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Screenshot (by pouë



  • Inaugural/ dir
  • Inaugural/audio.lib 144.38K
  • Inaugural/bass.dll 105.06K
  • Inaugural/chromaticaberration.frag 1.88K
  • Inaugural/Inaugural.exe 449.00K
  • Inaugural/mzk.mp3 2.78M
  • Inaugural/phong.frag 1.60K
  • Inaugural/phong.vert 928B
  • Inaugural/post_arc.frag 2.04K
  • Inaugural/post_city.frag 1.97K
  • Inaugural/post_cylinderfield.frag 1.98K
  • Inaugural/post_effect0.frag 1.97K
  • Inaugural/post_effect1.frag 1.97K
  • Inaugural/post_end.frag 1.99K
  • Inaugural/post_intro.frag 2.02K
  • Inaugural/readme.txt 405B
  • Inaugural/screenquad.frag 178B
  • Inaugural/screenquad.vert 151B
  • Inaugural/Texts/ dir
  • Inaugural/Texts/pdn2png.exe 298.50K
  • Inaugural/Texts/texts.pdn 220.34K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L10Normal255VSpecial Thanks.png 71.90K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L1Normal255HGreetings To.png 22.30K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L2Normal255HDarklite.png 19.75K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L3Normal255HConspiracy.png 22.78K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L4Normal255HPandaCube.png 21.88K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L5Normal255HUnited Force.png 22.03K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L6Normal255HFarbrausch.png 22.29K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L7Normal255HCreators.png 39.19K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L8Normal255HDemo Name.png 25.54K
  • Inaugural/Texts/txt-L9Normal255HPartiarc.png 25.39K
  • Inaugural/textshader.frag 232B


Aberration Creations 2015

Engine code: Citrus
Audio and visuals: Mu6k

So, this is a partycode. But we managed it somehow, also, musk is a shader mage. 
Also is my first prod. Won third place. There were three entries. Not much to
boast, but I feel the next one will be the real deal.

Screen resolution can be set with a command line parameter like this:

Inaugural.exe --res <width> <height>