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this is sargon. I'm responding to disco's "74-why.txt" file on why he 
took over #ascii. Clearly, this is a lame effort to pin the blame on 
others to remove focus from his own actions. He knew that several masters 
hated me, and he knew that remorse and I have never been the best of 
"Chums", so, naturally, if he was gonna blame someone, it would be 
someone from homo.. that someone was me. Just look at this file

        Fuck you.  My word is worth shit.
         `- so we're supposed to believe this file?

        Yeah.  I took over #ascii.  But you all seem to think i
        was the only one behind it.  And that i should take the fall.
        well, fuck that.  Here's the story.
          `- you should take the fall, you took over, you were opped. 
              don't try to pin the blame on innocent people.

        I was angry and bored.  I'm not quite sure who's idea it was
        sargon's, revolve's or mine (yes, we were all in on it)
        Sargon said he had some friends ready to hold the channel as
        soon as we took it over
         `- once again,  

        the plan was to go as follows, revolve deop's the boats
        (g0at and b0ar) ops me and legacy (one of sargon's friends) and
        we mass deop.  I was then to quit of irc saying my script is fucked
        so i wouldn't have any blame put on me.  .. I didn't.
         `- i never met this legacy guy before this in my life. fuck you, 
           you backstabbing geek
        Yeah.  The channel was held for awhile (not sure how long)
        by those people i didn't know.  The put some bot's in the channel
        not sure who they all were.  One of them was s|ave.

        I tried bargaining my way out.  That failed.  Probably because
        i was being difficult and didn't realize what i was asking was
        pretty much impossible.
         `- it's clear you'll do anything to weasel your way out of your 
         actions, isn't it?

        I quit off irc.  Thinking about how i could have saved my ass.
         `- and this is your last ditched effort.

        Then i had second thought, alot of my irc friends hang in #ascii
        and being banned forever would be counter productive.

        Though my bargaining attempts with Empty had failed.  I still felt
        That i owed him something for atleast giving me my ops back a few
        days earlier.  So i dcc chatted him.  Talked for about 1 minute
        or so.  And i gave him my pw on s|ave to re-take the channel.

        That was it.  I don't know anything after that.  I don't know if
        that worked or if it didn't.  But the channel is back to normal
        now so i assume it did.

        Yeah,  So what.  I sold out sargon, and revolve.  And everyone
        in #ascii.


        I'm still banned, shitlisted and all that.  Oh well, maybe you'll
        re-consider.  Maybe you won't.  A -k3 wouldn't hurt.

        But yeah.  I didn't know them.  I don't know why i did it, just one
        of those spur of the moment things.  And i wasn't the only person
          `- yeah, you and your friend legacy were in it together

        Fuck you.  Goodbye.

        Discofunk 1974.

look at this shit. He tries to reiterate several times that he wants to 
repent for his actions,a nd that he wants back into #ascii. i mean, 
obviously it was a stupid, impulsiove spur of the moment thing disco did, 
just look at his comment about why he did it. "I was angry and bored.". 
Look at that. It was impulsive, and he realized he fucked up, so his 
bargaining efforts, and this bullshit file are his traitorous attempts at 
sucking the balls of those up top. Well, fuck you disco, grow up, and 
take your shit like a man. 

Thank you