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-- soundless
-- by Arthur McBain / AMcBain, from://kennewick.

  A proof-of-concept demo. If CSS could talk, it would tell me to make a better
  demo. In all, less than 4k.

Running notes:
  Firefox is the only browser at time of writing that supports animation of 3D
  transform values of the CSS transform property completely and the value
  preserve-3d for for CSS transform-style property.
  As support materializes, though, it should work in more browsers. 

  It's a one-man show, and that man takes full credit for this crummy demo.
  The lowercase letter 'x' variable. Firefox somehow defaulted it to the value
  zero and wouldn't let the value be changed. The code had to be fixed to avoid
  use of that variable.

  Anyone is free to use, borrow, modify, redistribute, etc., this demo's code.

  The modified images in this demo are originally from the Fugue icon set:

    I've actually purchased a license prior, but I can't see any reason not to
    give the guy credit for his good work even though the license says I'm no
    longer required to do so.

    However, please see the website for further [licensing] information if you
    intend to use the images contained in this demo for your own project[s].
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