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          ::::· ·::::   
          ::· .:. ·::   
           ::::·  .::.
          ::::  .::::::.   G A L M - - - - > <
          :::: ·::· .:::·

                  p  r  e  s  e  n  t  s

                The war on lamers
            ____                ____
         ___\  /___    ___   ___\  /___ ___
         \        /____\ /___\   ;:   /_\ /_       
          \/____\/   / ___ \  \______/      \___ 
   ...;;;. .    /______\ /_____\    /___________\ :,;;... .

   this is a war on some real puzzy-ass-lamers
   this is my jihad against CRO...

        George Bush 'Hi thai how are bussines going?'

        Thai 'Good just good Mr President.. by the way thanks for
              lettin me know about that planecrash on the wtc
              i was almost on my way to visit my sweet lovergirl
              on floor 14.. she didnt make it though, but i can 
              allways get a new american slut'

        George Bush 'but now.. lets get down to bussines my dearest

        Thai 'Do u know about the artscene?'

        George Bush 'NO.. but lets pretend its importent to me to'

        Thai 'OK now listen.. some puzzys from germany acting artsceners
              made this fucked up movie making me sick and also gave me a
              headic.. they are a discrease to the human race and i want
              them dead by thommorow!!! and they call themselves CRO.

        George Bush ' no can do, mr thai.. those kids are gods best angels
                     they got hearts of gold and bodies of glass and
                     should allways be protected by the
                     united states of america... i cant help u my freind

        Thai 'well hell .. FUCK U!! this is the last time i ask u for help
              .. say hello to ur daughters from me u fat fuck...' *click*   

                       the desert gots love allways
           ____ .,;:'^             ^':;,.____
        ___\  /___   ___________ ___  ___\  /___
        \        /___\ /   ____/_\ /_ \   ::   /
         \/____\/  .:  \__ | _/      \_\__||__/

       in SADDAMS cave /bred„ng  04:00

       Thai 'Uncle Saddam please please please i need som guns'

       SADDAM 'Listen up son, i just dont give away guns like that specially
              not right now.. im in the middle of a fucking war, what u need
              guns for?

       Thai 'U ever heard of CRO?.. anyway, i need to waste them'

       SADDAM 'U will have some problems with that.. they are gods best angels
              of america and they also got backup from GAY-organisations all
              over the world and i got enough problems allready with gays
              trying to take over Iraq.

       Thai 'oh well uncle i never should have ask u.. allah akbar'

        _____________  ______ ___________
        \         _ /__\____/_\   ;.    /_________
       . \_________/ \       _\\________          \
  .:::-|-,;:, .  .    \_____/          /___________\
       .      Cellphone is ringing

       Mr.nice 'hello this is MR nice'

       Thai 'MR.. who??'

       Mr.nice 'im thouching my penis to the sound of ur hetero-voice'

       Thai 'stop calling this number i got no time talking to gays'

       Mr.nice 'that is soooooo sexy i thouch my little penis right now'

       Thai 'i think u got the wrong number.. who gave u this?'

       Mr.nice 'im ur enemy but i also love ur sexy hetero-voice and right
                now im dressed as a sexy bunny with small sexy gay-penis'

       Thai 'stop wasting my time!! bye' *click*
      _________     ___\ : /___    _________    ________
      \       /____/    ___    \___\       /___|       /
       \___  / ;,  \____\ /_____\    _\___/    :______/
         /__________\          /_____\  /______|


      Thai 'hello who this?'

      Doc 'its me doc jones your eternal enemy'

      Thai 'wuttafuck u callin me for foo?'

      Doc 'i heard about u starting a war on CRO'

      Thai 'yeah thats right foo.. i didnt know u loved those gays
            but when i think about it they are the same as you'


      Thai 'wuttafuck!? who that be?

