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2012-04-08 23:03:02
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 ______  ______ ________ __________  ______  ______
_\     ||     /|       /_\    .   /__\     ||     /_
|    .    .    |    .    |    ______|    ,    ,    |
|    |    |    |    |    |    \    _|    |    |    |

cause god knows i suck at making ascii so i let
other people do it.... thanks alpha_C !!

Oerg866 presents:  super generic happy game intro song  

My software shits is now supporting all kinds of FX.
So i rushed out this tune to show some of it.
Unfortunately it is very short, but I like it,
nontheless. I hope you do, too! I need to get the
pitch thing sorted out tho :D

But with this, for the first time, on all channels,
you can do all kinds of stuff that you know from the
xm effect column... on the mega drive! aint that cool!
heh heh !!!

Tools n shits are all available with source on GITHUB

100% z80 based Stream format sound driver with sound
effect and pcm support, and 100% lead free! 

Bugs included...!

My super awesome music tool thinger! OK maybe not but
it's coming along... also people with other platforms
forced me to learn c++ so i can port it to there... 
fuck that shit! (and no it aint done yet either) <-- Information stuff

Drop me a note at :D

I greet:
       i dont even know anymore. how about...!

       everyone :D *hugs*       

 w w w . m d s c e n e . n e t <-- Mega Doraibuuuu <-- super awesome new MD game!  <-- super aweosome sega discussion
                      forum !111