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>> here could be a nice ascii logo <<

The Red Scarves proudly presents:

>> WASCHBÄR - Screensaver <<
(featuring BPPB - the Breakpoint Party Bear)

Made by v3nomsoup & metheara

This small piece of software was made at the party,
some hours before the deadline...
Just some fast & fun stuff to support the great
Ultimate Meeting, because we didn't manage to 
finish our next big demo-piece in time... 
(which will now be released at Breakpoint 09.
Be prepared! ;)
The photos were taken a few weeks ago, at a 
local supermarket where they had this sweet
washing-mashine-style metal-box.
Have fun with it!

And for all Bärchen-lovers out there:
Check out his blog at : www.bä 
(Yes, with Ümlaut)

well, Windows.. and a screen to be saved.

Greetings fly out to all our friends in the scene,
especially to : (in no particular order)
premium^paradise, zefyros, procryon, sagamusix,
gargaj, las, maali, havoc and all the forgotten ones