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  • Bass.dll 90.55K
  • Core.dll 1.01M
  • d3dx9_31.dll 2.30M
  • D3DX9_38.dll 3.67M
  • flt_blunderbuss.exe 4.14M
  • flt_blunderbuss.jpg 135.61K
  • flt_blunderbuss.txt 754B
  • fxbase.dll 476.00K
  • Lightwave.dll 4.00M
  • lightwave.fx 856.00K
  • msvcp71.dll 488.00K
  • msvcr71.dll 340.00K


blunderbuss by fairlight/direct to video 2009

music by henrik jose aka bliss ( 
visuals by matt swoboda aka smash (

system requirements: 
windows xp or better, directx9.0c or better, geforce 8800 or better. 

doesn't require antialiasing and you might as well run it in a low (640x480) resolution.
the large number (~1million) particles and the rendering fidelity (light+shadows, fluid dynamics) causes some
strain on unsuper gpus. in that case, please choose a lower "performance quality" to get less particles - 
it looks worse but it'll run.

this was done totally for the fun of it in a couple of days. 
we do not make this kind of demo. please move along.