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 Party: FOREVER 14
  Date: 15-17.03.2013
 Scene: ZX Spectrum
 Compo: 1k intro
  Work: 3D vectors 1kB
   Req: ZX Spectrum 128/+2/+2A/+3
   Who: Graphics: Busy, Music: Noro


This intro is a special 1k remake
of the 3D vectors part of Echology.

Intro contains 84 vector figures
what are rotated in couples on the screen.

There are no any pre-calculated data (like sinus table),
whole calculation and mathematic is running in real time.

There are a short AY 50Hz music cca 92 seconds long.
Music routine takes 126 bytes and data 192 bytes.

On BSDOS, code of the selected intro is runable by NEW.

				Busy and Noro.