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Passing Time
MS Pain(t) competition. Solskogen 2018

Maria Vesterdal Hasund


Everything is drawn with mouse.
The picture was first named Skeleton Prison, then renamed to Passing Time 

First the 8 boxes was measured and drawn.

From the start it was decided that one box should be black, to look like the candle had gone out.
The blue background color in the boxes was decided and used trough all the boxes.
The lighting from the candle was made with brush and different shades of the blue color was decided to make it
easier to replicate the lighting trough all boxes.
First the wall was shaded, then cut out and transfered to a safe spot so that making the shading on the floor could
be done without worrying about destroying the wall.

Pixelated candle and skeletons:
After the wall and floor was finished and put together the drawing of the candle and skeletons could begin.
I started by drawing a stick man, then the bones around them.
I decided all the skeletons should have or do something to make them interesting.
The skeletons and items was drawn with pencil using a mouse.