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  • tools/combine.prg 219B
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  • tools/minipaint.d64 170.75K
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  • workstages/stage.1.prg 4.00K
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  • workstages/stage.4.prg 4.00K


Product Name: ....... Childhood Memories
Group: ...................... Architects
Competition: ......... Oldskool Graphics
Party: ................... Revision 2018
Platform: ............ unexpanded VIC-20
Release Date: ............... 2018-03-30

Graphics mode used:

4K restricted VRAM double-height UDG
bitmap mode.

160x192 pixels, 3 global colours,
16x8 pixel tiles with own foreground
colour and multi-colour enable.

Displayable on VIC-20 with 0% CPU load.

Short Description:

- A work done by me nearly 40 years ago,
  with the "ripped paper and silkscreen"
  technique using PLAKA(R) colours.

- Redone on VIC-20.

- The original still exists. :)

Tools used:

on VIC-20. MINISKETCH for the raw draft
(#1), MINIPAINT to refine the picture
from #1 to #2, and from #4 to the final.

Two batch tools using MINIGRAFIK did the
spray process (spray.prg, which resulted
in #3) and the silkscreen process
(combine.prg, #2 and #3 -> #4).

MINIPAINT requires a +16K RAM expansion,
the other tools run with +8K RAM extra.

How to view the pictures:

The workstage *.prg's and 'final.prg'
are actually executable pictures, when
your VIC-20 is equipped with at least a
+8K RAM expansion. Just LOAD them (with
just ",8", *not* ",8,1"!) and then RUN.

If you want to view the picture on an
unexpanded VIC-20, load "VIEW3K.PRG",
run it, and enter "FINAL.PRG" at the
file prompt.


- All people @ Revision 2018,
- All fellows @ the VIC-20 Denial forum,
- All fellows @ Forum-64, and
- All VIC-20 fans around the world. :)

signing off,

Qubix "Mike" Architects

Revision, March 30th, 2018

P.S. The manual for MINIPAINT is put in
the docs folder. MINISKETCH includes a
short manual in the *.d64 image, just
run the file "READ ME".