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2009-04-16 23:11:28
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  • arc_1280x1024.exe 4.16K
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  • arc_1680x1050.exe 4.17K
  • arc_1920x1080.exe 4.00K
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  arc by holon

  aka diego on r

  a 4k at breakpoint 09


  code    pandur
  music   kaneel

  synth   gopher^alcatraz

  more info at


  done and tested on a nvidia demobox / gf 8800 
  will be slow on anything less than 8600 (i guess)
  compo version needs a multicore processor
  it'll not run on ati (i guess)
  i'll _try_ to make an ati version

  thanks to las, cocoon, gargaj, chunna, warp, maria

  special thanks to gopher for essential tipps and letting us test and use his synth 
  thanks to loonies and TBC for the awesome crinkler