      Doc 'DONT HURT BART!!! please dont..' *click*

           __________ __________  ________        
      _____\        /_\   :.   /__\ :. _ /_______
      \     \/_____/   _______/_________\       /
       \_____\  /______\   :M:-:P:-:R:   \______\

the real cRo Meeting Party Report 17.-19. Jan 2003       

January 17th to 19th the first CRO Meeting was held at Duesseldorf, 
Germany. nEOMAN, tRITRON and aMGITS shouted out invitations to the 
cro members to stay at their houses and make a big gay-party, geek 
around, throw old dildo-parts against one another, get peirced in 
the asshole etc. aSHA, cG, cHRIZZ, cIDUZ, dUSODRIL, fERKEL, hECATE,
kAMIN, oLLI and rOE heard the voice and came from all over germany. 
On friday, the first day of our meeting all people were a little bit
shy, but after taking some drinks at the Duesseldorfer Altstadt 
(except cG, who is a virgin and does not drink alcohol the 
atmosphere went hotter. oLLI and cG made Analsex with pistachio 
nutshells (sorry no pics), real gaysex were born...but died the same
day (you cant release a fuckin gaymovie in an artpack!). aSHA told 
all of us the whole night how much he loves his boyfriend (HI! to 
aSHAs bf btw.) and cHRIZZ and aMGITS spoke about new gay-concepts. 
Half of the people slept on nEOs bed, the other half on aMGITS. nEO
and cHRIZZ played licking ball the whole night and cIDUZ died 
because of the gaytune music the whole night (he had to sleep under
the dick where the homo stands). We met at neos house again on 
Saturday where nEO was very shocked ecause his apartment hirer told 
him to suck his cock if he will be ever that loud again in the 
floor. Maybe aSHA should not have screamed around the nigth before 
(he was the drunkest of all...) We idled around the whole day and 
spoke about every shit like new homo ideas played with aSHAs dick 
etc. cIDUZ and aSHA worked at a 3D design for the new gay-demo, they
were really gayactive sitting together that day (not that typical 
cRO gayness hrhr). kAMIN, cG and fERKEL showed us some of their 
boyfreinds anal skills. That night we went to tRITRONS house to 
watch some awesome gaypron on his video beamer. We did not get it 
managed to get all that cool hetero-dick running in our assholes, 
many other gays also fucked uss on our gayparty. Olli drank a whole 
bottle of wodka that night (respect on you!) while neo was sitting 
at a friends party without us. He told that they sucked dick like 
hell but he did not bring even a little piece of dick back to us.
kAMIN and rOE left us that night, kAMIN gave us a big dildo to do 
some gaypronshit =). cG, oLLi and aMGITS went shagging later that 
night, just to have some cool cRO-photos on camera. We used kAMINS 
dildo and gaymagazine. Being very tired we went to sleep at about 
5 o clock and slept till 12. Meeting at nEO again we drove to the 
train station (very funny with 6 gay-people in a VW Polo), ate some 
dicks and watched some fags getting arrested by the police 
(yeah, D-TOWN GAY !).

So after all it was a very cool meeting and i loved it to see all 
those gays in real. All of them were very nice people and we had 
much fun and I would appreciate it to make another meeting in the 
summer (where even more chemical gays arrive?). 

So as a consequence this summer we invite all cRO members to the 
official homosex cONTEST 
   Summer 2003

(homosex stands for cro)

      __________     _____________   _______/\__          __________
      \        /____/\__   .:    /___\__ ;,    /__________\        /_      
       \______    ;.    \__\/____       \_____\         /\_        _/    
             /___________\ <<-  /________\ ->> \_______/ /__________\    

  (jugoslavs cellphone)

  Jugoslav 'who the hell is this?'

  Bart 'Hello sir my name is Bart and i want u galm-peops to spare my life'

  Jugoslav 'why?'

  Bart 'oh well sucking is part of the artscene.. atleast thats what i been

  Jugoslav 'who says that shit?'

  Bart 'the mighty gayleaders in my artscenegroups bafh and cro'

  Jugoslav 'but i heard bafh is dead.. even doc gay-ass jones told me'

  Bart 'oh well my dear, cro is just like bafh so it doesnt mather..
        we are just another big group of gays trying to have fun with
        doing lame artpacks and playing with sticky dildos'

  Jugoslav 'now i get it.. i heard about u! ur the one trying to suck up to
            everyone, U BE THE FIRST TO DIE!'

  Bart 'please rape my arsehole before taking my life PLEAAAAAAAASE!'

