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    Compo: ZX Spectrum Beeper Music
    Name of work: The Temporal Beeper
    Author: Tufty
    Group: 1-bit Forum
    Engine: zbmod
    Runtime: 2:56
    Requirements: Original ZX Spectrum 48K/+2
    Note: For demonstration purposes please use the .tap file 'For Real Spectrum Hardware' if using a real ZX Spectrum/+2 or the 'CMOS' .tap file if playing on a Pentagon or similar.
    The zbmod engine output is fairly low volume on real hardware so:
    Crank up the volume and PLAY IT LOUD !
    Comment: The MP3 of 'The Temporal Beeper' was recorded from an unexpanded 1983 48K ZX Spectrum. It is pure 1-bit ZX Beeper !
    This 3 channel digital ZX Beeper song was composed for DiHalt 2017 using the new 1-bit engine 'zbmod' by utz/Irrlicht Project of the 1-bit Forum.
    To download the zbmod engine/convertor/examples, visit the 1-bit forum:
    NB: The Parasite tone heard on emulators is not present on real hardware. The real hardware recording (MP3) has not been filtered just faded in and out at the beginning and end.
    BEEPER Rules !