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  • glew32.dll 314.50K
  • libsndfile-1.dll 2.17M
  • mellowsad beat.ogg 3.12M
  • openal32.dll 446.00K
  • readme.txt 252B
  • sfml-audio-2.dll 46.50K
  • sfml-graphics-2.dll 1.06M
  • sfml-network-2.dll 104.50K
  • sfml-system-2.dll 31.50K
  • sfml-window-2.dll 49.00K
  • terrain.png 379B
  • The Planet.exe 25.50K


The Planet is a small graphical demo generating planet terrain.

You can zoom with your scroll wheel and rotate the planet using your arrow keys.
Quit the demo with Alt-F4

Programming by Gustav Nilsson
Art advice, sound and music by Ozzy Stöckel