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Syntax Party 2010 official results:

Combined Graphics Compo
1. Syntax 2010 by Ozzy/Defame

Combined Music Compo*
1. Syntax 2010 by cTrix
3. Time To Burn It by AnakiR
4. AI by Fugue

Newskool Demo Compo
1. Flashback Party Invitation by Defame (PC)
2. The Mandlebot Project Artifact #1 (aka Jeffery) by A Life In Hell (PC)
3. Ball Game by Fugue (PC)

Oldskool Demo Compo
1. Vertex by Ikon Visual (C64)
2. Thoowhammo! by Disaster Area (Amiga OCS)
3. ALIH's 28374648392929292 byte demo by The Cracky Cracking Group (C64)
4. Greetz by Wozza/CygnusOZ (C64)
5. Scroll! by TTT (C64)

Stick Figure Compo
1. Ist das Fick Stigure by Spoony

Wild Compo (not run but awarded anyway)
1. Spoony for his recording of the fire door alarm.

Syntax 2010 was held on the 13th and 14th of November 2010 at University College, College Crescent, Parkville Victoria Australia.

* This correct as per prizegiving.