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Full title:	Down (party version)
Label:		Life on Mars
Credits:	introspec^lom (design, code)
		fatal snipe^fnm (music)
		diver^4d (graphics)
Compo:		Old School Demo
Requirements:	any ZX Spectrum with 128K of memory (or compatible)
Duration:	3 minutes
Notes:		This demo was made from scratch in 10 days and it shows.
		I will release a final version soon, because this party
		version borrowed a hardware detect module from another
		(multicolour) demo (in progress), which is terribly
		picky in terms of hardware. The overall content of the
		final version is likely to remain largerly the same.
Thanks:		diver^4d for stating the obvious, psndcj^tbk for seeing
		through an early draft and sharing some codes, sq^skrju
		and trefi^debris for supporting this project throughout,
		and especially nq^skrju for adapting the tune to the
		British Standard. Guys, I love you all.