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 -------- ATAVENTURE by KK of DMA --------

An Atari 2600 demo released at Silly Venture 2013.

Idea/Code/Msx	- KK

This is my first "venture" into the Atari VCS programming.
The demo was programmed using a language specially designed
for this purpose (a kind of assembler that insists that
it's not an assembler at all) and VST music plugin (and a player).
If you would like to play with any of these, just drop me an email.
I hope to make official releases of them in some time, but
you know how long "some time" often lasts (especially with all
the features to be documented).

Special thanks go to Marta, for her patience and support.

Greets to all the great people I met at the party. I'll skip the
tradition of listng names here, becuse that inevitably would mean
I'll miss somebody. There were just many great people at SV13
who made perfect atmosphere and a very good time.

But GREY of MYSTIC BYTES clearly deserves a special greeting here,
because all of the hard work he put into organizing the party.
I wish him all the best luck and motivation to organize the party next year.

If you wish, visit me on:
Or drop me a line at:		kk (at)

Have fun,