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1970-01-01 01:00:00
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  • 3DMATH.H 12.17K
  • bug.bin 10.83K
  • Drawing.cpp 9.54K
  • Drawing.h 1.06K
  • Drawobj.cpp 50.72K
  • DRAWOBJ.H 1.72K
  • entroxion.v2m 72.01K
  • fakesoundsys.cpp 895B
  • fr010_nosound.dsp 7.05K
  • fr010_nosound.dsw 546B
  • fr010scx.txt 453B
  • fr010src.txt 1.40K
  • kasparov.bin 13.49K
  • Nrline.cpp 10.97K
  • NRLINE.H 849B
  • OBJECT3D.CPP 17.68K
  • OBJECT3D.H 2.87K
  • PastelColor.cpp 455B
  • PastelColor.h 141B
  • Perlin.cpp 3.89K
  • Perlin.h 490B
  • rtlib2.asm 1.80K
  • rtlib2.h 448B
  • soundsys.h 2.98K
  • stadt.asm 194B
  • stadt.bin 20.53K
  • stadt.h 138B
  • TextureManager.cpp 1.00K
  • TextureManager.h 341B
  • types.h 530B



Here are some annotations for the source of FR-010.scx: Art (bugfixed)

All source code in this directory (this means: all files with an extension of
.c,.cpp,.asm,.h and .hpp) is (C) Farbrausch/Scoopex 2000-2001. You may use,
modify and distribute any of these sources at will, as long as this copyright
notice is part of any source distribution package you may build. If you use
these sources or parts of these sources in binary form, some credits would be
cool. If you use these sources to create rip-offs of the original intro, feel
free to get beaten up by a person of your own wish. Make at least a hardware
accel version of it. thanks. :)

Oh, and don't try to earn any money using these sources, that's mean and the
only persons profiting from this would be our lawyers, as commercial use of
any kind is of course forbidden.

You will need Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0 or higher and NASM/Win32 0.98 or
higher to compile the project. Then, a working .exe should fall out of the
linker, if not, you've certainly done something wrong. Please DON'T contact us
in this case :)

And yes, we omitted the sound system source. Reason: we're evil bastards. And
Linux sucks, too. :)

In any case, feel free to learn from these sources, or maybe bash us for our
bad coding style or for the fact that we actually read from VRAM or anything.

  f-r quality assurance and tired senseless texts writer