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  • bass.dll 79.43K
  • Boost__EXIT.SCR 581B
  • Boost__SCRIPT0.SCR 11.15K
  • dsys.exe 170.50K
  • hermes.dll 72.00K
  • Off__EXIT.SCR 197B
  • Off__SCRIPT0.SCR 10.35K
  • ptc.dll 220.00K
  • readme.txt 429B


DSYS v4.11 for Windows 95+             8'th June 2005

This windows version of DSYS runs the same datafiles as 
the older dos version, except that the execution scripts
must be modified slightly. See; Boost_SCRIPT0.SCR, 
Boost_EXIT.SCR, Off_SCRIPT0.SCR and Off_EXIT.SCR for the 
BOOST and OFF packages.

This version should run better on your XP+ boxes in case
you wish to try out some antique software.