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Focus Design & Depth
An Amiga 64k for TRSAC 2010

Curt Cool, Ib, Corial, OptimaROTEK is an Amiga 64k Intro made by some ol' Danish scene fogeys
on the verge of entering middle age - we should start buying sportscars
and chasing young girls real soon.
It is also a hymn and an applause to, a recognition of the importance of
the small, strange, local computer stores of our teenage years
where we would buy most of our Amiga hardware or go to have it fixed
Hence the name of the intro, ROTEK was, and, searching the internet,
still is a computer/electronics store in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark, run
by a certain Rudy Olesen since the 70s.
This is the place, where Corial used to buy most of his hardware, and
aside from the possibility of buying electronics and Amiga hardware,
the store owner usually reeked of (last night's) booze, and the store
had a sign outside which said "opens somewhere around 10".
Having been told about this store, a certain Mr. Cool was overwhelmed by
the memories of the legendary ABSALON DATA which was placed
less than a kilometer from his childhood home. It was run out of a
bungalow by one Niels Frøsig (R.I.P.). The bungalow and garden
was a complete mess, and you almost had to battle your way through
trees and plants in order to get to the door. The store - which was
understandably mainly a mail order store which had adverts in all the
Danish computer magazines - was a room with a fairly foul smell.
The room seemed pretty small since there were boxes of hardware
and computers sent/brought in for repair placed in large piles
everywhere, making it difficult to actually get in there.
The owner would probably be on the phone with his German
suppliers or typing away on his huge, old PC, which was used to type
the accounts and bills. Next to the store-room, the owner had his
living room, and since there were no particular opening/closing
hours (though the owner would usually not be home from his day job
until about 2 though) one could be so lucky to catch him watching porn in
his living room...
credits for ROTEK:
code: CORIAL / Focus Design
add. code: OPTIMA / Focus Design
gfx: IB / Depth
music: CURT COOL / Depth