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-- Video
.wmv format - should work in all windows instalations, sorry linux users, you'll probably find some open source codec somewhere :/

-- Sourcecode
I didn't start this off very seriously, therefore there are optimazion problems in the code. The reason I left it was more for people just to see I didn't add something stupid and not for people to base other code on.

-- Executable
.jar format - A zip especially designed for java. Should work to double clock on if you have java isntalled ( If it doesn't try using CMD/terminal and write 'java -jar UselessClock.jar'
To close the program right click on the coffie cup in the start menu and select close.

-- License
I don't care very much, as long you do not try to win any contests using my code. For programs and homework etc. I don't care as long as you credit me.

-- Enjoy
Patrik Swedman - 2009 - Dreamhack Winter