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2017-08-27 21:05:17
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Screenshot (by pouë



  • rubby.txt 1.04K
  • rubby_1280x720.exe 3.62K
  • rubby_1280x720_wnd.exe 3.59K
  • rubby_1920x1080.exe 3.62K
  • rubby_1920x1080_wnd.exe 3.59K
  • rubby_640x360_wnd.exe 3.59K


  > rubby
  > 4k (3.6k even ;)
  > win32\opengl
  > by wbcbz7
  > for cc2o17
  > my first try to do something raymarched and postprocessed
  > as far as i know, it will even work on winxp+gf9600gso (at least i tried :)
    but ofcuz it runs soooooo slooooowwww even in 640x360. use your gtx1060+!
  > rubby_***x***.exe     - fullscreen
    rubby_***x***_wnd.exe - ehm, top left window :D
  > this piece of three-days-from-scratch code will never been finished without
    this stuff:

    .leviathan-2.0 by noby - thanks a lot dood, you just opened a 4k world for
                             me, your recent intros are outstanding! =^_^=
    .4klang by alcatraz
    .shader minifier by ctrl-alt-test (a but buggy anyway ;)
    .crinkler by loonies & tbc

    and greets to all sizecoders all over the world (no matter which size =)

 p.s. why ascii stuff is absent? well, npskw stuck in cave of ordeal while I
      did this intro, and I didn't recovered him yet (nono, just kidding :)