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        Awards 2000, commemorating the PC scene's tenth anniversary, will be
held in late December. The nomination process will begin within the next few
weeks, as coordinators are sought in the mediums of ANSI, ASCII, HI-RES, LIT,
RIP, and X-BIN.
        Awards 2000 will be an event that seeks to bring together all former andpresent participants in the computer art scene. It will be a celebration not
only of the accomplishments of the various artists that comprise the scene, but
of the scene itself. After all, we have created something in this quasi
community that is well deserving of praise. Hopefully, Awards 2000 will serve
not only to celebrate this remarkable achievement, but also to renew the passionthat we once all shared.
        Regardless of whether you think that the death knell has already soundedfor the scene, this is an opportunity to collectively recognize the value of thetime that each of us have invested into it.
        In "What is Art?" Leo Tolstoy writes that "Art is not a handicraft; it
is a transmission of feeling [that] the artist has experienced." At one point oranother, all of us shared a profound passion for the scene, which remains
evident in every piece of computer art ever created -- from the work of
beginning artists seeking to emulate others to that of established veterans at
the vanguard of artistic experimentation. I ask you to renew this passion, if
only to celebrate what we have accomplished.
        I know that this sounds like an ambitious undertaking -- and it is. Thatis why it cannot simply be my project; it must become the product of our
collective effort.
        This enterprise will require a great deal of work -- retired artists
need to be contacted; a web site must be designed; a thorough nomination processmust begin immediately; activities, such as phone conferences and compos, need
to be planned, and much more. This can become a great success if we all
contribute. Therefore, if you can aid in any capacity whatsoever, please contactme via email at (You can also join #awards2000 for more