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A windows 1k intro by TBC released at the 4k competition of breakpoint 2009.

The intro started out as a simple experiment with voxeltracing with
varying voxel sizes allowing us to do stargazer style cantor cubes
quite easily. A few more effect variations and a simple tune was
added and we had ourselves an intro.

We would have liked to release it at icons demoparty, but as it
unfortunately won't be happening this year, we decided to release
it at breakpoint. If you are going to be competing against 4k intros
anyway, why not go for the biggest audience? Also, this intro has
served us well in avoiding suspicion about our real 4k intro
for the compo :).

A last minute test seems to indicate that the owners of AMD/ATI cards
get to see a slightly remixed version of the intro, but we are enjoying
the party waaay to much to care about this now :). A fixed version is
likely to be released at some point once we have fully recovered from
the party :).

- Any version of windows xp or vista.
- A fast graphics card supporting shader model 3.0.
- A fairly recent directx (needed for d3dx9_32.dll).

- code, cruncher: mentor
- music: Puryx