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Sommarhack 2019

Game compo
Buggy Boy, track "Offroad"

Player   Score
-------  ------
SPKR	   93400
XiA	     83940
ggn	     83280
Evil	   74980
Dafvid	 73790
gwEm	   68510


Photo compo
PI3 Degas Elite 640x400 b/w

1st  Volvo Feltvogn by Dbug/Defence Force   260 points
2nd  Crowd Pleaser by Baggolf			          250 points
3rd  SPO256-AL2 by Dbug/Defence Force			  231 points
4th  Tower by Baggolf                       222 points
4th  Return by Jumalauta                    222 points
6th  The Doggie by Acca	                    208 points
6th  Yamaha TC800D by Dbug/Defence Force    208 points
8th  Trash by Crazy Q			                  200 points
9th  I Want Out by Evil/DHS			            195	points
10th Spiny01 by Spiny			                  181 points
11th Competition is good for you by SPKR    167 points
12th Spiny02 by Spiny                       154 points


1st Hoho by Bear                                 276 points
2nd Kind by Acca                                 217 points
3rd Ecstatic for Sommarhack by Anders/New Beat   185 points



1st Psycho Hacking Force by gwEm          247 points
2st G. P. Telemann Funk by XiA+505        243 points
3rd Enjoy The Sun by Tomchi               239 points
4th Dead Hackers Don't Dance by Crazy Q   226 points
5th Starfield SID by Kuckeliku            219 points
6th Love Bytes by TFX                     208 points
7th Redscapes by Spectra                  193 points

Atari ST, 512kB

1st Unreachable by M.E.C+Sector One   277 points
2nd  Trix by Ephidrena                244 points
3rd  Remote Entry #2 by Spiceboys     238 points
4th  Infinity by Holocaust            222 points
5th Starfield Humppa by Dekadence     212 points
6th  Madstars by Holocaust            183 points


1st Joy by New Beat, Atari Falcon 030 4MB                         289 points
2nd MOTUS by SMFX, Atari ST 2MB                                   278 points
3rd Elegant Machinery by Evolution, Atari TT 2+32MB               258 points
4th Bad Remix by Dekadence, Atari ST 1MB                          216 points
5th City Frames by DHS, Atari STE, 4MB                            197 points
6th SV2k19 Invitro by Mystic Bytes, Atari Falcon 030 4MB          192 points
7th ImPerfect by Satantronic, Falcon 060 4MB                      170 points
8th Rain256 by Lamers, Atari XL/XE, 64kB                          164 points
9th Ambermoon Music Demo by PHF, Atari ST 1MB                     163 points
10th Silly Venture 2k19 Invitation by Lamers, Atari XL/XE, 64kB   157 points
11th Original Beat Maker by Crazy Q, Atari STE, 1MB               121 points