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                Vintage Computing Carinthia $20
                         2023 April 15
                    Black On Black Fun Compo

                      official results file
                      - ----------------- -  

    1.  Hide & Seek VCC $20 by Blazon
    2.  Zombie Evasion Through the Darkness by Wil
    3.  Black-man +3 by Aldi Industries
    4.  Black on Black - The Card Game by Logiker  
    5.  Irrweg Meister by Logiker (Game)
    6.  Blue is the new Black by Vintage Computing Carinthia
    7.  Out of the Dark by Logiker
    8.  BOB Stripes by Dr. Lool

                     Releases outside compo
                     - ------------------ -  

    Digi Converter and Player 1.0 by Wil
    Karlsquell Zahlenraten Deluxe - Black Edition by Aldi Industries
    PETSCII Borderized Intro by Blazon
    VCC $20 Black on Black Fun Compo Results by Vintage Computing Carinthia
    VCC $20 Votesheet for Black on Black Fun Compo by Vintage Computing Carinthia