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{g An exclusive interview with Nimrod      replaced  by  ***.  That's because ***
    - a member of the {eRAW {gstaff.         is  a  unregistered  trademark of {cPure
                                         Metal Coders {g(and now also Spaceballs)

                                         {oSR: {g   For  how  long  have  you  been
                                         wearing dresses in public?
                                         {oNR:  {g I'll give you exclusive right to
                                         the story if I start.  {n[WHAT?  -Ed]{g
                                         {oSR:{g   Who  are  you  really???  We all
                                         know  it's  rumoured that you're a{n L-5{g
                                         {nalien {gbut is this true?
                                         {oNR: {g  No,  this  is  all false rumours
{g                                         spread  by  people  who can't face the
                                         fact that {n*** {gis the best diskmag that
          Author's note:                 exists,  has  existed  and  ever  will
The  authors  would like to inform the   exist.   I  really  am  the  avatar of
readers   about   why   {nRAW {g has  been   myself.   (People  feeling  that  this
{aanswer  is  a  bit sparse will have to   {nSR:{g   Tell  us your favourite {nDestiny{g
buy   the   book  "{mGreat,  but  Humble{g   diskmagazine.
{m-Nimrod  Tells His Story{g".  (Should be
available   shortly,   at   all  major   {nNR: {g I guess {kSatanic Rites {ghave to win
retailers.))                             because   the   design,  code,  music,
                                         articles and graphics in {lSatanic Rites{g
{nSR: {g   When   will   you  start  doing   is/are   better   than  in  any  other
something   that   makes  sense  (like   diskmag published by {mDestiny{g.
writing for Satanic Rites)?
                                         {nSR:{g     Tell    us    your   favourite
{nNR: {g  I'm doing that right now, aren't   article-writers  that  are  members of
I?   Oh,  yes  it it being now a great   Destiny.
feeling  heightening  the  quality  of
inferior diskmags.  :-)                  {nNR: {g  Lord  Stradh  and Scourger.  (or
                                         Scourger and Lord Stradh.)
{nSR:{g   All the readers of {nSatanic Rites{j
know  that  everything  you  write  is   {nSR:{g  Who is your friend?
rubbish.   Where  do  you get all this
rubbish from?                            {nNR: {g Friends?

{nNR: {l Reality.{g                            {nSR: {g Except us, who are your friends?

{nNR:{g   I,  friends?   Tell me, what are   quality  magazine?   And  why  do  you
you talking about?                       think it is a quality mag?

{nSR:{g   What  is your favourite chainsaw   {nNR: {g  Because some of the articles are
label?                                   probably  the  sickest  found  in  any
{nNR: {g  I'm  not  that fanatical when it
comes to labels, so I'll just say that   {nSR:{g    Why  do  Satanic  Rites  always
reliability  is one of the qualities I   publish  the truth whilst *** doesn't?
think   is   most   important   for  a   (Example:   Sex  in  the scene!  (This
chainsaw.                                article  was  published  in *** #3 and
                                         contained a lot of "information" about
{nSR:{g   How  did  you  manage to get all   the EEC.  Sex in the scene?))
these {kmanslaughter {gconvictions on your
record?                                  {nNR: {g   I   do   not  answer  questions
                                         concerning "truth" when they come from
{nNR:{g  I can sense your admiration; hard   Satanists.
work  and  discipline  is  the secret.
You  know;  if  you  like  what you're   {nSR:{g  What is your favourite animal for
doing everything becomes so easy.        sacrificing purposes?
{nSR: {g  Do  you think {mSatanic Rites {gis a   {nNR:{g    Homo  Sapiens.   (Call  me  old
fashioned,  but I think virgins really   this.) 
are some of the best sacrifices.)
                                         {nSR:{g    Why   do  you  think  that  the
{nSR:{g   What  is  your  favourite  {mDeath{g   text-colouring   in  SR  is  extremely
{mmetal{h band?                              good?

{nNR:{g  New Kids On The Block.              {nNR:{g   Because  it  makes  people reset
                                         their computers and read *** instead.
{nSR:{g    What   does   the   theory   of
relativity mean?                         {f[YOU BASTARD! I hate you!! -Ed]{j

{nNR:{g  That {lphysicists {gcan pester people   {nSR:{g   Now  finally, the 50000 drachmar
who  can't  stand maths more than ever   question,  what  is  your name, handle
before.                                  current  military rank, social status,
                                         age,  hair  colour, genital size phone
{nSR:{g   Give  us  a short description of   number and your sexual deviations?
the Chaos Theory.
                                         {nNR:{g   Buy  the book "{nGreater, but even{g
{nNR:{g   The  chaos  in  the  universe is  {n more  Humble -Nimrod Tells another one{g
growing.   (I'm  not just saying this,   {nof  His  Stories{g" if you'd really like
it's   true.    Any   person  somewhat   to  know.   ({mProbably  to be published{g
interested  in  physics  can  tell you   {msoon.{g)
Thank  you  for the interview, {lNimrod{g.   have   revenge   after  one  of  these
Do you got any last words?               persons sent my name to a firm selling
                                         overseas  travel.   (So  I that should
                                     {g    get  a lot of junk mail (which I did))
                                         Anyhow,  if  you  feel  like sending a
                                         letter  telling how great your life in
                                         a {nSatanic congregation {gis, send it to:

                                         {nOeyvind Jakobsen,
                                         N-7140 OPPHAUG,

                                         To  all  guys  in  {nDestiny{g:  Good luck
                                         continuing  making  the {esickest {gmag on

{f                                         [Ed-   is  this  interview  for  real,
  Well,  thank  you  for the interview
(cliche).   Greetings  to  everyone  I
know!   This is a great opportunity to