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    Oldskool Heroes

 by Nah-Kolor & Friends

  Logo & Picture: Shine 
   Soundtrack: Wiklund
   Other Graphics: JOE 
     Programming: CRT
Executive Producer: Magic

little story:

Picture and logo by Shine were made already in 2017. Than Wiklund was so kind to start on a sid for this theme. In the end this sid
was finished about 2 weeks ago. By a coincidence Magic decited to go to Datastorm and both Joe and CRT had time to to make this 1 file
demo out of this. But the timing of some parts were of and about 30 procent of the music was left so magic spend some hours at a 
evening last week to write a script, deviding the contents and take in account when a new music theme kicked in.
The name of the production was once Datastorm Heroes and Arcade Heroes as working title but in the end OldSkool Heroes looked like
more fitting.

Made with passion and love, as a surprice and to support Datastorm and the c64 scene! Keep on rocking! Were all oldskool heroes!
(with old or newer blood 8)

Nah-Kolor, August 4th 12:38

Greetz to all friends and contacts all groups and persons everybody on csdb and if anyone is still forgotten to you to!