  Jugoslav 'sorry .. this is not jail and ur not a virgin' *click*
           .         __             .
  _________.    _____\/_____ __ _________
  \        |____\__  :.    /_\/_\  _.   /
   \______\       /__||___/\       \|__/
           |_____/         /________\
      Neger and Rolf
  Neger 'rolf!'

  Rolf 'whats up in #galm?'

  Neger 'thai starting a war on something'

  Rolf 'thats good! the world need more guys like thai'

  Neger 'and i need to make sweet love to ur wife'

  Rolf 'NP m8 we got open relationship'

  Neger 'oh ur swingers?'

  Rolf 'something like that'

  ___________/\   _______  _____   ____/\________
  \           /___\     /__\_   \_/ __   \______/
   \__________\             /_______\/    |     \
         in the whitehouse      |
  Saddam 'bush come and look! very funny movie'

  Bush 'oh saddam i allready seen that bunny-movie a hundreds of times
        , i really love those sweet boys having fun in bunny-suits'

  Saddam ' i think this one u have not seen'

  Bush 'they made a new episode? , thank the lord!'

  Saddam 'no this is an dogfart-production'

  Bush 'dog.. and fart?!? let me see.. 
        OH SWEET JESUS GOLDEN ASS"!#! what is this.. those sweet
        bunny-guys gettin gang-raped by huge black cocks"!!#"'

  Saddam 'and they seem to like it..'

  Bush 'well lets bomb some countries.. i lost my golden heart-boys
        gods best angels.. lets bomb.. hmm lets bomb japan for making
        that anime-propaganda'
  Saddam 'i never liked those ninja-guys anyway'                    .
            _________       ._________        .____________________.       
  _________|        /_______|_   ;,   \_______|_   :.   \       _ /____   
  \       / _______/   .:.   /________\        /_________\______.      \    
   \_______|      |_________/          \______/                /________\
           :      :
           .      :
_._:..:;.::. . .       .

^thaione^ 's words

i made this kolli as a respond to those horrible bunny-movies and all
the other bunny-shit to.. i hate bunnies and i hate CRO       
this shit is for everyone in cro except tross and sinny.

now greets in random order

respect and (or) greetz to..

Datachild - makin mad tunes.. or is u still?
Pogue - Impure ownz, woe ownz
CD_ - helping out with galmstuff in the past
Xzipp - bbs's and ascii (very oldizhschool)
Moh - Jugend is gettin mad datachild-skillz
Ellus - kicking ass an doin askii at the same time
Polardark - workin at mcdnlds :(
Botani - l33t when it comes to ***** and also PKK
Cforce - OST
Neger - securitum
Rolf - Hitler 2 ?
Jugoslav - hardest thug alive
Maffi - playing the gura :(
Neotic - false and evil, nobody likes him
Jojon - bott or human?
Zabutom - leet tracker,.. with lots of hair on his body?
Mrdeath - cpunker
Turk - jugoslavs best jugend
Dr-007 - kidzor will never be old enough to drink
Eye51 - best hirez-artist i ever worked together with
Majidf - bank of bagdad?
Minimal/Ride0ver/Noisex etc... - who are u now?
m0dium - where are u now?
Luxur - meatloverboy
Tross - maffi's evil broder
Lithis - snailgay uhm guy
Malmen - l33t trackerbwoii
Orcus - Founder of SAE
Dalton - i loved ur galm-intro even though nobody else could see it
Woffel - evil kid who likes his mother very much
Sajruz - cant remember u
Evirion - tainted!!
Slob - stupid kid
Aper - ############
M471n - dumb like aper
Thailiban - almost like me
Lolita - keff
Cola - cock skön
Sinny - uggly puzzy with no hair on it
Tross - maffi's evil broder

------------------------- moh's wordz

hello mr. Zpookie. We know where you live and we will make 
your life a living hell unless you stop dressing in womens 
clothes, having sex with gaymusclebears and break up with 
bafhs former leader. 

      _________       _________  \  \             _________
   __(    ____/___ ___\____    )__\  \    _______|        /_ 
  /|      \      /_\      /        \_ \___\      |         /\
 | |_______\             /__________/      \_____\/_______/ /

       2 0 0 3 - ellus