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Screenshot (by Demozoo)



  • 01-freestyle-illest-preacha-rain-falls-up-close/ dir
  • 01-freestyle-illest-preacha-rain-falls-up-close/0RainFallsUpClose.png 1.28M
  • 01-freestyle-illest-preacha-rain-falls-up-close/DetailsOfRainFallsUpClose.txt 559B
  • 01-freestyle-illest-preacha-rain-falls-up-close/RainFall-2D.png 1.91M
  • 01-freestyle-illest-preacha-rain-falls-up-close/RainFallsUpClose.png 1.28M


Name : Illest Preacha
Tools : Processing
Genre: Experimental & Algorithmic Composition

Process: First I made a screenshot of a rainfall animation via processing. Then as you can see with the 2d picture, I decided to make a different processing sketch that add some tint to the picture. Then utilzing and tweaking the "turning a 2d image into 3d image" algorithm on, I was able to get a closeup view of the 2d rain fall. Proceed to adding a bluer blue into the mix and this is how RainFallsUpClose was generated.