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                   WITHIN THE MESH
                      (of Eryx)


     A Win32 PC Demo released by Mandarine
 for the Evoke 2013 demoparty in Koeln, Germany.

               by alphabetical order :
                  Alkama - Music
          Fra - Design & hi-level script
       Polymorph - 3D art & polygon modeling
          Xbarr - Data-driven 3D engine

				 In memory of Tu0.


This demo requires OpenGL vertex & pixel shaders 3.0
Audio playback thanks to the OpenAL Soft project.

         (yeah, I know, that's a bit lame :')


As you might have guessed (or not), this demo is an homage
to the most excellent demo "Beyond the wall of Eryx" (by ASD)
and to the novel of the same name (by H.P. Lovecraft) that inspired it.


Feel free to use the mousewheel or to click-and-drag the mouse around while
the main ride is playing... This will undoubtedly eff-up the audio synchro,
but you need to try it anyway.

Fra would like to greet the folowing people :

Ponce (for the audio extractor), Kenet (for the nice 2D logo that was ultimately replaced
by a 3D logo), Scorpheus for the archiving tool, and Xbarr for his super-cool data-driven engine,
Gaelig for the hardware testing on a barebone machine, Skypers for the intranet support.