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                         Space Onion

       For the Amiga Bootblock compo at DATASTORM 2013

                   by Blueberry / Loonies

Thanks to Wasp and Raylight for suggestions on the music and

 The history of glenz vectors in bootblocks goes like this:
 - In 1992, Tron put a glenz in a bootblock and won the
   Eurochart 17 bootblock compo.
 - In 2011, Hitchhikr put a glenz and a logo in a bootblock.
 - Now it's my turn. I am not much of a fan of logos, so I
   went for a color-changing, spaceship-shaped glenz on an
   overscanned 3D starfield with some music.

The bootblock is bootable and works on all Amigas.