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MooNSTER is a real time visual fx software
developed from 1997 to 1999 by Mickael 
Gilabert and Thomas Soule. It has been 
publicly released and edited in 2000. Its 
primary audience is to be used by Video
Jockeys in clubs. But we also created it 
as a super demo entirely customizable by 
end user with a fancy user interface.

MooNSTER supports a (small) 3d engine, 
postfx, 2d effects, real time video 
capture, audio capture, midi mapping and 
can output an executable, an avi or even 
a screen saver!

MooNSTER works on Win98 / Win2k / WinXP
and Vista


This version of MooNSTER comes AS IS. 
Don't expect any support from us as we 
don't maintain it anymore. Don't email 
us to ask how to use it or how to install 
it. We just want to give it for free to 
the Video Jockey and the Demo Scene 
community. Although, MooNSTER is still 
copyrighted (c) Mickael Gilabert and 
Thomas Soule :)