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 Note: The uploading process is being changed 
 /incoming       For new uploads for existing directories on the server
 /incoming/apply For applications for new directories / space on the server


 Please, please, PLEASE!

 Read the uploading rules at 

 Here's a short version:
 - Go to /incoming/parties/[partyyear]/ (if the year directory
   doesn't exist, create it.)
 - Create a directory for your party as such: <party-name><party-year>:
   MYPARTY03 for example.
 - Create a subdirectory for each competition and upload the archives
   in their respective dirs.

 - Sanitize your filenames. To avoid encoding issues, filenames should
   consist of lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores only.
   Remove all spaces or accented characters.
 - Prefer ZIP over RAR.
 - Please, do NOT upload entries unpacked if they consist of several
   files. One entry should always be one single file.


 You can upload your productions normally. If your name/your group's name is
 not stated clearly somewhere in the file (i.e. it's not there or it is 
 printed using the msdos line drawing characters), include something that 
 tells it. Otherwise your upload will be deleted.

 If you are uploading on behalf of someone who already has a directory,
 please go ahead and upload to /incoming.

 If you are having trouble uploading stuff due to 275 max clients
 limit use 'upload' as your login and your email as your password to upload

 Warez, no matter how eleet, will die a horrible, painful and slow death.

 Thanks for your time and patience.  We built this site for YOU and we hope
 you like it.  If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to mail!

 --- LAST WORDS ---

 Please, PLEASE include a separate .txt file with your uploads so that we
 can check in which dir we're supposed to move your upload. It makes our
 job a *lot* easier when we don't have to unzip every damn file... If this
 is too much trouble at least add a file_id.diz or a <filename>.txt file
 in the upload.