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Screenshot (by pouë



Still-02 >> Beta

for Evoke 2011 / Cologne


  cynic  >> code
  lucid  >> music
  pirx   >> code
  pixtur >> sync

  made with tooll2 developed by cynic, pirx, pixtur

  uses directx 10, .net 4.0, bass,, newtonsoft json, slimdx


This is Still Beta (aka rendertest2). This whole release is more or less a test 
of our new render pipeline. So we expect some incompability issues, especially
due to slimdx/.net usage. If you're encountering problems, please let us
know. As usual, we run out of time a few hours past the deadline. 
For that reason this party version only runs in 1920x1080 fullscreen. 

Some notes about the content: Nearly all scenes shown in this demo are based
on pictures created by Victor Vasarey ( 
Thanks to Rez for pointing us to this amazing painter.

Get capture, screenshots and more information at



- nvidia/ati gfx card that supports directx 10
- installed .net 4 framework
- latest driver you can get for your gfx card
- win7