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Digi Compo

Mono Adventures			Yerzmyey				273p
Sounds				v0yager					236p
Last Attempt			Wieczor/Lamers				225p

Gfx Compo

Odin				RockyMadTeam				304pkt
Angry				Blasph					280pkt
Don't Play with Fire		Odyn1ec/Lamers				265pkt
Lightman			Rocky/MadTeam				243pkt
Spadajacy kotek			Rocky/MadTeam				217pkt
Dektop				Rocky/MadTeam				134pkt

Intro Compo

PASINTRO			Tebe/MadTeam				300pkt
Compo Filer 1			xxl					208pkt
Compo Filer 2			xxl					181pkt
RtypeBoss			TDC & kris3D				177pkt
Rolo				Cepe					141pkt

Demo Compo

Glucholazy2015			Dr.Sid & Bob!k				279pkt
Glzy10y				koala/C.G.S				226pkt

STE Gfx Compo

Czmiel				Superrotor				148pkt
Lajka				Superrotor				144pkt

STE Demo Compo

Moj stary			Ambozy i Ambrozja			152pkt

Wild Compo

Tribute to Battle 
of Atlantic people		sOnar & bookovsky			192pkt

Obywatelu!			sOnar, Lotharek, Calypso2k		174pkt

Intro_crop			TDC					154pkt