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       Lego tutorial by Archee
 4KB procedural image for NVscene 2014

Features fuzzy specular reflections, 
diffusion, indirect lighting,
refraction (glass) and 
motion blur using montecarlo.
This is not raymarching. 
The intersection of the ray with the 
objects is caluclated by solving the 
intersection equations, and then 
chosing the closest intersection. 
A hierarchy tree is based on bounding 
spheres with branching.
3D CSG boolean is used to create 
shapes from quadratic functions 
and planes. Diffusive surfaces reflect
the ray in a random diretion or in 
random occasions in the specular 

One big shader takes 20 seconds to 
compile. As you see the size is far 
below 4K, but adding more to the 
scene would make shader compilation 
The rest of the time is used to shoot 
the scene with photons from the 
camera point of view.
The faster GPU you have, the less 
noizy result you get after all the 
58seconds are past.

Needs full HD screen to run. 1920x1080

run leg_compatible_fullhd.exe to 
see rendering in progress.

thx to Crinkler