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Name: Animeeshon
AltName: 4LwL
Author: riskej
Group: simbols, retroworks, samar prod
Compo: Old School Graphics

Original picture by Lisa Rye.
Drawn in multigigascreen (interlaced multicolor) 8*2 mode,
first time on Speccy! 
Viewer coded by pulsar/simbols (thanks, pal!)

Many thanks to:

Gasman an Ellvis for MEGA-QUICK testings on classic zx;
Dusky for video-report of testings (woow!);
Baze for connect with Ellvis and for testings;
Alco for info about how to connect with Baze;
Pheel for actual screen's details correcting;
Lika for inspiration (I love you).


Pheel, Diver, pROF, Dimidrol, TmK, CVM, Trixs