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Function 2015 - Oldschool Compo Entry 

Name: Planet 5200
Compo: Oldschool demo compo
Platform: C64 with new SID
Group: Desire


Code: Heaven/Desire
Additional Code: Popmilo (Texture generator, height map generator, Voxel Boost)
Additional Code: Oswald (C64 4x4 FLI Framework)
Additional PC Help: Axis/Oxyron
Graphics: Bokanoid/Desire
Music: No-XS/Desire

Greetings to all Oldschool Sceners!

Heaven: Pleasse have in mind that this is my first C64 scene intro/demo done since ages on Atari 800 platform!
Main idea was to see how my Planet 5200 intro on Atari 5200 console would look like on C64 and how fast the
0,9 MHz 6510 is compared to the 1,77 MHz Atari 6502. :D

Tools used:

PC: Purebasic, WUDSN IDE, MADS Cross Assembler, VICE, Exomizer