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                          -*- A T T E N T I O N -*-

I hoped for more voters for issue 2 of Phoenix...  But that was not the case!
In  fact we got less now than for the first issue :) However, we have come to
the  decision that there is enough magazines with a chart in the scene, so we
will let our fade out...  However, we will have an all time SUPPORTERS chart.
So  what  is  that?   Well,  we  will  award  points to the supporters of our
magazine.   If  a  person get some points in supporting e.g issue 2, and also
support  issue  3  the  points  will  be  added  since its an all time chart.
However we have made out some rules to make it fair.


One article (Interview, party repport, whatever) gives 5 points (two articles
gives 10 points, and so on). News and adverts gives 1 point.


Mods  gets  10 points, if we use it in the magazine we award an additional 10
points.   If you give us an mod you gives us as well the right to use it, and
you  should  not  give  it  to  somebody else, even if it wont be used in the
upcoming  issue.   We may use it later, or in some 'SURPRISE' production that
will be released with the magazine.  There is a 300k size limit on mods to be


Cliparts  recieve  5 points, if used we award 5 additional points.  Full size
pictures  recieve 10 points and 10 more will be awarded if its used.  As with
modules  you can't give away the graphics to anyone else even its not used in
the  upcoming  issue,  there of it may be used in the next or in a 'SURPRISE'
production that will be released with the magazine itself.


This  one is a bit special!  You have to contact us on forehand (Emaling us).
A intro will be awarded 100 points and to the group behind it.

Thanks for your attention.....

Wiseguy/Giants - MainEd of Phoenix.....