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Well here it is, the tool we did Project Genesis and A Place Called Universe

First of all: many features are unimplemented and there is no documentation.
It is BUGGY LIKE HELL, if it freezes (it WILL if you use it for a while ;), 
don't say I didn't warn you.

This stuff comes AS IS, I have absolutely no desire to continue any support for
it for anyone. I simply can't stand to look at that shitty code again :)

Have fun :P

Update (2004-06-15):

 I felt like I need to add some more lines to this, because of the feedback
 I recently got:
	- No, there is no way to create exes with the tool itself, it only
	  produces data files which are compiled into the exe.
	- No, I can't give out the project files for Project Genesis and
	  A Place Called Universe
	- The file format used for the music is xm (just put it in the music
	- If you have done something _worthwile_, I'll of course help and
	  make an exe of it.

BoyC / Conspiracy / Digital Dynamite / Surprise! Productions