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  • dosbox.conf 210B
  • HELPME.BAS 3.76K
  • HELPME.EXE 47.45K
  • KARTEN.HLP 9.15K
  • MAUMAU.BAS 38.73K
  • MAUMAU.EXE 70.63K
  • MENU.BAS 12.73K
  • MENU.EXE 47.97K
  • POKER.BAS 39.65K
  • POKER.EXE 74.17K
  • Readme.txt 387B


Card game collection by Saga Musix, programmed in summer 2005 in QuickBasic 4.5.
In DOSBox, run with plenty of cycles. Start with either MENU.EXE or HELPME.EXE (if you're stuck ;).

VGA 80x50 text mode, no sound, keyboard + mouse.
Computer enemies can cheat in "Mau-Mau" by peeking into your cards
because I had no idea how to AI back then, but the game is not too unfair (I think).