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Focus Design
"Spiked & Spiced"

An Amiga AGA demo for
TRSAC 2014 held in Aarhus, Denmark

Music by Curt Cool / Depth
Code and design Corial / Focus Design
Logo by Maytz / Loonies
Bubble-texture by Farfar / Focus Design

The story:
This demo was not planned at all. But when I went
biking the other day, I all of a sudden got some motivation
for coding and this demo is mostly the result of 2 days
of focused coding. Some details and design-thingies where
added afterwards, but the project as a whole has lasted from
a sunny Sunday to the following Saturday. That's rapid
development and composing. The module was made in two days
and I cannot thank Curt enough for always being totally reliable and
also a great friend. Thanks again, Frank! Also thanks to Bonefish
of Reality for his encouraging chats - really appreciated, Vlado!

Also some shout outs to the rest of the Focus Design gang \o/

See you in some other production.
Signed, Corial / Focus Design