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  +++ A Story +++
Demo by Hooy-Program
for ZX Spectrum 48K
 and AY sound chip
Note: On 128K Speccy
  use 'usr0' mode!
    Do not run
  from 128 BASIC!
Graphics converted,
 music covered and
stupid program made
by the only Factor6!
 First presented at
FOReVER C demo party
   This crapmo is
 conversion from C64
 demo 'A Story' by
 Art Without Brains
   THANKS, AWB! :)Name:       A Story
By:         Hooy-Program
Compo:      ZX Spectrum Demo
Min.Reqs:   ZX Spectrum 48K + AY
Author:     Factor6
Mail:       f6(o)factor6,cz
Note:       On 128K Speccy use usr0 mode!
            Demo is looped on 'Art Without Brains' screen.
            Plz don't interrupt it earlier!