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                  f  t  p  .  s c e n e  .  o  r  g
                  application  for directory  space

Please fill out the form by filling information ONLY inside the
fields outlined by brackets. This form is partly automatically
processed, so please make sure your form is valid. _Do not add
more fields yourself_. If there are syntax errors in the 
application, it will automatically be trashed. Read carefully.

If you do not have valid information for a field, please leave
it blank. 

This is a:      [X] Group application
                [ ] Individual artist application
                (pick one)

Handle/Group:                [Unison/          ]
Real Name:                   [Sébastien GALLOT             ]
Email:                       [          ]
WWW URL (optional):          [      ]
Address:                     [13B, Rue tristan Bernard     ]
                             [25000 BESANCON               ]
                             [FRANCE                       ]
                             [                             ]

Please put an X sign in the proper fields below.

Application for (check ONLY one): 
                             [ ] music ftp space
                             [ ] graphics ftp space
                             [ ] demo/intro ftp space
                             [ ] web space
                             [ ] other space, please specify:
                             [                             ]
                             [                             ]
                             [                             ]
                             [                             ]
                             [                             ]

[X] staff are hereby allowed to use my/our productions
      on future publications such as archive collection CDs without
      further written agreement so long as they are not for profit.

[X]   My name and address (in addition to my email, handle,
      group and URL) can be publicly announced in .message
      everytime someone enters this directory.
      (does not affect application)

[X]   I agree to follow the rules of and uphold
      the quality from which is known of.
      The rules can be found at

 If applicable: With this application form you are expected to
 enclose (_in one single ZIP file_) two (2) of your best productions
 for review.  If your directory space application does not apply to
 this (demos/intros, music and graphics do!), please specify why
 *** After enclosing the files, please upload the *ZIP* file onto
 FTP.SCENE.ORG in the proper /incoming/apply -directory, e.g.
 /incoming/apply/music for music.  

 If your production is considered good by the review staff, you
 will be notified by email. After you have been notified, you 
 are expected to start uploading as much as possible of
 your complete work to FTP.SCENE.ORG. 
 Thank you very much for your patience and time. We built the
 site for YOU and we hope you like it.  We are always expecting
 feedback at!

 FTP.SCENE.ORG staff (
Jaakko Manninen         Mellow-D
Veli-Matti Vanamo       VelluV
Jeffry Sleddens         Redhound
Joonas Mäkinen          jma   
Jesse Hallio            jesse