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  • 1.MTR 3.14K
  • EDITOR.BAS 26.25K
  • EDITOR.EXE 68.30K
  • editor.nfo 338B
  • FIGHT.MTR 12.14K
  • HARP.MTR 39.14K
  • PIANO.MTR 3.14K
  • TEMP.MTR 3.14K


MIDI Tracker 1.0 by Saga Musix

My first attempt at writing a tracker in 2004. QuickBasic 4.5 + MS-DOS + MIDI
(via MPU-401-compatible interface). I never really managed to write a full track
with it, and instead "ported" some of the sketches I wrote in it to
ModPlug Tracker for use in one of my early games.