Reality
           24   Flower               IRIS
           25   Coolio               Grasshopper D
           26   Radavi               EFT/RYL/bla,bla,bla..
           27   David                
           28   Astro                CNCD & Sonik
           29   Argon                MeLLoW
           30   Rayon                MeLLoW

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Productions:                   Amount of votes:  

           01   Nexus 7 / Andromeda            10

           02   Closer / CNCD                  6
                TINT / TBL                     6
           03   Psychedelic / VD               5
           04   Twisted / Polka Brothers       3
           05   Full Moon                      2
                Mirror / Andromeda             2
                Pinch                          2
                DataWorld / Infect             2
                Passengers / 3LE               2
                Desert Dreams / Kefrens        2
           06   Love                           1
                Roots 2.0                      1
                Fashion / Syndrome             1
                Ehi / Artworks                 1
                CyberSpace                     1
                ShowTime / RAMJAM              1
                No / Polka Brothers            1
                ZIF / Parallax                 1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Productions:                   Amount of votes:  

           06   Generation X                   1
                Prey                           1
                Alien Inspiration              1
                White Premium / Freezers       1
                UnderWorld                     1
                FruitKitchen                   1
                BigTime Sentuatlity (Axis)     1
                Lyad / Alcatraz                1
                The Gate                       1
                RAW                            1
                Inference / Sanity             1
                Gevalia / Polka Brothers       1
                Arte / Sanity                  1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Groups:                        Amount of votes:  

           01   Polka Brothers                 10

           02   Virtual Dreams                 9
                Andromeda                      9
           03   Sanity                         7 
           04   CNCD                           5
           05   Artwork                        4
                The Black Lotus                4
                3 Little Elks                  4
           06   Sonik                          3
                Scoopex                        3
           07   MeLoN Design                   2
                BomB                           2
                Freezers                       2
                Balance                        2
           08   Axis                           1
                MeLLoW                         1
                Scarby                         1
                Parallax                       1
                Syndrome                       1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Groups:                        Amount of votes:  

           08   Agoa                           1
                Silents                        1
                Haujobb                        1
                Passion                        1
                Oxygene                        1
                SpaceBalls                     1
                Kefrens                        1
                Lemon                          1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Swappers:                      Amount of votes:  

           01   Skinner / Eltech               7

           02   Ghandy / GODS                  6
                QBA                            6
           03   Noodle                         5
           04   Norby                          4
                Trasher / Artwork / BomB       4
           05   Coolio                         3
                REACT                          3
                Mount / Polka Brothers         3
           06   Black Dragon                   2
                Miko 63                        2
                LFO / P303                     2
                Sascha / MeLLoW / Talent       2
                Action / Damage                2
                Decoy                          2
                Raivo                          2
                Kerstel                        2
                TAL / MeLLoW                   2
                Scarby                         2

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Swappers:                      Amount of votes:  

           07   Kalikone                       1
                HardFire / Intense             1
                Hysteric / Intense             1
                Paperboy / Simplex             1
                Crusader                       1
                Mr. King / TRSI                1
                Gangsta / Scoopex              1
                Celtic / SmeLLoN / Axis        1
                Fugazi                         1
                Lord / Abs                     1
                Mike / MST                     1
                Exion                          1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Musicians:                     Amount of votes:  

           01   Jogeir / VD                    7

           02   Dizzy / CNCD                   5
           03   CHROMAG                        4
                LizardKing / RZR 1911          4
                Jester                         4
                AudioMonster                   4
           04   Hollywood                      3
                Groo / CNCD                    3
                Slide / Polka                  3
           05   HeatBeat                       2
                Dr.Awesome                     2
                Moby / NooN                    2
                JUGI                           2
                Mortimer Twang                 2
                Virgill / Essence / Artwork    2
                Pink / Abyss                   2
           06   CUTCREATOR / PASSION           1 
                ISO / Axis (own Vote)          1
                MaF / Syndrome                 1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Musicians:                     Amount of votes:  

           06   Scorpik / Absolute             1
                Virgill / Essence              1
                StroBoy                        1
                Claus / Impact Studios         1
                WotW                           1
                DeeLite                        1
                Dreamer / Nah-Kolor            1
                Bethowen / Freezers            1
                Mr. Man / Andromeda            1
                Romeo Night / TRSI             1
                SuperNao                       1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Graphicians:                   Amount of votes:  

           01   Danny                          9

           02   Lazur / Nah-Kolor              8 
                COUGAR / SANATY                8
           03   Ra / Sanity                    7
           04   FairFax / Andromeda            5
           05   Made / BomB                    4
                Louie / Insane                 4
                Facet                          4                              
           06   Peachy / TRSI                  3
                Fade One                       3
                R.W.O                          3
                Pixie / Polka Brothers         3
           07   Mack / Melon Design            2
                SONY / BOMB                    2
           08   Bridgeclaw / GODS              1
                Rodney                         1
                Couoad / Artwork               1
                Tensuo / Syndrome              1
                DevilStar                      1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Graphicians:                   Amount of votes:  

           08   JCS                            1
                Fiver / TRSI                   1
                Walt / Melon Desing            1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Coders:                        Amount of votes:  

           01   Dr. Scull / VD                 8

           02   Dr. Jerkyl                     7 
                Mr. Hyde                       7
           03   Tsunami                        6
                Merge / Polka Brothers         6
           04   Azure / Artwork                5
           05   Ninja / Scoopex                4
                Gengis / Bomb                  4
                Chaos SVT                      4
           06   Tim / Axis                     3
                Musashi / UNION                3
                BoogyMan                       3
                Gargoyle / Polka Brothers      3
           07   Juliet                         2
                Explorer / 3LE                 2
           08   Oxbab / Oxygene                1
                Simply & Debug / Paralax       1
                Sputnik                        1
                Guille / Syndrome              1

         |    |                              |                  |

           Nr:  Coders:                        Amount of votes:  

           08   Syntax                         1
                Southnile / Freezers           1
                Stellios / Axis                1
                Alien / VD                     1
                The Spy                        1