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Author: Magdalena 'Madeleinae' PierzchaƂa
Title: Untitled (A painting of lips)


120x80cm, acrylic paint

Just artworks. I'm in love with popart which is my big inspiration. I like shapes, colours, simplicity and contours so probably that's why I'm also in love with vector graphic and cartoons. My second love is charcoal drawings. I draw and paint rarely but when I do I create it with all of my heart. I know that I have to learn a lot about it and that these things colud be better so I try to practice when I can. Besides these I'm junior 3D graphic designer and junior animator - yes, I'm totally animation freak. So I hope that next year I would share with you more of my 3D graphic and animation stuff. Have a good time everybody, I wish I were there with you! 

for MAGFest 2019 Freestyle Graphics competition