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  • bass.dll 96.55K
  • data.bin 24.48M
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Still-03 >> Finally Inside

for Evoke 2010 / Cologne


  cynic    >> code
  drumhead >> music
  pirx     >> code
  pixtur   >> design

  made with Tooll developed by cynic, pirx, pixtur, mad, admiral

  uses bass sound system
  uses libpng
  uses zlib
  uses upx packer


This release is a remake of "Outside" released at BP2009. Although most
of the content has been rebuild, sharp eyes will detect previously released
material. If you feel betrayed, blame us on pouet.

Get capture, screenshots and more information at



- Nvidia/Ati gfx card with 512mb
- Latest driver you can get for your gfx card (and hope it works)
- WinXP/Vista/Win7

Technical Notes

The render-quality settings are reflected in the following render target sizes:

        With AA    Post-FX
Poor    512x512    512x512
Low     1024x512   1024x512
Medium  1024x1024  1024x512
High    1024x1024  1024x1024
Ultra   2048x1024  2048x1024

We adore

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Personal Greetings

cynic >>    acryl, admiral, alien, ava, axel, bodo, boyc, captain chaos, chaos,
            cp, cyclone, dalezy, delirium, digisnap, dipswitch, dq, dreamer,
            droid, erium, eyebex, fuzzel, gargaj, helge, hellfire, hypo, iq, k,
            krill, matt,melwyn, molle, muhmac, nero, netpoet, noname, pandur,
            pos, poti, ps, ramses, sheijk, silicium, sire, styx, titus,
            visualice, wayfinder, xenon, xni, xxx, zoom

drumhead >> frauchen, k4sch3, gigo, mal_function, epidemic, scraping micha,
            dude, dwayne, moses, cop, keyj, gabi, tristan, bearb, jk, subc,
            ted, d!rt!e, dodge, nk-tux, ghandy, mad, xxx, dipswitch, keito,
            paniq, holgi, penta, digitalgewitter crew

pirx >>     calysta, admiral, alien, bika, boyc, dalezy, digisnap, drumhead,
            eyebex, gloom, gargaj, helge, k, krill, mad, navis, nero, noncolor,
            pandur, phoenix, ramses, sheijk, sire, tajo, trixter, virgill,
            wayfinder, xni, xxx, xylobiont, zoom

pixtur >>   lena, admiral, alien, bodo, bonzaj, chaos, cp, dalezy, digisnap,
            dipswitch, dq, eric, fiver2, gargaj, gizmo, gloom, gother, h2o,
            helge, hunta, hypo, iq, k, kb, krill,, muhmac, navis,
            niko & nicolai, nosfe, nytric, pandur, poti, ramses, ronny, ryg,
            shakul, sheijk, sire, styx, steeler, titus & bodo, tobi, unc,
            visualice, wayfinder, xxx, zoom