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* version 0.06
- fixed material animation bug
- added Extrude shader (buggy)
- changed config options
- added music support
- improved export function
- some other changes

* version 0.05
- added gizmos for Lights and Cameras in scene preview
- removed Orthogonal camera mode (MatPas has option for this)
- fast operator resize hot-key (E - small, R - normal, D - double, F - triple)
- fixed crashing bug when saving Light operator
- changed color behavior in Add operator
- new scene operator: Spline
- added setup window
- added resolution and VSync settings
- fixed AddOp page behavior with page select keys
- added Diffuse (color) and Shadow (position) shaders
- new texture operator: Text
- added texture resolution settings
- added alpha test to MatPass operator
- added point sprite support to MatPass operator
- added fog support to MatPass operator
- new Color operator mode: Mono
- new texture operator: Blend
- some other fixes

* version 0.04
- new general operators: ChannelAnim, Time
- new engine operator: Demo
- improved Add texture operator (embedded Color operator)
- changed Gen page in MatPass operator
- new Texcoord mode for MatPass (Env*Scale+Offs)
- texture preview mode (show Color/Alpha channel)
- "look at" in 3D preview (use right mouse button)
- added scrolling entire row of values (just click on the row label and scroll)
- fixed mouse behaviour when selecting, moving and resizing operators
- material operator can be now animated (but only with channels #0-#3)
- scene Multiply operator outputs copy number on channel #10
- disabled VSync
- some crashing bugs removed

* version 0.03
- first of all, MatPass operator have it's VS page changed drastically (1)
- new general operator: Comment
- new mesh operators: Add, Multiply and Storage (2)
- new scene operator: Layer 2D
- FPS counter is there (3)
- embedded C-like compiler - now I'll be able to code some parts of demo in the the tool
- animation control for channel #0
- some other changes you probably won't notice at the moment

* version 0.02
- copy&paste (X - cut, C- copy, V - paste, without Ctrl, like in .wz1)
- project file merge (Merge button adds merge.vsp file placed newr work.vsp)
- new mesh operator: Cylinder
- new scene operators: Camera and Light (but they aren't fully implemented at the moment)
- hot-keys for windows (F1 - Main, F2 - Page list, F3 - Page view, F4 - Op edit, F5 - Render)
- Tab switches to fullscreen rendering
- program now has it's own icon
- fixed some bugs crashing the tool when removing pages, operators or loading a project (but I don't consider it stable yet, so save often)
- some other changes you probably won't notice at the moment

* version 0.01
- first numbered release