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Title: Auf Wiederscene
Compo: 32K Executable Music (Newschool)
Release: Breakpoint 2010 - (April 2nd - 5th)

Music: Punqtured / Fnuque
Softsynth: "Recursion" by Revival / Fnuque
Packer: KKrunchy by Ryg/Farbrausch

Duration: 3.20

Composed using Renoise tracker/sequencer and the awesome 
Recursion modular softsynth by Revival / Fnuque featuring
a spectacular wavetable oscillator with paderizer.

Most sounds/presets are based on this oscillator
creating rich, organic/natural sounds. This applies
to all drums/percussion, church organ, distortion guitar
and two choir-presets. Total number of presets used in
the tune is 14.