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Everyway by Hoffman

An Amiga 64k Intro for Sundown 2016


Hoffman: Visuals / Music / Some Music Code
Blueberry: Rose Engine / Cinter Synth
SaVannaH: Colour Correction / Quality Control

Works on any Amiga with 1mb Chip Ram
A500 512k chip / 512k fast version is coming..

Well, here it is!  I finally made a demo about it! I was thinking
earlier this year that I really wanted to bring a demo or something
visual as it was the last Sundown. I'd had a play with some basic
routines in Assembly but as usual didn't really get very far. So I
thought I'd give the Rose engine a play with. After just a couple of
days tinkering I'd managed to make a few interesting effects with it
so decided to go all in. During the process I managed to find a bug
and broke a couple of limitations of the Rose system but thankfully
Blueberry managed to sort these out. 

Visually, one of the main obsctables I face is my Red / Green colour
blindness. Thankfully SaVannaH helped me out here picking and verifying
colours. She also did another fine job on Quality Control.

I'm really happy with the end result and hope you enjoy this release.

The Rose script and ProTracker module are included.